1. Does your standing desk show you any reports?

    Our NextErgo desk generates detailed reports to help you keep track of your activity and motivate you towards a healthier lifestyle.

  2. Does your standing desk really know when you’re present at the desk?

    Our NextErgo desk uses thermopile sensors for presence detection. These are proven to be more accurate than motion sensors. So, your desk knows when you are at your desk or if you’ve been away.

  3. Does your standing desk tell you when to exercise and even assist you with desk activities?

    Our AI technology keeps track of your work routine and coaches you with simple exercises. Our NextErgo Desk suggests activities and breaks not just based on your work schedule, but are personalized based on your height, weight, and BMI.

  4. Is your standing desk easy to use?

    Our Next Ergo desk comes with Google Assistant, so you can control it using voice commands plus an easy to use touchscreen.

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