All About NextErgo’s AI Standing Desks

NextErgo’s AI Standing desk’s is designed in such a way that it sets personalized desk activities and standing goals depending on the personal metrics of the user such as the weight, height and the BMI.

NextErgo is popular for supplying quality ergonomic furniture. They have kept a record of top-rated AI standing desks mainly because of the qualified material they use in manufacturing standing desks and also because of the great features their smart desk’s present. NextErgo’s AI Standing Desks have the following top features: an embedded 5″ screen, a presence detector, an inbuilt AI assistant, Desk activities, goal tracking monitor,  a smart speaker as well as in integrated mobile App just to mention a few.

AI Standing Desks  Enhance Fitness& Health :

Most office workers often develop health issues as a result of prolonged sitting hours such as overweight & obesity, Diabetes, heart-Related diseases, physical injuries like chronic neck and back pains.e.t.c. NextErgo understands that the idea of ergonomic furniture is not too new. However, they want to make their AI Standing Desks better, more user friendly, interactive and with more healthy results.

NextErgos AI Standing Desks

NextErgos AI Standing Desks Advanced features :

NextErgo’s AI Standing desk has been carefully designed to suit office use, schools, home, and any other working environment. Here is a brief description of some of the advanced features that make their standing desks to be top-rated over the years.

Posture correction :

NextErgo understands the cumulative damage that comes when office workers adopt unhealthy postures for prolonged periods. They have therefore incorporated a technology to help in correcting the smart desk user’s posture the entire working day. This technology solely deli2d on thermal imaging technique to detect the level of the hand and the eyes.

Standing goals :

When the concept of standing desks was initially introduced, the idea was to increase the standing durations of workers as compared to their sitting durations. NextErgo’s AI Standing desk’s is designed in such a way that it sets personalized desk activities and standing goals depending on the personal metrics of the user such as the weight, height and the BMI.

User interactive :

NextErgo’s smart AI desks have an bedded 5″ touchscreen to the right side. Additionally they have a smart Speaker like Google , Alexa-Amazon. These features provide perfect input and output avenues for the desk user. This provides an easy interaction between the user and the AI standing desk.

Desk Activities

Desk Activities :

Most people find this feature incredible, but NextErgo’s AI Standing desk has been designed in such a way that it would actually remind the user when its time to carry out activities such as standing, sitting, exercising, eating and more. The main aim when incorporating this feature was to ensure that there’s no one time the desk occupant is inactive. By so doing, most office workers stay active and productive.

How does NextErgo’s Smart AI Desk Work?

How this smart desk works is simple. It has Thermo pile sensors which detect when you are near or far from your desk. The inbuilt Google Assistant serves as your coach in helping you attain your preset fitness goals. Using vocal controls, NextErgo’s Standing AI desk switches from sitting to standing and vice versa. Best of all is that this smart desk is voice activated. Therefore you can get  updates on weather , news , work reports all entirely handsfree. Additionally, NextErgo’s Smart AI desk is compatible to Bluetooth and can as well be controlled through the voice commands, touch screen or using the integrated mobile App. Irrespective of whether you are near or far away from your workspace, you can still achieve your fitness goals effortlessly. Through your mobile App, you can still login, get updates from your work desk and chart your goals both while in your workplace or outside.

The desk helps you with virtually everything from your daily activities to calculating your B.M.I thus giving you a well-informed advice on what to do to maximize your ergonomic benefits.  Basically, NextErgo’s Smart AI desk has been designed with the main aim being to educate the desk users while encouraging them to adopt healthy habits.

NextErgo have incorporated a great ergonomic design with the AI features to make the smart AI desk act like your typical coach towards health and fitness. If you want to switch from traditional office desks to modern sit-stand desks, it is important to look for a reliable ergonomic desks supplier such as NextErgo in order to enjoy maximum ergonomic benefits .

Next Generation Smart Standing Desks feature cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve things such as presence detection, posture correction as well as advanced analytics.

NextErgo is a popular and independent Ergonomics company situated in Plano, Texas. They mainly deal with research development,  manufacturing as well as distributing ergonomics services and products. Their Next Generation Smart Standing Desks feature cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve things such as presence detection, posture correction as well as advanced analytics.  

