Helps me take care of my health

NextErgo Smart desk takes care of my health, as my family member does. I love AI fitness recommendations. It reminds me to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, exercise, and more things while working.

It is more than regular standing desks. I am delighted to buy this desk for my work.

Influencer review

NextErgo SmartDesk Home Office

Advanced technologies and office ergonomics are in one; the price is lower than others.

It is the desk that everyone is looking for. The smart standing desk introduces many advanced features for your health. It incorporates AI that gives users timely reminders to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, exercise, and more.

The desk is loaded with many advanced features, each of which is added to promote your health. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you visual instructions for your desk exercises. You can check your usage reports and get standing goals to stay fit at work.

NextErgo Smart desk offers presence detection, usage reports, voice control, and posture correction features. The best thing is that the price of the smart desk is affordable for everyone. It is a must-try desk for all creative people.

NextErgo SmartDesk Home Office

The smartest desk I have ever used

I always supported the use of standing desks. Sitting for long hours is dangerous to health. But, all standing desks are not the same. Recently, I have upgraded my desk with the NextErgo Smart Desk. Adjusting my comfortable desk height is so easy with the desk. Lifting is also fast, which helps me switch my positions often. The features are really awesome. I have become a fan of AI fitness alerts and desk exercises.

Influencer review

Back pain has become a regular health issue, and many people are suffering from it. The main reason I found is the long working hours. I treated the problem with the mechanical tools I knew about, but the smart Desk of NextErgo helped many people. It is designed with ergonomics and advances features that correct postures. I recommend the product to people who work long hours sitting or standing position.

Dr. Amit Sharda

Dr. Amit Sharda



I have a hectic work schedule. It kept me tied with my chair always. I used to sit for more than 8 hours a day. So, I was gaining weight. As a solution, I replaced my old desk with NextErgo Smart Desk. The result is visible. I feel more energy at work. I also start losing weight because I can stay more flexible at work now.

Christopher Brennan

Christopher Brennan

Weight loss Expert


IT job means too much sitting. So, I started using NextErgo smart desk to switch between sitting or standing during my work. It is more than this. It shows me health alerts, resting time, exercising time, and more. I am happy with the desk.

James Buzzco

James Buzzco

IT Professional, USA


Ergonomic workspaces are an important factor in a resilient and productive workforce. It is quite common to see companies integrating ergonomic elements into their workspace environments to ensure their staff are able to perform at optimal levels of good health and productivity.

Ryan Stinson

Ryan Stinson

Program Coordinator/Advisor


Finally, Ergonomics is here, and the experience is going to be seamless. It will optimize and gain momentum across all walks of life. The design is all set to create a stress-free experience whether it be work or education

How lucrative is this for the government, how does it benefit our corporate world , what’s the efficiency in terms of time and productivity, these are the simple questions we need to ask when it comes to Ergonomic importance.

NextErgo seems the perfect solution to help adapt to the best practices and save one from repetitive and serious health issues down the road. Last but not the least you can never go wrong on your investment in ergonomic product.

NextErgo complements all traditional ways with the optimum blend to healthy living.

Vasant Nair

Vasant Nair

Vice President- Ergonomic Solutions


I always believe that a working desk must be flexible as per the need of users. It should not be static. Users can change sitting or standing positions for their comfort. This NextErgo Smart Desk is my personal choice. I am using it because it allows me to change my body position when I am working. You can also give it a try.

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison

Fitness trainer, USA

Just started using the NextErgo smart desk. It’s really awesome. I can feel the difference now. It is the most comfortable desk I have ever used.

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It is the desk for enhancing your productivity

When your health is perfect, you can concentrate better on your work. This NextErgo Smart Desk looks after my health, and I look after my work. I feel more energetic and confident while I am working. Even simple exercises that it recommends help me release my physical and mental pressure. I love this desk a lot. Thank you, NextErgo.

Make the smart choice and opt for an AI-based smart standing desk

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The NextErgo Desk Vision

Bettering the work lifestyle with healthier habits at your desk. The nature of work is changing, and we believe our health rituals should change as well, to be in sync with the working lifestyle

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