All About NextErgo’s AI Standing Desks

NextErgo’s AI Standing desk’s is designed in such a way that it sets personalized desk activities and standing goals depending on the personal metrics of the user such as the weight, height and the BMI.

NextErgo is popular for supplying quality ergonomic furniture. They have kept a record of top-rated AI standing desks mainly because of the qualified material they use in manufacturing standing desks and also because of the great features their smart desk’s present. NextErgo’s AI Standing Desks have the following top features: an embedded 5″ screen, a presence detector, an inbuilt AI assistant, Desk activities, goal tracking monitor,  a smart speaker as well as in integrated mobile App just to mention a few.

AI Standing Desks  Enhance Fitness& Health :

Most office workers often develop health issues as a result of prolonged sitting hours such as overweight & obesity, Diabetes, heart-Related diseases, physical injuries like chronic neck and back pains.e.t.c. NextErgo understands that the idea of ergonomic furniture is not too new. However, they want to make their AI Standing Desks better, more user friendly, interactive and with more healthy results.

NextErgos AI Standing Desks

NextErgos AI Standing Desks Advanced features :

NextErgo’s AI Standing desk has been carefully designed to suit office use, schools, home, and any other working environment. Here is a brief description of some of the advanced features that make their standing desks to be top-rated over the years.

Posture correction :

NextErgo understands the cumulative damage that comes when office workers adopt unhealthy postures for prolonged periods. They have therefore incorporated a technology to help in correcting the smart desk user’s posture the entire working day. This technology solely deli2d on thermal imaging technique to detect the level of the hand and the eyes.

Standing goals :

When the concept of standing desks was initially introduced, the idea was to increase the standing durations of workers as compared to their sitting durations. NextErgo’s AI Standing desk’s is designed in such a way that it sets personalized desk activities and standing goals depending on the personal metrics of the user such as the weight, height and the BMI.

User interactive :

NextErgo’s smart AI desks have an bedded 5″ touchscreen to the right side. Additionally they have a smart Speaker like Google , Alexa-Amazon. These features provide perfect input and output avenues for the desk user. This provides an easy interaction between the user and the AI standing desk.

Desk Activities

Desk Activities :

Most people find this feature incredible, but NextErgo’s AI Standing desk has been designed in such a way that it would actually remind the user when its time to carry out activities such as standing, sitting, exercising, eating and more. The main aim when incorporating this feature was to ensure that there’s no one time the desk occupant is inactive. By so doing, most office workers stay active and productive.

How does NextErgo’s Smart AI Desk Work?

How this smart desk works is simple. It has Thermo pile sensors which detect when you are near or far from your desk. The inbuilt Google Assistant serves as your coach in helping you attain your preset fitness goals. Using vocal controls, NextErgo’s Standing AI desk switches from sitting to standing and vice versa. Best of all is that this smart desk is voice activated. Therefore you can get  updates on weather , news , work reports all entirely handsfree. Additionally, NextErgo’s Smart AI desk is compatible to Bluetooth and can as well be controlled through the voice commands, touch screen or using the integrated mobile App. Irrespective of whether you are near or far away from your workspace, you can still achieve your fitness goals effortlessly. Through your mobile App, you can still login, get updates from your work desk and chart your goals both while in your workplace or outside.

The desk helps you with virtually everything from your daily activities to calculating your B.M.I thus giving you a well-informed advice on what to do to maximize your ergonomic benefits.  Basically, NextErgo’s Smart AI desk has been designed with the main aim being to educate the desk users while encouraging them to adopt healthy habits.

NextErgo have incorporated a great ergonomic design with the AI features to make the smart AI desk act like your typical coach towards health and fitness. If you want to switch from traditional office desks to modern sit-stand desks, it is important to look for a reliable ergonomic desks supplier such as NextErgo in order to enjoy maximum ergonomic benefits .

Next Generation Smart Standing Desks feature cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve things such as presence detection, posture correction as well as advanced analytics.

NextErgo is a popular and independent Ergonomics company situated in Plano, Texas. They mainly deal with research development,  manufacturing as well as distributing ergonomics services and products. Their Next Generation Smart Standing Desks feature cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve things such as presence detection, posture correction as well as advanced analytics.  

Among the features that can be attributed to NextErgos smart desks top rating include:  a 5″screen incorporated to the right side, the inbuilt AI assistant, a smart speaker, desk activities, presence detection as well as reports, personalized goal tracking and more.