Among the features that can be attributed to NextErgos smart desks top rating include:  a 5″screen incorporated to the right side, the inbuilt AI assistant, a smart speaker, desk activities, presence detection as well as reports, personalized goal tracking and more.

An inbuilt AI Assistant

An inbuilt AI Assistant :

By using the inbuilt machine learning and AI capabilities, the Next Generation Smart Standing Desks reminds you through the touch screen when you should be standing, sitting, taking a deep breath, taking a sip of water, exercising various body parts like say hands, eyes, shoulders, neck and fit and when its time to take a meal. Through their AI technology, it’s easy to monitor your work routine as well as activities that you have engaged in during breaks of your work schedule. Additionally, based on the metrics of your B.M.I like height and weight, this unique smart desk will automatically adjust the exercises to make them help you towards achieving your fitness goals. This feature is patent pending.

Next-Generation Smart Standing Desks use Thermopile sensors- the technology of thermal imaging in monitoring when you’re at your smart desk or away. This feature too is patent pending.

Real-time feedback :

Being Interactive,  Next Generation Smart Standing Desks from NextErgo provide the desk users with real-time feedback on the activities. It tells you now its time to stand, sit, drink water and so on. The incorporated sensors keep track of the duration of time you sit or stand, your activity levels such as how much water you’ve consumed in a day, the exercises you have completed and the number of calories you have burnt during a workday, just to mention a few. Based on your activities, the smart desk provides a detailed report and charts indicating your activities and the effects they had on your body metrics. Eventually, this helps you towards reaching your fitness goals.

Real-time Report :

When designing their smart desks, NextErgo’s aim was to provide an interactive interface between the Next Generation Smart Standing Desk and the user. This smart technology makes it possible for the desk to remind office workers when its time to do exercises, drink water and so on. It’s like having a real person reminding you when to do certain things.

Integrated Mobile Application :

NextErgo will soon design a special mobile App to enable smart desks users to gain access to the desks activities while away. The best is that you can even use the Bluetooth connection to keep track of your desk activities while away.

Multiple Features

Multiple Features :

Next-Generation Smart Standing Desks from NextErgo allow more than one user to enjoy ergonomic benefits it features. It can therefore correct posture goals, exercises as well as user reports of each individual of the family who uses the NextErgo desk.

The Next Generation view :

The NextErgo’s smart desk has an embedded screen through which you can see your activity status, standing goals, progress reports as well as suggested activities that would help you to achieve your set fitness goals.

Smart Standing Desk

Easy control :

On hearing the term Next Generation Smart Standing Desks, it’s easy to feel intimidated and picture a very sophisticated gadget that is difficult to operate. However, NextErgo’s smart AI desk is super easy to use even for novice people. The desk is simply controlled through voice, the embedded touchscreen or through the Mobile App.

The Future :

Looking forward, NextErgo’s Next Generation Smart Standing Desks will have more exciting features such as Facial recognition, ability to connect with Apple Home kit, Amazon Alexa and this will help towards achieving a wholesome health & fitness system. Probably, the smart desk will be starting by greeting the desk user by name as well as asking them about their preferred adjustment metrics among others. These additions will be of great help towards our campaign of crow-funding and part of the funds generated will be used in research and new developments.

NextErgo is definitely a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for top-notch quality Next-Generation Smart AI Desks. During the manufacture of their smart desks, they incorporate a great ergonomic design with artificial intelligence to help users get maximum ergonomic benefits and achieve fitness goals effortlessly.

The main aim of NextErgo in designing height-adjustable AI Standing Desks is to enable employees to constantly switch between sitting and standing. Preferably, the time spent while standing should be longer than the sitting durations.

