When Is A Desk Too High?

When Is A Desk Too High?

The height of the desk matters a lot when it comes to the best of the comforts. The office environment is getting reshaped with ergonomically designed furniture items. You will get a sit-stand desk and an ergonomic chair to enhance your work’s comfort level at the office. Whether you use a regular desk or a standing desk, its height remains the prime factor. If your desk is too high, you will feel many discomforts and health problems. Learn how to identify whether your desk is too high for you or not. We have kept the discussion simple for you to get the ideas easily and implement them for setting up the correct desk height.

When your desk is too high, it puts pressure on your shoulders and arm muscles. Your shoulder blades get contracted, and they have a tendency to ride up. It is a common posture mistake that we are not commonly aware of. It takes a toll on the health of your neck, shoulders, and upper back gradually.

You can easily identify this posture mistake by checking your shoulders on the mirrors. If you find that they are raised, you can try to bring them down. Doing this may make you feel stretched in the area.

You can even check the raised shoulder issue without looking at a mirror. If your trapezius muscles seem painful, you may be suffering from this posture issue. Your levator scapula muscles also remain painful when you set your desk too high. This muscle is located bottom of your skull to the shoulder blade.

A too high desk compels you to extend your neck for a better view of your monitor screen. This posture problem also causes discomforts on your neck. You may be suffering from issues with neck cricks.

Solution for your too high desk:

If you are using a regular desk with no height-adjustment option, you can use a high chair to minimize the desk height. Using a high chair may help you maintain a comfortable desk height, but your feet may not rest flat on the floor. In such a case, you can use a footrest to achieve the best working position.

If you are using a sit-stand desk, setting the desk height will be easier for you. These desks have height adjustment choices that allow you to fix the desk height at any point within the available height range. An ideal desk height always matches the height of your elbow. Bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle and set the best desk height for the best height adjustment option.

Some common tips to make your environment comfortable:

Working on a too-high desk height is really painful, but some desk users ignore this. If you identify any of the symptoms mentioned above, consider re-adjusting the desk height. Here are some common tips to help you know the right desk height for you.

  • Keep your monitor at your eye-level, which will help you keep your neck in a neutral position. It also helps you avoid neck pain.
  • Set your workstation in a way that you get a space above your knees, which means your keyboard tray will remain a little higher from your knees. This posture will keep your shoulders relaxed.
  • To get the best desk height, bend your elbows at a 90-degree position with straight wrists. Now, set the desk height to your elbow height.
  • If you want a specific number for adjusting the desk height, you can use an ergonomic height calculator. It is the simplest way to adjust the desk height according to your working comfort.

You can use a sit-stand desk to make your office environment more ergonomically perfect. These desks follow the ergonomic rules and help you improve your posture and body movements. Getting up and down several times keeps your muscles active, and you can also avoid discomforts and pain.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

With the  NextErgo Smart Standing Desk, the height adjustment will be easier. The desk introduces the hand level detection technology to set your desk at the right height. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you all the important instructions on the height adjustments.

Besides, you will get a standing goal feature, which will alert you on your sitting and standing time. Staying in a single position for long hours will not be good for your health. It is an essential feature that will play a significant role in taking care of your health.

The other features that will surprise you are AI fitness alert, desk exercise, usage report, and more. All advanced features make your desk use more smooth and useful. When you pre-book our desk, you will get early discounts that bring down the price even more affordable than you expect. Don’t miss the offer! Pre-book now! For more details, please contact us.  

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