Are Standing Desks Worth It?

Are Standing Desks Worth It?

Our working culture is getting digitized. We have better technologies to take care of our work and health simultaneously. The innovation of standing desks is a sign that our work environment is evolving. Health enthusiasts have discussed that prolonged sitting is harmful to our health. It can cause back pain, neck pain, and other problems. Excessive sitting can also lead us to major health problems like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Can standing be the right solution to it? Let’s discuss the topic with more arguments and discussions, which can help you make a better health decision. 

The introduction of a standing desk:

These desks are not new in the world. Creative personalities like Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, and Charles Darwin, used these desks to improve posture and concentration while working. During that time, the desks were not as flexible as we have today.  

The theory that supported the use of a raising desk is associated with your health and wellness. When the researchers did a meta-analysis of their studies, they found that prolonged sitting could increase the mortality rate. So, many people concluded that standing could solve this problem. But, making a concrete solution needs further research on this topic.

Is standing better than sitting?

Standing can solve many health issues that you may experience while sitting for long hours at your desk. But, learning the standing limit is another crucial factor that you cannot ignore. Standing too much is sometimes more harmful than sitting. Instead of buying a fixed-height standing desk, you can buy a height-adjustable desk that allows you to sit or stand while working. 

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that the use of a raising desk improved upper back and neck pain and enhanced mood. However, there was an argument associated with the study that researchers overlooked the drawbacks of standing desks.

How does standing help you?

Standing has vast health benefits, and we have covered some critical areas to clear your thoughts.

Orthopedic health benefits:

If you consider orthopedic health benefits, standing improves your posture and proves to be a better option for your back and neck. However, prolonged standing is bad for your health and causes knee pain. Consider a height-adjustable desk, not a fixed-height raising desk, for getting the right orthopedic health benefits. These desks increase your body movements and keep your joints and muscles flexible. 

While working in a standing position, you can use an anti-fatigue mat to give your legs the right support. This simple change offers you many benefits. You can also avoid common health issues associated with standing, including knee pain. 

Obesity and standing:

Standing can help you burn fewer more calories than sitting. You cannot expect weight loss in a week after using a sit-stand desk. Movement is essential to keeps you active more. While using a sit-stand desk, you tend to move more. Standing at your desk can encourage your movement since you feel more active to walk to your colleague’s desk for a discussion. It is not the same case when you are sitting at your desk. 

Is the standing desk worth it?

Standing helps your health in many ways and helps you avoid health issues you may experience with prolonged sitting. Invest in a hybrid setup, which means buy a sit-stand desk to get the best benefits. With this workstation, you can improve your energy level and productivity. An electric height-adjustable desk will change your working environment completely.

These desks will go up and down smoothly, letting you change your working position whenever you want. 

You will get as many choices as you want when it comes to your sit-stand desk. Choosing the most advanced options will give you better working comfort. You can buy a basic electric height-adjustable desk with the minimalistic feature if you are looking for a budget desk. 

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk for you:

NextErgo is a trusted manufacturer of a smart standing desk with features you haven’t seen before on any other adjustable desk. We have designed a desk that can solve most work-related health problems, including back pain, neck pain, headache, and other issues.

Our smart standing desk’s posture correction feature will help you sit and stand correctly at your desk, maintaining the right body alignment. 

The desk exercise will help you learn simple stretching steps that you can perform at your desk. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will give you visual instructions on how to exercise.

The AI-fitness alerts are the most appreciating feature we have for you. These alerts will remind you to maintain your health goals while working. You can take the break time, introduce healthy food habits, and maintain the right water intake with this alert. Pre-book our smart desk to get a great discount on your purchase. We keep this offer valid only for the early backers of our product. Please contact us to know more.

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