How To Get Started With A Standing Desk

Anti-Collision Detection on Your Standing Desks

Standing and working is not easy for us because our body is unaccustomed to it. So, some suggestions can help you to use your standing desks properly. It will not take much time. Concentrate on the strategies and follow them to stand at your desk while working. You may be well aware of the adverse health effects of sitting, and a sit-stand desk is the only available solution that cuts down your sitting hours. We have explained here five essential steps that will prepare you to use a standing desk.


Only thorough research on sit-stand desks will lead you to the best buy. In the market, you will get different quality standing desks to meet different requirements. While some are hand-crank versions, some are electric ones. You will get desks with basic features and with extraordinary features. Identify your requirements, and buy a desk that meets your work goals and health goals properly. Choose height-adjustable desks over stand-only desks to switch your position as often as possible.

Prepare yourself for the adjustment period:

Initially, the standing may not feel comfortable. Even half an hour of standing can cause sore feet, tired legs, and other minor problems. You can start with a 15-minute standing every hour and increase it until you get your comfort level. Switching your positions multiple times is the ultimate solution to keep your body flexible always.

Wear a pair of comfortable shoes:

When preparing you for using a standing desk, a pair of comfortable shoes should be in your consideration. The truth is that standing hurts your legs, and you cannot stand for long hours. However, prolonged standing is as bad as excessive sitting. A pair of comfortable shoes can help you stand longer. It will support your feet to stand while working. Remember that high heel shoes are not comfortable, although they are trendy and fashionable. So, choose shoes which give your feet a comfortable touch.

Buy anti-fatigue floor mat:

Standing desks need some other accessories to make your work environment even more comfortable and ergonomic. Hard surfaces can cause pain in your legs and feet, but standing on an anti-fatigue mat can improve micro-movements in your legs. With this mat, your feet will also get a soft, cushion-like touch beneath them.

A half-inch thick mat will be sufficient for your standing. But, you need a thicker one if your job compels you to stand for long hours.

Ergonomic and posture:

Have you heard about ergonomics? While researching the best standing desks for your work, you may come across the word ‘ergonomics.’ It is a science that guides you to redesign your working environment that encourages a healthy working culture. When you go deeper, you will learn more about simple adjustments to enhance your work productivity. Here, we summarized a few things to implement ergonomics properly in your culture.

  • Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle when typing or standing
  • The top of the screen at your eye-level
  • Keep your monitor is arm’s length away
  • The height of your desk must correlate with the height of your elbow

Posture is at the center of everything related to the employees’ health and wellness. Good posture always helps you stay relaxed and pain-free. It supports the core muscles to carry your body weight perfectly, reducing the chances for back pain, neck pain, and other discomforts. So, always practice good posture while sitting or standing at your desks.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk helps you stand at your desk smartly:

NextErgo will guide you to set up your desk according to ergonomics with the twenty-five step-by-step instructions, which will correct your posture also. NextErgo Smart Standing Desks will improve your posture at your desk to help you avoid back pain, neck pain, and other complications.

You will also get the standing goal feature that will help you identify your health-supportive standing times at your desk, avoiding the chances for excessive standing and sitting.

You will get AI-suggested fitness alerts, desk exercises, and yoga recommendations to release your stress and keep you active and calm, which will surely improve your work productivity.

NextErgo Smart Standing desks have many exciting features for you, such as presence detection, voice control, and more.

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