What Are The Best Practices Of Using A Standing Desk?

What Are The Best Practices Of Using A Standing Desk?

Do you think that buying a standing desk will make you physically fit and active at work? The benefits of these desks lie in their proper use. When you know the best practices for using a height-adjustable desk, you can expect additional benefits for your health and work. Many employees are not aware of these practices and hence, find themselves disappointed by the results. If you are not satisfied with the way your desk helps you, we have some best ideas to enhance its benefits.

The proper desk height:

When you use a sit-stand desk, a proper desk height will make your working environment comfortable. When you set your desk successfully at the right height, it prevents your body from hunching forward. Getting the proper desk height is very simple. Match the height of your elbows while bending them at a 90-degree angle. It also keeps your wrist at the right position over your keyboard.

If the desk height compels you to keep your wrist higher than your elbow position, it will affect your posture, and you can experience pain and discomforts.

If the process seems difficult to you, use an ergonomics height calculator to tell you the correct desk height, depending on your height and weight.

Monitor position:

Placing the monitor at the appropriate position will help you keep your neck and shoulders aligned. Your monitor height will be high enough, which helps you keep your chin at a 90-degree angle with your neck. The height also allows you to keep the top of the screen at your eye level. Added to this, you can also maintain a proper distance between you and your monitor. Keep it an arm’s length away for better results.

Keyboard and mouse:

The ideal keyboard and mouse position will allow you to bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle. If you cannot achieve the position, you can re-adjust the desk height.

A proper desk height will protect from tear and wear on your wrists, hands, and fingers.

Standing desk posture:

With all the hustle and bustle of using your desk, you should not forget the perfect desk culture’s primary element is your posture. Good posture benefits you with or without your height-adjustable desks.

Sometimes, users have misconceptions that a standing desk is made only for standing. Although you will get non-height adjustable standing desks, they never encourage stand-only positions. Even without the height adjustability feature, you can use a high stool for sitting. But, the market has many choices for your sit-stand desks. You will get the best height-adjustability feature for your health. Let’s concentrate on your posture while using a sit-stand desk.

Maintain the S-curve of your back consciously while standing. You can achieve this position when you can stand up straight comfortably. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. This way, you can keep your thigh muscles more active, and it also releases pressure from your lower back.

An optimal sitting arrangement is also a necessary factor with your raising desk. You can use an ergonomic office chair that can help you correct your sitting posture. The combination of sitting and standing will benefit your health a lot.

You can include stretches and desk exercises to enhance your body movement. Sitting alone will not give you as many benefits as you get when you exercise.

Sitting and standing schedule:

Many people get confused here. In the beginning, users think that they would stand 1 hour at a stretch. But, it is not possible. Our body developed a habit of sitting for more than 8 hours at a desk. A sudden change will not be possible.

Many studies revealed that people could alternate sitting and standing positions every 15 to 30 minutes. Users come up with another question: how long they can stand at their standing desk. Our body’s metabolism slows down to 90% after 30 minutes of sitting.

So, change your position every 15 to 30 minutes, which will increase body movement.  

With your height-adjustable desk, you can also use some accessories that keep you more flexible and active. Here are the best solutions for you. An anti-fatigue mat will give your feet the proper support. Use this mat while standing as it helps you avoid the discomfort of standing on the hard surface.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

NextErgo introduced smart standing desks to people who work on their desks for many hours. Our desks are smart because of the technologies we used and the features we offered. You will get an ergonomic posture correction feature to correct your posture while sitting and standing at your desk. You will also learn more about setting up your workstation ergonomically perfect, which positively impacts your posture.

AI suggested standing goals is another popular feature we have for you. Excessive standing makes you feel tired. Our standing goal feature will encourage you to maintain a proper balance between your sitting and standing hours, depending on your BMI.

The other amazing features that get huge appreciations are desk exercises, presence detections, and easy control.

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