Are Standing Desks More Ergonomic?

Are Standing Desks More Ergonomic?

These days, two terms are becoming more and more familiar to people – one is standing desk, and the other is ergonomics. Standing desks introduce many health benefits to people since it plays a significant role in reducing their sitting hours. The concept of ergonomics suggests having a work environment where employees can work without being stressed. While a traditional working environment causes pain and discomforts, the modern offices that follow ergonomic principles offer a better working culture. Using a sit-stand desk will help you understand more about ergonomics, but are standing desks ergonomic? We have explained the answer here.

Standing desks match the three primary ergonomics principles: working in a good posture, reducing fatigue, and improving body movements.

Good posture is the principal factor that helps you work comfortably without any pain and discomfort. Ergonomics always concentrates on perfecting your posture. In the language of ergonomics, good posture always means a ‘well-balanced’ or ‘aligned’ position.

Ergonomics also emphasizes more importance on beating fatigue. It is one of the common enemies of our work performance. Although we start with a great energy level, we lose it bit by bit as time passes. Ergonomics includes all factors which are essential for excellent working life. It supports your movement to keep you stress-free and relaxed.

When it comes to the benefits of using standing desks, you will be surprised to know that these desks meet all three primary principles of ergonomics. So if you think that standing desks are ergonomic in themselves? The answer is no. These desks cannot be ergonomic; rather, they are ergonomic tools that will make your work environment relaxed and happy.

A standing desk is an ergonomic tool:

Posture: a sit-stand desk cannot correct your posture unless you want to correct it. Your body will not fall into a correct posture rule automatically while using these height-adjustable desks. Without any posture correction knowledge, you will commit common posture mistakes like leaning forward to your desk.  

Fatigue: a sit-stand desk can encourage you to move your body, but if you tend to retain a single working position for long hours, you will experience fatigue. So, alternate your working positions to get the best benefits. Identifying sitting versus standing time is another crucial factor in this respect.

Movement: a height-adjustable desk will increase your movement, which is true. But nothing can replace the benefits of walking and stretching. Ergonomics support a relaxed working environment, reducing the risk of back pain, neck pain, wrist strain, and other discomforts.

Your height-adjustable desk is an ergonomic tool, just like an anti-fatigue mat and other products that support the comfort of working.

To get an ergonomically perfect workstation, you need other accessories along with your sit-stand desks. Here, we keep the list minimal so that you can easily set up your workstation that encourages a better and healthier working life.

Anti-fatigue mat:

An anti-fatigue mat gives you a soft feeling beneath your feet. Standing on a hard surface is tiring. So, a mat will help you stand with ease and engage you in micro-movements of your body.


You can use a footrest while standing. You can elevate one foot at a time to stay more active and keep your muscles flexible. In an ergonomic term, it is called postural variation, which helps you beat fatigue.

An ergonomic chair:

You need a chair that supports your natural curve of the spine. These chairs come up with many adjustment choices, allowing you to set the chair according to the working comfort. While sitting, concentrate on your posture. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, and always use the backrest of the chair.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desks Supports Ergonomic Principles:

We designed our next-generation smart standing desk, defining ergonomic principles.  From posture-perfecting technology to the standing goal, our every feature reveals the true facts of ergonomics. You will get the twenty-five step-by-step instructions for correcting your posture, which will give you numerous health benefits, including alleviating your neck pain and back pain to avoiding wrist strain and other discomforts.

To complement your comfortable working culture, we introduce the standing goal feature that will suggest standing goals based on your BMI. Desk exercises are another praiseworthy option that will keep you flexible and energetic at work by recommending exercises for your back, eyes, hands, neck, and more,

With the AI fitness alerts, we took another advanced step to keep you healthy at work. These alerts will remind you to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, and more.

Our every feature will lead you to happier working life. Pre Order our desk today and get up to $700 off. Hurry! Reserve your desk before it is taken! Sign up.

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