An inbuilt AI Assistant

An inbuilt AI Assistant :

By using the inbuilt machine learning and AI capabilities, the Next Generation Smart Standing Desks reminds you through the touch screen when you should be standing, sitting, taking a deep breath, taking a sip of water, exercising various body parts like say hands, eyes, shoulders, neck and fit and when its time to take a meal. Through their AI technology, it’s easy to monitor your work routine as well as activities that you have engaged in during breaks of your work schedule. Additionally, based on the metrics of your B.M.I like height and weight, this unique smart desk will automatically adjust the exercises to make them help you towards achieving your fitness goals. This feature is patent pending.

Next-Generation Smart Standing Desks use Thermopile sensors- the technology of thermal imaging in monitoring when you’re at your smart desk or away. This feature too is patent pending.

Real-time feedback :

Being Interactive,  Next Generation Smart Standing Desks from NextErgo provide the desk users with real-time feedback on the activities. It tells you now its time to stand, sit, drink water and so on. The incorporated sensors keep track of the duration of time you sit or stand, your activity levels such as how much water you’ve consumed in a day, the exercises you have completed and the number of calories you have burnt during a workday, just to mention a few. Based on your activities, the smart desk provides a detailed report and charts indicating your activities and the effects they had on your body metrics. Eventually, this helps you towards reaching your fitness goals.

Real-time Report :

When designing their smart desks, NextErgo’s aim was to provide an interactive interface between the Next Generation Smart Standing Desk and the user. This smart technology makes it possible for the desk to remind office workers when its time to do exercises, drink water and so on. It’s like having a real person reminding you when to do certain things.

Integrated Mobile Application :

NextErgo will soon design a special mobile App to enable smart desks users to gain access to the desks activities while away. The best is that you can even use the Bluetooth connection to keep track of your desk activities while away.

Multiple Features

Multiple Features :

Next-Generation Smart Standing Desks from NextErgo allow more than one user to enjoy ergonomic benefits it features. It can therefore correct posture goals, exercises as well as user reports of each individual of the family who uses the NextErgo desk.

The Next Generation view :

The NextErgo’s smart desk has an embedded screen through which you can see your activity status, standing goals, progress reports as well as suggested activities that would help you to achieve your set fitness goals.

Smart Standing Desk

Easy control :

On hearing the term Next Generation Smart Standing Desks, it’s easy to feel intimidated and picture a very sophisticated gadget that is difficult to operate. However, NextErgo’s smart AI desk is super easy to use even for novice people. The desk is simply controlled through voice, the embedded touchscreen or through the Mobile App.

The Future :

Looking forward, NextErgo’s Next Generation Smart Standing Desks will have more exciting features such as Facial recognition, ability to connect with Apple Home kit, Amazon Alexa and this will help towards achieving a wholesome health & fitness system. Probably, the smart desk will be starting by greeting the desk user by name as well as asking them about their preferred adjustment metrics among others. These additions will be of great help towards our campaign of crow-funding and part of the funds generated will be used in research and new developments.

NextErgo is definitely a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for top-notch quality Next-Generation Smart AI Desks. During the manufacture of their smart desks, they incorporate a great ergonomic design with artificial intelligence to help users get maximum ergonomic benefits and achieve fitness goals effortlessly.

Smart technology has led to the evolution from traditional desks to the use of AI Smart desks. This is definitely amongst the greatest move the office industries have made. Apart from the aesthetic value, it adds to any work environment, research shows that it has many other benefits. Nextergo has for years now been selling smart desks at a global level hence helping in mitigating the negative effects that are associated with sitting all day by office workers. There are both work-linked and health-related benefits attributed to the same as discussed below.

Saves time:

Whoever thought that in this era we would have a desk that besides supporting your body as you do your work can help you execute some of the duties? Thanks to the invention of machine learning and artificial intelligence which have made this possible. Nowadays, most office workers are too held up with work that they tend to get overwhelmed by doing some simple tasks. As a matter of fact, some workers even forget to place a meal order during lunch hours or even call uber when its time to go home. Smart AI desks have been designed in such a way that they can study the user’s program. Based on this, they would help you execute some tasks as you focus on productivity.

No more backaches with AI Smart Desks

No more backaches!