The nature of work in different firms is constantly changing thus raising the need to change the work lifestyle as well.  Ever felt totally drained after having a long flight, car ride or simply by just spending the entire day sitting on a desk? Even though you may not have carried out any tedious tasks, it’s normal to feel exhausted after prolonged hours of sitting. Americans alongside office workers in other states on average spend about 8 hours sitting. Such long duration of sitting has been associated with many detrimental effects on wellness. Hence, NextErgo among other Ergonomics furniture suppliers is selling AI Standing Desks with an aim of mitigating such negative side effects. This read will give you an insight into how this is achieved

height-adjustable  AI Standing Desks

Reduces  Weight gain :

The main aim of NextErgo in designing height-adjustable  AI Standing Desks is to enable employees to constantly switch between sitting and standing. Preferably, the time spent while standing should be longer than the sitting durations. Reliable sources have shown that standing is the most effective way of reducing weight. This is beneficial because office workers are no longer victims of weight-related diseases including obesity, poor circulation of blood hence leading to the cardiac arrest & other heart diseases,  diabetes, chronic diseases and so on.  

Reduces cases of depression and anxiety :

Psychological well being has been found to be among the most effective ways of improving performance among workers. As a matter of fact, most of the office workers who end up performing poorly are full of thoughts. Cumulatively, these thoughts lead to depression and anxiety. Besides being height adjustable, NextErgo’s AI Standing Desks have inbuilt desk activities which enable the desk occupant to keep exercising amidst of executing the office tasks.

Reduces chronic back and neck pain :

NextErgo’s AI Standing Desks have been designed with a considerably wide height coverage. This makes it possible for every user to make the necessary adjustments based on their physical metrics. While some people prefer having a high desktop surface to avoid bending, this is not so for short people. The option of adjusting the height of the desk surface makes it possible for you to effortlessly avoid straining your neck and back.   Previous research has shown that the cases of chronic pain on the back and neck have reduced by 43% since the introduction of the ergonomics concept.

Reduces cases of Diabetes :

Type 2 Diabetes mostly results from increased consumption of calories as compared to the levels of energy being consumed. These increased sugar levels are dangerous for the body and commonly lead to diabetes. Fortunately, NextErgo’s guiding principle when it comes to manufacturing AI Standing Desks is to increase the levels of calories burnt in the body through increasing the body metabolism rates. Eventually, office workers end up with just enough energy repositories in the body.

Reduced cases of MuscoSkeletal Disorders :

For many years before the concept of Ergonomics was introduced into the office industry, many employees suffered from physical injuries and fatigue as a result of prolonged sitting durations. This in return led to increased cases of musculoskeletal disorders and many downtimes. In an attempt to reduce such cases, NextErgo started distributing their Ergonomic furniture from Plano, Texas and more varieties of smart desks globally through their StarErgo platform. Indeed, many buyers who have transitioned to using smart desks have experienced reduced downtimes due to physics injuries and also increased productivity.

The culture of frequently switching between sitting and standing has proven to have remarkable impacts in reducing chronic neck and back pains as well as strengthening body muscles. The presence detector in NextErgo’s smart desks helps in correcting the office desks occupants posture. Technically, it detects the eye level as well as the body thus giving an instruction to the office worker on how to adopt the correct posture.

In a nutshell, NextErgo’s AI Standing Desks, have numerous health-related benefits including reducing the risks of increased weight gain and obesity, lowering the sugar levels, lowers the potential risks of heart diseases, reduces chronic back pain and neck pain and boosts the overall energy and mood of office workers. No wonder the culture of switching to ergonomic furniture has become so popular. If you still haven’t advanced to using ergonomic furniture, you can easily achieve that by contacting NextErgo’s team of experts for quality furniture.


To help you maintain a healthy lifestyle at work, NextErgo comes up with a remarkable approach with its AI smart desks.

Artificial intelligence has a huge use in today’s technologies, especially in the health care world. Many industries have adopted artificial intelligence in different perspectives to improve productivity. But, the significant benefits of AI use come from the workplace environment. Employers are using this technology hugely for offering psychological and physical support to their employees. NextErgo understands the demand of the AI and comes up with an innovation that takes care of employees in a productive way. With the AI-built desks, those who are working at an office can maintain their health in smart and innovative ways.

