How High Should A Standing Desk Be?

How High Should A Standing Desk Be?

A standing desk brings a significant change to your working culture. Instead of sitting for long hours at your desk, you can stand and continue to be active and more focused on your work with a sit-stand desk. Manufacturers offer an array of options for your height-adjustable desks to meet individual preferences. Some people choose a standing desk with a minimalistic feature, while some want an advanced standing desk with cutting-edge technologies. Learn the proper use of your desk to enhance your experience.

Setting the right desk height is crucial for you. Although smart standing desks offer an easy way to set your desk height accurately, an ordinary height-adjustable desk does not include this option. So, you must learn how to set the desk height properly to feel the comfort of working at a sit-stand desk.

What is the proper height?

Here is a simple calculation to set your desk height accurately. The height of your desk correlates to the height of your elbow. Keep your elbow at a 90-degree angle and measure the height from the floor to your elbow. You will get a proper desk height in this way.

Buy an adjustable standing desk, which will help you change the desk height according to your preferences.  If you are not confident about this measurement, you can also use an ergonomic height calculator tool to get the right desk height for your work. Insert your height, your sitting or standing position, and the calculator will suggest the proper desk height according to your requirement.

Follow these steps while setting up the right desk height:

  • Stand comfortably with your shoulders relaxed.
  • Fold your elbows at a 90-degree angle.
  • Lift the desk height until the keyboard touches your finger.
  • Adjust the monitor’s height to keep the top of the screen at your eye level.

Some important considerations for your standing desks:

  • Your footwear is an essential factor to consider. The height of your shoes can change your experience with your standing desks. For example, if you wear heels and flats at the office, you will need two different desk height adjustments. You can buy a standing desk that can save height for your use. Standing desks now come up with a data storing option, which proves to be very helpful when a single desk has multiple users. With this feature, height adjustment will be easier.
  • Set your monitor in the right position to avoid eye strain and other issues. Keep your monitor an arm’s length away from you, and make sure that the top of the screen remains at your eye level. You will get better visibility without tilting your head up and down.
  • Do not set your desk above the 90-degree elbow height, as it can cause problems on your wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

Take care of your neck and back:

A standing desk set at the correct height will give you multiple benefits for your health. The position of your monitor also has a big contribution to make your work environment perfect. Keeping your monitor at your eye level can help you reduce the strain on your neck. You can also avoid tilting your head to get a better view of the screen.

Focal distance is another crucial thing to consider. Place your monitor around 24 inches away from your eyes. This simple change will help you avoid common issues related to eye health, including eye strain.

Maintain a proper posture while sitting and standing to get the advantages of using a standing desk. Your posture will take care of your body alignment and prevent pain and discomfort related to desk jobs.

Take care of your legs:

When you have the right standing desk height, you can improve your productivity. But, a few additional factors will make your desk job more relaxed and refreshing. While standing, you can consider a foot mat for your legs. You can feel the comfort as these mats provide comfortable supports to your legs. Depending on your footwear, you can choose a mat. If you have supportive shoes, you can opt for the thinner mat. If you wear flats, slippers, or socks, you need a thicker mat to feel the ease of standing.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk offers you smart solutions:

NextErgo is a coveted company that manufactures smart standing desks for you. We have gone through broad research on ergonomics and employee health to understand people’s primary requirements at work. Our smart standing desk will solve every problem that a person experiences while doing desk jobs. Advanced than a regular standing desk, our innovation will help you the most while designing an ergonomic standing desk.

You may get an idea about how to set the desk height properly. But, we make your difficulties easier by introducing hand-level detection technology for setting the desk height. This technology will detect your hand level to offer you a comfortable working height. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you the step-by-step process of achieving the best sitting and standing position.

Besides this, we have introduced extraordinary features that will turn your working environment smart and health-friendly. You will get a voice control feature, standing goal, posture correction technology, usage reports, AI fitness alerts, and more. Pre-book our desk to get great discounts on your purchase. Please contact us to know more.

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