Do You Burn More Calories By Standing?

Do You Burn More Calories By Standing?

Standing comes as a solution to the health problems you may experience while sitting for long hours. If you do a desk job, prolonged sitting is an unavoidable part of your life. You can change your working position from sitting to standing with the help of a standing desk. People believe that standing helps you burn more calories, which aids in your weight loss. Here, we discover the truth behind the belief of standing burns more calories.

Standing helps to burns 100 to 200 calories an hour. While sitting helps you burn only 60 to 130 calories an hour. So, you can burn 120 to 210 more calories by swapping three hours of sitting to standing. Although it does not help you significantly, you can maintain your weight and reduce many health risks associated with prolonged sitting.

Males generally burn more calories because they have higher muscle mass. The higher muscle mass helps you burn extra calories.

Does standing burn more calories than sitting?

Your body burns more calories when you move. While sitting or lying, you burn the fewest number of calories. When you stand, your muscle mass gets activated, and you can burn more calories. Standing also increases your body movement that has contributed to the calorie-burning process.

How Does Height & Weight affect Calories Burn?

When it comes to the number of calories burned, your height and weight can play a vital role. Your metabolism and body’s demand for calories varies from person to person, depending on muscle mass, weight, height, and age.

Age is one of the deciding factors for your calorie-burning efficiency. With their age, people start losing their muscle mass and decrease their calorie-burning capacity.

The benefits of standing:

Standing has a huge health benefit. It can also reduce different health risks, including diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

Standing too much is harmful:

If you want to achieve the best health benefits, you can avoid standing too much. Researchers conducted a study where participants stood for two consecutive hours for their lab-tested computer work. The research revealed that participants experienced swelling in lower limbs and other body discomforts. The data also found that participants had improved their creative problem-solving ability.

How can you add more standing time to your everyday life?

Initially, stand and work may make you feel uncomfortable. Start with 10 to 15 minutes of standing, and depending on your comfort level, you can add more minutes to your standing time.

Stand at least 30 minutes for every 1 hour of sitting. After 30 minutes, you can extend your standing time or sit back again for another 1 hour.

At the office, you can use a standing desk to enhance your standing time. These desks prove to be very helpful to keep you active at work. A height-adjustable desk has many advantages for your health. You can sit or stand while working. It will help you cut down your sitting hour.

You can also arrange a stand-up style meeting to discuss some brain-storming ideas.

When you are home, you can walk while talking on a phone and even watch your TV-shows while standing.

NextErgo Smart Desk Will Help You:

NextErgo introduces an amazing product for your health and work. Our smart standing desk will offer you maximum benefits when you stand and work. Our height-adjustable smart desk has every feature from helping you maintain the right sitting and standing time to maintain your health.

Our desk is made ergonomically to make you feel more comfortable while working. With the posture correction feature, you can correct your sitting or standing posture. Posture plays a key role in keeping you fit and preventing pain and discomforts. Besides, our ergonomic standing desk will give you visual instructions on sitting or standing at your desk.

The AI fitness alerts will give a quick solution to your health perfectly even though you have a workload. This feature will remind you to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, and more.

The other surprising features that we have are – standing goal, usage report, voice control, and more. Pre-book our desk to get amazing discounts on your purchase. Please contact us for more details.

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