Desk job health risks

How Desk Job Affect health:

Desk job health risks have become the discussing issue now. Today, many people are spending time before their computers and their job requires them to sit for a long hour. This too long sitting causes physical and psychological stress that generates many severe health issues. NextErgo discovered an innovative approach that helps employees and employers. With this AI-built smart desk, users can track their health records during their work.

Your traditional desk job is the source of many, severe health issues. The content talks about them in a detailed way.

neck strain

Back pain and neck strain:

Too much sitting generates back pain and neck strain. Since your desk job does not allow you to move, these health issues are very common. To avoid the factors, you must make a schedule and you must learn to move without compromising your work. Desk exercises are a must during your office time. Learn some of the simple desk exercises that release strain and muscle pain and cure these complications.

Posture issue:

Maintaining the right posture while you are sitting is really difficult, especially when it is for a long duration. When you keep your arms too low or too high to the position of keyboard causes neck and shoulder pain. If you are working with laptops, it may cause neck strain because you are constantly looking down at the screen.

Unhealthy eating:

When you sit for too long, you crave for unhealthy eating, such as snacks. This habit proves to be dangerous for you. Since your body lacks exercise, obesity is one of the main health issues that you must be concerned about.

Mental fatigue:

This sedentary lifestyle proves to be dangerous for your health. It can cause mental fog and tiredness and it may make you irritating.

So, these are the health complications that you may experience if you are doing desk jobs. We forget to take care of our health and our complete concentration goes to work. To help you maintain a healthy lifestyle at work, NextErgo comes up with a remarkable approach with its AI smart desks. A desk can change not just your office but your entire life. When you can make a good habit of working along with loving your health, the return you will get can be counted in active living.

AI smart Desk

NextErgo Offers the Solution To Desk Job Health Issues:

We are closely addressing the damage caused by the prolonged sitting at your desk. Don’t change your job profile; rather replace your desk with the NextErgo AI smart Desk. Many employers appreciate our approach and they already turn their work environment a smart work environment with the AI smart desks. Check the benefits our desk will offer you.

We design our desk with the many updated features that help you sit or stand and do other activities while working at your desk.

The AI feature works on the behavior patterns and shows you the right decisions regarding your health. It predicts your behavior and tells you the time when you should stand or sit. With the help of some important inputs like height, weight, and BMR, the technology shows you some health choices following which will make you active during your work.

For example, if you forget to drink the water due to your work, the desk reminds you to take some and helps you avoid dehydration.

Many features like AI are incorporated in your desk. This creates a healthy and balanced working life for you.

Avoid neck and back pain: this AI smart desk corrects your posture and allows you to align your arms and eye rightly to your computer screens. This corrects your posture and you can avoid neck and back pain.

A solution to obesity: NextErgo AI desk enhances your movements by allocating the time for rest, for exercise, for sit or stand, and for many things. So, you can avoid obesity.

AI Smart Desk

Why should you buy NextErgo Smart Desk?

The desk is truly one-of-a-kind because the features it has are hardly available to other desks. The concept of the sit-stand desk is not new and there are many manufacturers that offer the sit-stand desks. But, you will get no name that offers desks with AI technology, smart speaker integration, presence detection, and goal tracking and analytics. So, a desk can change many things in your life.

With Smart Standing AI Desk, the Principle where one size never fits all applies. Based on this, most of the smart desks you will find in the market today allow users to adjust them accordingly in order to suit their needs.

Whether you are at home watching films or at work, sitting too much is not good for our health. Luckily, there’s a perfect alternative to help you stay healthier and more active at your workplace by switching between sitting and standing hence taking different body postures as the need arises. NextErgo AI Smart Desk is more than just a sitting-standing desk. The AI technology, smart speaker, and touch screen make the desk the best choice for your desk job. 

Here are some of the ways by which using a Smart Standing AI Desk is helpful to workers:

Mitigates health defects from a sedentary lifestyle :

Although digital technology has brought about countless advantages in today’s personal and work lifestyles, there’s one detrimental effect. Sitting down behind a computer for prolonged durations every day has long term detrimental effects on your health. This is why Smart Standing AI Desks have increasingly gained popularity over the last few years. In fact, most private and public organizations have been encouraging their workers to stand for longer durations by introducing sit-stand desks. Following an article from Washington Post, the long term effects of sitting down for extended durations of time lead to a chain of health-related problems that may affect individuals from head to toe. Some of the health defects associated with sitting: muscle degeneration, back pain, organ damage, slow brain function, and high mortality rates.

