Ergonomics Height Calculators

NextErgo is our next generation of Ergonomic Desks which incorporates AI to help you reach your fitness goals.

Ergonomics Height for Sitting and Standing Calculators

Quick and easy Desk height calculator. Which can calculate your desk, monitor height, and armrest height instantly. While sitting or standing, quick fix your posture can fix many health-related problems. Enter your height and check what is ergonomically the best Standing and sitting positions.

  • While wearing shoes

Remember that every body is unique and those ranges should serve as a starting point. Adjust the table height to one that's most comfortable to you.

Ergonomics Height Calculators

Calculate the correct ergonomics height for Sitting and Standing

Ergonomically incorrect posture for office chairs and tables leads to many health-related issues like back, neck pain and, wrist pain in the worst case, to permanent back or disc damage. With our Ergonomics Height Calculator, Calculate the correct height of the desk, chair and, Monitors. To calculate the Ergonomically perfect height of a standing desk, please check here.

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The NextErgo Desk Vision

Bettering the work lifestyle with healthier habits at your desk. The nature of work is changing, and we believe our health rituals should change as well, to be in sync with the working lifestyle