Improve Your Posture At Work With AI Smart Desks

Improve Your Posture At Work With AI Smart Desks

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When you maintain a good posture, you take a step to have a healthy life. Although the office job seemed to be the safest option for us, it leads us to the sedentary lifestyle and causes so many health issues like back pain, neck pain, muscle strain, and more. To keep you away from all these diseases at work, you must know how to maintain a good posture. There are several ways to correct your posture when you are in office. But, our certain habit of sitting and standing forces us to follow the usual way of doing work. So, it makes the posture correction a bit difficult. NextErgo AI Smart Desk introduces an innovative idea by offering the posture correction feature in their desks. Employees no need to take care of extra rules for their posture corrections with these smart desks. The smart desks let people sit or stand correctly for their work.

Fitness Goals with AI Desk

What is posture?

Posture is a position in which we hold our body in a certain way for sitting, standing, lying. Good posture denotes the right alignment of the body parts against gravity. Our muscles control our posture and we should maintain a good posture to avoid injuries and muscle pain.

We are not at all conscious to maintain a good posture always. But, certain muscles are doing it for us and these posture muscles are responsible for maintaining the balance. When you are in the habit of maintaining a good posture, you can sit, stand and walk correctly without causing pressure to the muscles. NextErgo understands the need to make a habit of sitting or standing correctly at work and their smart desk makes everything easier. You no need to remember how to sit or stand because the smart desk is constantly showing you the right way to have a good posture.

Fitness Goals with AI Desk

How does poor posture affect us?

If you are doing a desk job, you need to think about your posture and correct it in time. Poor posture causes long-term health conditions like musculoskeletal disorder. Studies also revealed that there is a strong connection between sitting at your desk for a prolonged time and chronic pain. It is a growing concern among people who are worried about their healthcare needs at the office. We bring to you some important factors that poor posture causes.

  • When you stay seated incorrectly, it misaligns your spine
  • A poor workstation setup can also cause poor posture. For example, if your computer monitor does not level to your eye, it can cause neck pain.
  • If you cross your ankles and legs while sitting, it causes hip misalignment
  • When you move less during your work, it restricts blood and nutrient flow to the spinal disc.

Importance of Good Posture At Work: 

Sitting disease is a term used by many people these days. The reason is very obvious. More and more people are working with their desk and they spend a lot of time sitting before their computers. Sitting with less movement causes so many health complications, such as chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders, and injuries. This takes a toll on your work productivity, increasing the concern for your poor health.

  • A correct posture reduces some common health issues related to desk jobs, including back pain and neck pain.  
  • Good posture keeps the bones and joints in the right alignments that avoid the abnormal wearing of bones and muscle tensions.
  • It releases stress on the ligaments and spinal joints reducing the chances of an injury.
  • It keeps the muscles more active and prevents muscle fatigue.

  • Set your computer monitor to your eye level so that you no need to down your head, reducing the neck pain issue.
  • Rest back flat against the chair and pull your shoulder backward.
  • Don’t cross ankles and legs. Keep your feet on the ground.
  • Use a lumbar support tool to keep your back straight.

This way, you can maintain the right posture for your work. Make a habit of correcting your posture and soon you will get used to it.

NextErgo AI Smart Standing desk

How does the AI Smart Desk correct your posture?

For working a long hour years after years, our body develops a habit of sitting or standing. Using a new position is difficult. We sometimes are not in a condition to take care of this matter because of our work pressure. Let NextErgo AI Smart desk help you correct your posture and keep you active at your desk. You no need to think of anything when you are using this smart desk.

It is designed with the AI feature and comes up with a touch screen display. It has a posture correction feature that tells you the right hand and eye level position during your work. This is a new feature and is added to the smart desk to offer workplace ergonomics.

Maintaining the right posture reduces back and neck pain. You feel more energetic in doing your work and can improve your productivity also. Moreover, you can take care of your health and can avoid common workplace injury and health diseases. NextErgo is the first-ever company that brings smart desks with AI and posture correction features. Visit NextErgo to know more about the products

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