Is Standing Desk A Better Option?

Is Standing Desk A Better Option?

Prolonged sitting is as harmful as smoking. These days, people mostly do desk jobs where they sit for long hours, which can cause severe health issues like obesity, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol level, and more. Reducing your sitting time can be the best solution to protect your health from these health problems. A standing desk can help you incorporate more standing time into your daily work schedule. It encourages you to sit less and stand more, which impacts your health positively. A sit-stand desk is a better choice than your traditional desk that compels you to sit for long hours.

A sit-stand desk or a desk converter?

Initially, choosing between a sit-stand desk and a desk converter seems very difficult. You may not want to replace your regular desk with a standing desk because of the financial factor or your attachment with the old furniture. So, you may want to use a desk converter that sits on top of your regular desk to increase its height. But, desk converters are not as stable as height-adjustable desks. Also, you will not get enough space on the desk surface to place your necessary stationery for the work.

An adjustable desk will offer you enough workspace, and you will get maximum flexibility with it. Changing the desk height will be faster, and you can also enhance your body movements.

Should the desk be height adjustable?

A height-adjustable desk will help you set the perfect desk height for your different types of work. As per the ergonomic rules, the height of your desk correlates to the height of your elbow. You may also want to set the desk height differently for different work purposes. The height-adjustment feature is a crucial factor when multiple users use one single desk. So, it is one of the important features that will make your desk more convenient for you.

What should be the depth of the desk?

The depth of the desk is the distance between the front edge to back edge of a tabletop. You can opt for the desk with the 30″ deep. It will help you to get enough space to work more freely. If your need is small, you can opt for the smaller depth desk. Choices are abundant in the market so that you can buy a desk according to your preference. A sit-stand desk is always a better option for you, but a few considerations will make your choice more perfect.

What is the best weight capacity of the desk?

It entirely depends on your job type. Generally, a raising desk can carry the weight of a computer, mouse, keyboard, phone, and other usual things very easily. If your task includes a heavier object, you can check the product description to ensure that your desk’s weight capacity matches your requirement.

What is the price of a standing desk?

The price of a standing desk varies depending on your requirements. You can purchase a desk with basic features that allow up and down movements only. There are sit-stand desks with advanced features that allow you to save data, connect the desk feature with an app, and more. Ensure that the fundamental functions are strong enough to deliver the basic purpose of a sit-stand desk.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a quality desk:

It has been proven that a standing desk is a better choice to enjoy an active working life. We have discussed the basic features which will lead you to a quality desk.

The noise level:

Choose a noise-free desk if you are working in a quiet environment. Quality desks help you offer a smooth transition.


Fast lifting is another necessary feature that you can check on your desk. It will help you change the desk height fast without interrupting your workflow.

Electric desk:

Manual desks are time-consuming, and it needs your efforts to set the desk height. So, instead of choosing a manual desk, you can opt for an electric desk that can effortlessly go up or down to offer you a better working experience.


Programming desks are also available, which will make your desk setup easier. You can save height preferences and other things to use your desk smartly.

So, an adjustable desk can boost your working performance and assist you in taking care of your health. NextErgo introduces smart standing desks for you to make your experience better:

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

NextErgo smart standing desks have made a holistic approach to improve the health of employees at work. The desk introduces features that will encourage users to stay more active and positive during work hours.

With smooth transition and faster lifting, the smart desk has already met the purpose. The other features will complement your health-friendly lifestyle.

The posture correction feature, as the name says, corrects your posture and prevents work-related pain and discomforts. You will get desk exercise which allows you to stretch muscles and stay flexible at work. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you visual instructions about how to do desk exercises easily.

AI fitness alert is also there on the smart desk, which will remind you to concentrate on some basic health needs while working at the office. It will alert you to take a break, eat a healthy snack, and more.

The other appreciating features are voice control, standing goals, usage reports, and more. Pre-book our desk to get discounted price on your purchase. Please call us to get more details about our products.

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