How Can Standing Desks Help Students Focus In The Classroom?

How Can Standing Desks Help Students Focus In The Classroom?

Standing desks have changed the office environment completely. An employee gets an active working life where he/she can balance work and health equally. Though corporate wellness programs have welcomed the trend wholeheartedly, the classroom environment is slow to catch it. Here, we have discussed the benefits of an adjustable desk for students’ health and learning.

Sit still and pay attention – we have heard it many times in our classrooms. Many believed that this is the best way of learning. On the contrary, a sit-stand desk enhances the body movements that will change the traditional learning concept.

Excessive sitting is bad for the health, and students face different challenges from classroom inactivity. They tend to sit long hours at their desks, which can increase obesity and attention disorder chances.

Researchers have conducted a study to note the changes in students. The study included 374 elementary school students for this experiment. They were divided into two groups – one used standing desks, and the other one continued to use their traditional desks.

The research unveiled some crucial factors that could help students improve their classroom experience. Researchers tracked different measurements to establish the real benefits of sit-stand desks in the classroom environment. They checked heart rate, the intensity of movement, and the calories burned.

The researchers found that the use of the desk helped students stay more active, and it increased their calorie-burning process. In the study, students were not standing the whole time in their classroom, and they used a stool to sit.

The study also disclosed another significant truth, the obese and overweight students burnt more calories when using a standing desk than the students with normal weight. Movement is the key to stay active and healthy. In the modern classroom, a height-adjustable sit-stand desk can enhance the body movement of students.

Standing desks for learning:

The use of the desks improved the calorie-burning process. It has already been proven. But does the desk help students in learning too? In the same study, psychologists observed the change in students’ behavior. They observed students’ attentiveness and engagement. They observed how often students engaged with the teachers, how often they wrote notes on papers, and how often they were distracted. They had some measuring units to come to a certain conclusion.

A sit-stand desk improves the body movement of students, keeping them more active in their learning. But, it is a part of the solution, not a whole solution of the problems. Movement is the key factor. These days, children rarely play. To stay active, they must move their bodies in all directions. Spinning in circles is one of the fun-loving sports of students, which keeps them more active.

Height-adjustable desks prove to be beneficial for a classroom environment. It concentrates on some major factors, including better health benefits, increased focus, students’ engagements, better class management, and more.

When students stand at their desks, they become more alert and focus. Since standing improves the blood flow, students can think even more clearly. Schools can welcome standing desks in the learning environment to change the age-old belief that sitting still in the classroom helps students be more attentive.

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