Adjustments are a button away :

The rising demand for Smart Standing AI Desk has led to the production of diverse ergonomic furniture varying in quality, features, and Price. it’s possible to find a generic standing desk of manual adjustments going for below $200. On the other hand, a motorized desk that automatically adjusts at the press of a button may go for up to $2500 or more depending on the supplier.

AI Assistance :

Isn’t it amazing if you can buy a Smart Standing AI Desk with an inbuilt AI assistance? While this feature may make a smart desk to be up to 5 times more expensive than conventional smart desks, it is a great added advantage. The assistant helps you do simple tasks like telling you when to stand or sit, gives you weather reports, reminds you when you are scheduled to attend meetings, and so on. The future is even brighter as it will be soon possible to have the AI assistant help you carry out some administrative duties.

Inbuilt memory :

Modern versions of smart desks are more or less an advanced computer. They have an inbuilt operating system that helps it keep memory of the previous settings. Perhaps this would explain how an AI assistant would be able to give you a reminder on certain things. Whenever you create shortcuts on the embedded touchscreen, it is able to save your favorite apps in the form of shortcuts making them easily accessible for use.

Personalized settings :

With Smart Standing AI Desk, the Principle where one size never fits all applies. Based on this, most of the smart desks you will find in the market today allow users to adjust them accordingly in order to suit their needs. while tall people need a higher height adjustment range, this is not the case for shorter people as they may require shorter height coverage. The settings of every smart desk are always adjusted to suit the needs of the current user.

The fact that settings of smart desks are customizable makes them so ideal for customers demanding tailor-made ergonomic solutions. When a desk is meant to be shared among several users, it is recommended that the buyer goes for a higher height adjustment coverage. A customizable smart desk is an added advantage as it helps workers get settings that they can best perform with.

Posture Correction :

The idea of ergonomics was introduced to curtail poor postures during working hours. There are countless times where we find ourselves adopting a lo of poor postures. In fact, this is why you end up getting tired quickly, developing fatigue and becoming less and less productive as the day unfolds. Thanks to the discovery of machine learning. The fact that they can easily detect physics presence means the AI assistant can tell when your posture is not healthy. Posture correction goes a long way in facilitating productivity and boosting the mood of office workers.

Nextergo is among the most competent a manufacturer and seller of  Smart Standing AI Desks. They supply high-quality ergonomic furniture with amazing features. They are just a call away if you are looking for a customized plan for your workers.

AI desks which not only help in increasing productivity among office workers but also help them stay fit and free from heart-related diseases.

Everyone wants to keep fit and stay healthy. Unfortunately, it proves difficult sometimes to find the motivation or time to exercise especially among the office workers who are always overwhelmed with office tasks, barely finding time to hit the gym. NextErgo provides AI Desks as a perfect solution to office workers in order to help them keep fit while working. This means, irrespective of their hectic lifestyle’s, busy schedules thus lacking any free time to hit the gym, office workers can still keep fit and stay active at work.

Hence, if you have trouble freeing up time to exercise or even finding a suitable workout plan for you, you should possibly consult NextErgo for advice on the best AI Desk that would help you keep fit and productive at work.

Decreases your  Body Fat with AI Desk :

Sounds too obvious, right? But this is among the key determinants of how healthy an individual is. AI standing desks undoubtedly have proven to help in burning body calories/ fat and this is important because:

It Keeps off cardiovascular diseases :

Insufficient body exercise is considered as one of the world’s leading risk factors causing death. According to recent health research, office workers seem to be among the main victims suffering from heart diseases. This can obviously be attributed to the fact that they remain sitting all day long while working and even worse is the fact that they lack any free time to hit the gym. Over the years, fat layers keep accumulating in their body systems thus clogging blood vessels. Eventually, they begin developing heart attacks and other cardiovascular-related diseases.  Thanks to the invention of AI desks which not only help in increasing productivity among office workers but also help them stay fit and free from heart-related diseases.

