Why Should We Care About Anthropometry And Ergonomics?

We all are well aware of ergonomics that help us get the best and comfortable environment to work in. These days, many office furnishing items follow the principles of ergonomics, which complements the health-friendly working environment. But, anthropometry is a new term to many people. Here, you learn about anthropometry and how it is related to ergonomics. Even when you use a standing desk, anthropometry can make your standing work culture more healthy and happy. Let’s learn more about them.

What is anthropometry?

Every human being is different in terms of body structure, from torso to legs, forearms to upper arms, and more. Anthropometric data varies according to the regional population. For example, people living in Scandinavia tend to be taller than the people living in Asia and Italy.

How it relates to office ergonomics?

 Those who are ergonomic experts can identify the benefits of anthropometric details for designing ergonomic office furnishing items. It also helps manufacturers design desks and other things that meet individual requirements.

People can enjoy the best advantages of ergonomics when the field considers every difference stated in the anthropometry. The meaning of ergonomics gets very cleared when you understand its literary meaning. Ergonomics is the combination of two Greek words – ERGO and NOMOS. ERGO means work, and NOMOS means Law.

When the product does not offer the right comfort level to the user, it reduces productivity and causes muscle stress. A proper ergonomic design always includes the factors related to the concept of anthropometry, posture, repetitive motion, and workplace injury.

Sadly, many manufacturers do not have in-depth knowledge about ergonomics. Even though they claim their products ergonomic, they do not offer much-needed comfort to the users. The poorly designed products also have negative effects on your health.

The study of ergonomics is changing very fast. Earlier, people did not aware of the standing working cultures. So, the study was mainly limited to the sitting postures with a chair. But, employees become more concerned about their health, and they start using height-adjustable desks that allow them to sit or stand while working.

So, the fields of ergonomic get extended to offer the most comfortable working environment to those who work while standing.

Why should you care?

Our research helped us understand that workers using standing desks do not properly use their desks. Desk users are yet to get the ultimate comfort of ergonomics. For example, the keyboard placement must be different for sitting and standing positions for achieving the best health benefits.

So, buy a quality desk from a reputed manufacturer who spent many years studying ergonomics and employees’ health and wellness. Only these companies can justify the word ergonomics and anthropometrics, and the names are very few in the market.

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You will also get AI-suggested health alerts to take care of your health at work. Our desk will show you desk exercises and yoga recommendations when you are busy at work. Besides, you will also get fitness alerts that will remind you to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, and more.

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