Benefits Of Using AI Smart Desks For Your Office

Benefits Of Using AI Smart Desks For Your Office

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Smart technology has led to the evolution from traditional desks to the use of AI Smart desks. This is definitely amongst the greatest move the office industries have made. Apart from the aesthetic value, it adds to any work environment, research shows that it has many other benefits. Nextergo has for years now been selling smart desks at a global level hence helping in mitigating the negative effects that are associated with sitting all day by office workers. There are both work-linked and health-related benefits attributed to the same as discussed below.

Saves time:

Whoever thought that in this era we would have a desk that besides supporting your body as you do your work can help you execute some of the duties? Thanks to the invention of machine learning and artificial intelligence which have made this possible. Nowadays, most office workers are too held up with work that they tend to get overwhelmed by doing some simple tasks. As a matter of fact, some workers even forget to place a meal order during lunch hours or even call uber when its time to go home. Smart AI desks have been designed in such a way that they can study the user’s program. Based on this, they would help you execute some tasks as you focus on productivity.

No more backaches with AI Smart Desks

No more backaches!

Many employees complain of suffering from backaches or other musculoskeletal disorders including headache and fatigue as a result of sitting all day. Nextergo is one of the ergonomic companies whose main aim in supplying smart AI desks is to help in mitigating such problems. By helping office workers switch from sitting to standing in, there’s no specific body part that ends up getting strained especially the tailbone which hurts after prolonged sitting hours.

Increased productivity:

Apart from the physical relief that Smart AI desks bring along, they have proven to have a great effect when it comes to productivity. Perhaps this would be explained by the fact that it reduces musculoskeletal diseases which would increase downtime seasons by workers. Additionally, workers seem to interact more often when standing as opposed to when standing. in the long run, team effort leads to massive productivity. Instead of taking the time to compose emails to a person sitting in the next cubicle, you can simply relay the message to them by word of mouth.  This would definitely have a longer-lasting impression.

Stay Active with Smart AI Desks

Stay Active all-day :

Most of the time, workers who sit all day end up getting sleepy especially during afternoon hours. This means that they only remain active during morning hours while in the afternoon they do minimum tasks. Smart AI Desks, on the other hand, determine when an employee stands or sits depending on the set time intervals. This is a perfect way of ensuring the workers cannot experience fatigue hence staying productive and active.

NextErgo fulfills all your ergonomic needs whether you are a big or a small firm. The use of AI smart desks will help you enjoy seeing your company / business grow in a  short time span. 

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