Prevents diabetes :

Type 2 Diabetes mainly results from excess sugar levels in the body as a result of poor lifestyles. In fact, office workers are among the high-risk group likely to suffer from diabetes. This is mainly because they take lunch and continue sitting. Ideally, they consume more calories than they are actually burning. Over the years, this may turn out to be dangerous and may even cause death. AI Desks ensure that office workers keep standing from time-to-time. Standing durations lead to the burning of more calories in the body as compared to sitting. Therefore, it is definitely a good idea for any office worker to adopt standing as the main posture throughout working hours.

It enhances  general performance among office workers:

The main aim behind keeping fit is in order to improve the general body performance. Scientists have proven that by introducing AI standing desks, office workers tend to stay active thus end up performing way better than ever before.

Reduces cases of  inflammation among office workers :

The use of AI standing desks promotes proper blood flow through workers flexing their feet every now and then. this goes a long way in reducing cases of inflammation of various body parts thus promoting wellness among workers

Enhances appearance & confidence :

When employees use AI standing desks, they tend to remain standing most of the working time. This plays a critical role in ensuring that body fats are burnt effortlessly. In general, this improves the physical appearance of the workers thus giving them more confidence in themselves.  

Boost the  hormonal profiles among workers :

Staring, in general, has a magical effect on improving the mood of any person. Workers are less likely to get moody and stressed up if they work standing. once the mood profiles are improved, it becomes pretty much easy to yield good results.

AI desk

Improved posture :

AI standing desks often prompt individuals to stretch more or change posture every now and then. You have no idea how healthy this is. A healthy posture not only promotes flexibility but also gives you a healthy cool down as well as preventing the following day body aches. It’s important for anyone to always ensure they maintain a healthy posture at all times. And since it is not too easy to do that naturally, AI standing desks have been specially designed with an inbuilt AI assistant to couch you on healthy postures at work.

Although it is easy for any worker to get comfortable while sitting, note that the long term effects are lethal. Maintaining a good working lifestyle is the best way to ensure that you maintain fitness while yielding good results at work. Ensure you often take deep breaths in the process of switching between sitting and standing to further enhance your physical fitness. Consult NextErgo for advice on the best AI Desk that would usher you into your general body fitness while working.

Smart technology has led to the evolution from traditional desks to the use of AI Smart desks. This is definitely amongst the greatest move the office industries have made. Apart from the aesthetic value, it adds to any work environment, research shows that it has many other benefits. Nextergo has for years now been selling smart desks at a global level hence helping in mitigating the negative effects that are associated with sitting all day by office workers. There are both work-linked and health-related benefits attributed to the same as discussed below.

Saves time:

Whoever thought that in this era we would have a desk that besides supporting your body as you do your work can help you execute some of the duties? Thanks to the invention of machine learning and artificial intelligence which have made this possible. Nowadays, most office workers are too held up with work that they tend to get overwhelmed by doing some simple tasks. As a matter of fact, some workers even forget to place a meal order during lunch hours or even call uber when its time to go home. Smart AI desks have been designed in such a way that they can study the user’s program. Based on this, they would help you execute some tasks as you focus on productivity.

No more backaches with AI Smart Desks

No more backaches!

Many employees complain of suffering from backaches or other musculoskeletal disorders including headache and fatigue as a result of sitting all day. Nextergo is one of the ergonomic companies whose main aim in supplying smart AI desks is to help in mitigating such problems. By helping office workers switch from sitting to standing in, there’s no specific body part that ends up getting strained especially the tailbone which hurts after prolonged sitting hours.

Increased productivity:

Apart from the physical relief that Smart AI desks bring along, they have proven to have a great effect when it comes to productivity. Perhaps this would be explained by the fact that it reduces musculoskeletal diseases which would increase downtime seasons by workers. Additionally, workers seem to interact more often when standing as opposed to when standing. in the long run, team effort leads to massive productivity. Instead of taking the time to compose emails to a person sitting in the next cubicle, you can simply relay the message to them by word of mouth.  This would definitely have a longer-lasting impression.

