The future of AI-Powered Desk only from NextErgo!!

The future of AI-Powered Desk only from NextErgo!!

AI Powered Desk

Whenever one hears or reads about artificial intelligence, he/she presupposes it to be something huge or culture altering like – self-driven cars, personal-assistant robots or anything else of the kind.

Although these thoughts are not fantasies in the complete sense, there are many small-scale uses of artificial intelligence that are on the immediate horizon.

Let us take the example of a service desk. More often than not, it is reactive. The user either calls or sends an e-mail. This seen by a technician who gathers additional information and sends the appropriate response in time.

However, there is a downside to this process. That is, every so often the organization has to run a check to see if the process is running smoothly or not.

In comes AI and AI-powered desk, which, as the name itself suggests, runs on smart technology, and therefore is not only much more efficient but also benefits everyone.

Also, this type of service desks makes sure that employees maintain the perfect posture while working, as it takes care of the ergonomic side of things as well.

The evolution of artificial intelligence:

With the evolution of artificial intelligence, connecting a chatbot to service will no longer be a mere imagination. Now, the user can take the assistance of a chatbot to ask a particular question in order to gain access to a knowledge database, something which was unheard of earlier.

Let us imagine a sales representative who is traveling a long way to an appointment, suddenly stops receiving mails. Then he/she can simply take the help of the chatbot to explain his/her problem. As the chatbot has access to all the related tickets and knowledge articles in the database, it can promptly suggest a quick solution to the problem.

These are but some of the possibilities that an AI-powered desk can offer as we harness the true potential of smart technology and machine learning.

AI Powered Desk with smart features

What does AI feature do in a smart desk?

Artificial Intelligence, at times also referred to as machine intelligence analyses the environment and takes appropriate action in order to improve the success rate of an organization even more.

Artificial Intelligence, at times also referred to as machine intelligence analyses the environment and takes appropriate action in order to improve the success rate of an organization even more.

NextErgo, the premier designer of AI-powered desk uses this technology for designing smart standing design an ergonomic way so that the user can cater to their health needs while working at the same time.

No other smart desk has had this machine learning feature before, and NextErgo is the first such innovative company to have successfully come out with a unique idea like this. AI smart desk reminds you to take care of your health during your busy works.

It shows helps technicians and other employees using the technology by suggesting to them that it is equally important to drink water, when they should stand, when they should take a bit of a rest, and many more. It is more than just a desk it is a smart desk. It works as a wellness assistant that assists in keeping the employees relaxed and helps one to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Preventive and Predictive

In order to understand the true impact of AI-powered desk the best possible real-life example would be of all the schools and universities that welcome thousands of students to their respective campuses every year.

Now, that’s a lot of queries and requests which naturally leads to an overloaded network.

The answer to this question is nothing else but an AI-powered desk. It can help in pulling the requisite data and analyze them to assist schools is predicting and preventing these issues altogether.

Why You Should Buy NextErgo AI Smart Desk?

Following are some reasons as to why you should do the same:

•      Artificial Intelligence of the AI-powered desk offers you a healthier lifestyle.

•      You can sit, stand, relax, and stretch while taking the assistance of this desk.

•      You will be able to stand in the correct posture thanks to eye level detection.

•      You can even control the features of this smart AI-powered desk with your voice and touch screen because it has a smart speaker.

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