Many employees complain of suffering from backaches or other musculoskeletal disorders including headache and fatigue as a result of sitting all day. Nextergo is one of the ergonomic companies whose main aim in supplying smart AI desks is to help in mitigating such problems. By helping office workers switch from sitting to standing in, there’s no specific body part that ends up getting strained especially the tailbone which hurts after prolonged sitting hours.

Increased productivity:

Apart from the physical relief that Smart AI desks bring along, they have proven to have a great effect when it comes to productivity. Perhaps this would be explained by the fact that it reduces musculoskeletal diseases which would increase downtime seasons by workers. Additionally, workers seem to interact more often when standing as opposed to when standing. in the long run, team effort leads to massive productivity. Instead of taking the time to compose emails to a person sitting in the next cubicle, you can simply relay the message to them by word of mouth.  This would definitely have a longer-lasting impression.

Stay Active with Smart AI Desks

Stay Active all-day :

Most of the time, workers who sit all day end up getting sleepy especially during afternoon hours. This means that they only remain active during morning hours while in the afternoon they do minimum tasks. Smart AI Desks, on the other hand, determine when an employee stands or sits depending on the set time intervals. This is a perfect way of ensuring the workers cannot experience fatigue hence staying productive and active.

NextErgo fulfills all your ergonomic needs whether you are a big or a small firm. The use of AI smart desks will help you enjoy seeing your company / business grow in a  short time span. 

Whenever one hears or reads about artificial intelligence, he/she presupposes it to be something huge or culture altering like – self-driven cars, personal-assistant robots or anything else of the kind.

Although these thoughts are not fantasies in the complete sense, there are many small-scale uses of artificial intelligence that are on the immediate horizon.

Let us take the example of a service desk. More often than not, it is reactive. The user either calls or sends an e-mail. This seen by a technician who gathers additional information and sends the appropriate response in time.

However, there is a downside to this process. That is, every so often the organization has to run a check to see if the process is running smoothly or not.

In comes AI and AI-powered desk, which, as the name itself suggests, runs on smart technology, and therefore is not only much more efficient but also benefits everyone.

Also, this type of service desks makes sure that employees maintain the perfect posture while working, as it takes care of the ergonomic side of things as well.

The evolution of artificial intelligence:

With the evolution of artificial intelligence, connecting a chatbot to service will no longer be a mere imagination. Now, the user can take the assistance of a chatbot to ask a particular question in order to gain access to a knowledge database, something which was unheard of earlier.

Let us imagine a sales representative who is traveling a long way to an appointment, suddenly stops receiving mails. Then he/she can simply take the help of the chatbot to explain his/her problem. As the chatbot has access to all the related tickets and knowledge articles in the database, it can promptly suggest a quick solution to the problem.

These are but some of the possibilities that an AI-powered desk can offer as we harness the true potential of smart technology and machine learning.

AI Powered Desk with smart features

What does AI feature do in a smart desk?

Artificial Intelligence, at times also referred to as machine intelligence analyses the environment and takes appropriate action in order to improve the success rate of an organization even more.

Artificial Intelligence, at times also referred to as machine intelligence analyses the environment and takes appropriate action in order to improve the success rate of an organization even more.

NextErgo, the premier designer of AI-powered desk uses this technology for designing smart standing design an ergonomic way so that the user can cater to their health needs while working at the same time.

No other smart desk has had this machine learning feature before, and NextErgo is the first such innovative company to have successfully come out with a unique idea like this. AI smart desk reminds you to take care of your health during your busy works.

It shows helps technicians and other employees using the technology by suggesting to them that it is equally important to drink water, when they should stand, when they should take a bit of a rest, and many more. It is more than just a desk it is a smart desk. It works as a wellness assistant that assists in keeping the employees relaxed and helps one to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Preventive and Predictive

In order to understand the true impact of AI-powered desk the best possible real-life example would be of all the schools and universities that welcome thousands of students to their respective campuses every year.

Now, that’s a lot of queries and requests which naturally leads to an overloaded network.

The answer to this question is nothing else but an AI-powered desk. It can help in pulling the requisite data and analyze them to assist schools is predicting and preventing these issues altogether.

Why You Should Buy NextErgo AI Smart Desk?

Following are some reasons as to why you should do the same:

•      Artificial Intelligence of the AI-powered desk offers you a healthier lifestyle.

•      You can sit, stand, relax, and stretch while taking the assistance of this desk.

•      You will be able to stand in the correct posture thanks to eye level detection.

•      You can even control the features of this smart AI-powered desk with your voice and touch screen because it has a smart speaker.

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