Stay Active with Smart AI Desks

Stay Active all-day :

Most of the time, workers who sit all day end up getting sleepy especially during afternoon hours. This means that they only remain active during morning hours while in the afternoon they do minimum tasks. Smart AI Desks, on the other hand, determine when an employee stands or sits depending on the set time intervals. This is a perfect way of ensuring the workers cannot experience fatigue hence staying productive and active.

NextErgo fulfills all your ergonomic needs whether you are a big or a small firm. The use of AI smart desks will help you enjoy seeing your company / business grow in a  short time span. 

An AI-Powered desk is technically a desk that has integrated machine learning and Artificial intelligence technology to perform tasks that an ordinary office desk wouldn’t.

An AI-Powered desk is technically a desk that has integrated machine learning and Artificial intelligence technology to perform tasks that an ordinary office desk wouldn’t. Different Smart Desks have different features and functionalities depending on the manufacturer. However, the bottom line is that all of them have been designed to execute tasks in a smart way.   In this read, you will probably get a deep insight into the smart technology and how the concept of Artificial intelligence has contributed in bringing industries to a phase of transformation. NextErgo is up-to-date thus keeping up with the current trends of AI-Powered desk.

AI with Machine learning

How Does AI Work

Most office desk systems obviously require users to manually set them up as well as prepare a program depending on the ticket and issues at hand. The information fed is useful in assigning the ticket to the most ideal resolution person. This is where now the concept of AI comes in. It is designed in such a way that it can understand the ticket’s context as well as assign it to the most ideal person based on the kind of issue.

  In later phases of development, having gathered enough data from a range of similar issues,  the data is used to solve similar issues in the future. This time, it doesn’t have to open a new ticket. Once the available database is filled with cases that have been solved before, it becomes easier to reuse those solutions for future scenarios.

The AI-Powered desk has Incorporated AI with Machine learning

Generally speaking, AI-Powered desk is made through a technology of integrating machine learning concepts with AI. In other words, goes through tickets that have been previously resolved, learning how to categorize them. In order to achieve this, it needs to have a deep insight into the context, not merely keywords. This is where machine learning concept cones in.  Generally, the model is made in such a way that breakdown the information into some meaningful chunks. Over time, it even gets better based on the feedback received. Having gotten the core model that has been gathered from historical data, it is now integrated into a whole system forming a meaningful database. Perhaps this would explain how the AI assistant learns the users’ preferences over time. By so doing, it allows the office workers to pay attention to more complex and fundamental tasks while part of the work is automated.

What are the advantages of having an AI-powered help desk

 There are countless advantages that are associated with the smart technology of AI-powered help desk from NextErgo:

An AI-powered desk has higher efficiency and is way faster as it no longer requires the user to manually input the ticket type. This only means that the message will be disseminated to the ideal person making communication across employees smarter, faster and easier.

Faster response time

Apart from the fact that most tickets are created on the account of previous suggestions, historical data, AI-Powered smart desks generally have a faster response rate. This generally results in a higher productivity. In a nutshell, we would conclude that a smart AI desk saves on resources and time and thus promotes efficiency. Additionally, it is more flexible and also guarantees a faster response time as well as a higher efficiency when it comes to ticket resolution. Moreover, It provides a higher service level.

AI-powered desk are customizable

Ergonomics companies like Nexergo design customizable AI-powered desks depending on the business’s needs as well as their data. Apart from the flexible customization, they assist in implementing, maintaining, upgrading, configuring networks, giving licensure as well as any consultancy services required. In one sense, it’s similar to hiring extra facilities to help you with all tasks of ticket categorization and provide ideal solutions to most of them.

AI-Powered desks enhance the user’s experience.

Generally, AI-Powered desks are evolving daily towards improving the user’s experience. Building on the history, past experiences the systems are continuously made more efficient. Through natural language processing, machine learning, and AI, issues can be resolved even much faster. Additionally, it may provide insights into inherent issues thus solving problems long before they occur to other office workers.   Through focusing on all elements available, it’s possible to come up with smart solutions thus leveraging firms to a whole new level.

