What Is A Standing Desk Good For?

What Is A Standing Desk Good For?

People are talking more about ergonomics and standing desks these days. It has become undeniable to set an ergonomically perfect office to avoid issues like prolonged sitting. People have begun to actively use the standing desk ever since they realized that sitting for too long is as harmful as smoking. While office environments have readily accepted this new trend and changed their working environment, some health enthusiasts tried to answer how effective these adjustable desks are for health.

What is a standing desk?

As the name suggests, these desks allow people to stand while working. These desks have evolved a lot within a short period and are available in many variations. Instead of stand-only desks, you can get a height-adjustable desk for your health. These desks offer the benefits of either sit or stand as per the user’s comfort.

The benefits of standing desks:

If sitting is the root cause of many occupational health issues, a sit-stand desk has many benefits to protect your health and keep it active.

Studies have proven that standing helps you burn more calories than sitting. So, you can expect proper weight management when you choose standing over sitting.

Health enthusiasts believe that you should stand after your meal because it helps manage the blood sugar level better.

A study also mentioned that standing could lower the risk of heart disease. Standing can be a better choice for healing the chronic pain issue.

In the workplace environment, a height-adjustable desk proves to be a must-to-have office furniture item. With so many benefits, employees can make their working environment comfortable.

Doing a desk job is not at all a relaxing position. So, low energy is another common thing people experience. Standing can help you boost your energy and stay more focused on your work.

So a sit-stand desk is a good choice for your health and work. But, it is not everything when you want an active working life. Some other factors can boost your energy level for your work.

Concentrate on your posture:

While standing helps you stay active, a good posture will help you avoid pain and discomforts in your back, shoulders, neck, and other areas. Posture and movement are the two key areas that will protect your health from any damages. While sitting, follow the sitting posture. The best thing you can is to use an ergonomic chair with lumbar support for your health. This chair will keep your back resting on the backrest of the chair, keeping your musculoskeletal structure in a neutral position.

While standing, you can use an anti-fatigue mat that can boost your body movement. Stand straight comfortably, as if a string is pulling you toward the ceiling. While using a keyboard, bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle and keep your arms close to your body. Straight wrists while typing can reduce the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Go for a walk:

Walking is beneficial for your health. When it comes to the calorie-burning process, walking helps you burn more calories than standing. Even half an hour of walking will benefit your health in the long run. Several studies proved that walking helps you burn 210 calories per hour while sitting burns 80 and standing burns 88 calories per hour. So, if you want the maximum benefit, incorporate walking into your regular lifestyle.

Some ergonomic tips to help you maintain good health at work:

Ergonomics redesign your working environment to make it comfortable for you. Try to maintain the below points to take care of your health at work.

Vulture neck posture is a very common posture mistake that we commit. It happens when we crane our neck to the monitor to get a better view of the screen. So, avoiding this will help you reduce your neck pain.

  • Use a headset to avoid the bending of your neck.
  • Keep the top of the screen at your eye level to avoid tilting your neck.
  • Start your standing time with 10-15 minutes and gradually increase it until you get a comfortable time.

NextErgo Smart Standing Solution:

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