To get more details on current trends of AI-Powered desks, visit

When you maintain a good posture, you take a step to have a healthy life. Although the office job seemed to be the safest option for us, it leads us to the sedentary lifestyle and causes so many health issues like back pain, neck pain, muscle strain, and more. To keep you away from all these diseases at work, you must know how to maintain a good posture. There are several ways to correct your posture when you are in office. But, our certain habit of sitting and standing forces us to follow the usual way of doing work. So, it makes the posture correction a bit difficult. NextErgo AI Smart Desk introduces an innovative idea by offering the posture correction feature in their desks. Employees no need to take care of extra rules for their posture corrections with these smart desks. The smart desks let people sit or stand correctly for their work.

Fitness Goals with AI Desk

What is posture?

Posture is a position in which we hold our body in a certain way for sitting, standing, lying. Good posture denotes the right alignment of the body parts against gravity. Our muscles control our posture and we should maintain a good posture to avoid injuries and muscle pain.

We are not at all conscious to maintain a good posture always. But, certain muscles are doing it for us and these posture muscles are responsible for maintaining the balance. When you are in the habit of maintaining a good posture, you can sit, stand and walk correctly without causing pressure to the muscles. NextErgo understands the need to make a habit of sitting or standing correctly at work and their smart desk makes everything easier. You no need to remember how to sit or stand because the smart desk is constantly showing you the right way to have a good posture.

Fitness Goals with AI Desk

How does poor posture affect us?

If you are doing a desk job, you need to think about your posture and correct it in time. Poor posture causes long-term health conditions like musculoskeletal disorder. Studies also revealed that there is a strong connection between sitting at your desk for a prolonged time and chronic pain. It is a growing concern among people who are worried about their healthcare needs at the office. We bring to you some important factors that poor posture causes.

  • When you stay seated incorrectly, it misaligns your spine
  • A poor workstation setup can also cause poor posture. For example, if your computer monitor does not level to your eye, it can cause neck pain.
  • If you cross your ankles and legs while sitting, it causes hip misalignment
  • When you move less during your work, it restricts blood and nutrient flow to the spinal disc.

Importance of Good Posture At Work: 

Sitting disease is a term used by many people these days. The reason is very obvious. More and more people are working with their desk and they spend a lot of time sitting before their computers. Sitting with less movement causes so many health complications, such as chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders, and injuries. This takes a toll on your work productivity, increasing the concern for your poor health.

  • A correct posture reduces some common health issues related to desk jobs, including back pain and neck pain.  
  • Good posture keeps the bones and joints in the right alignments that avoid the abnormal wearing of bones and muscle tensions.
  • It releases stress on the ligaments and spinal joints reducing the chances of an injury.
  • It keeps the muscles more active and prevents muscle fatigue.

  • Set your computer monitor to your eye level so that you no need to down your head, reducing the neck pain issue.
  • Rest back flat against the chair and pull your shoulder backward.
  • Don’t cross ankles and legs. Keep your feet on the ground.
  • Use a lumbar support tool to keep your back straight.

This way, you can maintain the right posture for your work. Make a habit of correcting your posture and soon you will get used to it.

NextErgo AI Smart Standing desk

How does the AI Smart Desk correct your posture?

For working a long hour years after years, our body develops a habit of sitting or standing. Using a new position is difficult. We sometimes are not in a condition to take care of this matter because of our work pressure. Let NextErgo AI Smart desk help you correct your posture and keep you active at your desk. You no need to think of anything when you are using this smart desk.

It is designed with the AI feature and comes up with a touch screen display. It has a posture correction feature that tells you the right hand and eye level position during your work. This is a new feature and is added to the smart desk to offer workplace ergonomics.

Maintaining the right posture reduces back and neck pain. You feel more energetic in doing your work and can improve your productivity also. Moreover, you can take care of your health and can avoid common workplace injury and health diseases. NextErgo is the first-ever company that brings smart desks with AI and posture correction features. Visit NextErgo to know more about the products

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