Are Standing Desk Really Health Beneficial?

Are Standing Desk Really Health Beneficial?

The market for standing desk is getting bigger day by day. Corporate wellness programs loudly promote the need for sit-stand desks in every office for the health of employees. But, are standing desks really beneficial for health? Here, we have unveiled some unbiased facts of using a height-adjustable desk for your health. If you think that this desk is beneficial, we will help you learn how beneficial it is for you. 

Working on an adjustable desk will help you sit or stand while working. These desks can be custom-made for complimenting your work. You can also be in a standing position while working by placing your laptop or a computer in a higher position. Some people, driven by a sit-stand desk concept, use a pile of books to set their computers or laptops on it. But, these temporary solutions will not be effective for you. And soon, you will get tired of the extra efforts you apply to achieve the position. So, using height-adjustable is the best and easiest idea to work in a standing position.

Standing instead of sitting at your desk seems to be the best idea for your work productivity. But, we have studied some of the assumptions that surround the sit-stand desk. Eliminating misconceptions will keep you away from high expectations.

People believed that standing would help them burn more calories which will lead to faster weight loss benefits. The truth is that you cannot get a significant change in your weight after using your desk for just a week.

The Journal of Physical Activity and Health tried to give the right answer to your assumption with a study. It was conducted on the 74 healthy people who were given a mask to measure the oxygen consumption to know how many calories participants burn while working with the computer, watching TV, standing, and walking on the treadmill.

  • While sitting, participants burned 80 calories/ hour – the calorie-burning capacity was the same for typing or watching TV.
  • While standing, participants burned slightly higher calories than sitting – about 88 calories/hour.
  • They burned 210 calories/hour while walking.

From the study, it can be concluded that you can burn extra 24 calories if you stand for three hours compared to sitting. A carrot has the same amount of calories. Whereas walking for half an hour after your lunch break can help you burn an extra 100 calories/day.

The benefits of a standing desk:

While it gets clear that a sit-stand desk does not help you lose weight faster, you can turn to the other benefits of the desk. Standing helps you get your blood sugar level back to normal after a meal. You can also get relief from your back and neck pain when you stand and work.

Keep a few factors in mind:

You cannot completely replace your sitting time with standing time. Standing all day long also has side effects, including back, leg, or foot pain. For a start, you can gradually increase your standing time from 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Many people suggest using a timer to remind you of your sitting or standing time. But, it also has some negative effects. It will distract your focus and reduce your productivity. Instead of using a timer, you can use different time intervals to switch your position.

The adverse effects of sitting:

Sitting for long hours is so dangerous that it is often linked to the new age of smoking. The potential health risks of prolonged sitting are:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Premature death

A sit-stand desk has many health benefits. But further studies can clear your assumptions. The use of a height-adjustable desk can improve your energy level at work. With less pain and discomfort, you can better concentrate on your work.

So, using a standing desk can improve your health, maybe not as much as you think. These days, you can get advanced desks with many features, giving you the best benefit. Some core issues can impact your professional goals positively, regardless of your desk type.

Posture plays a crucial role here. Switching a working position will keep you more active. To provide you with maximum help, we have a smart standing desk for you.

The solution with the NextErgo smart standing desk:

NextErgo smart standing desk will help you take care of your health. The smart desk is built with advanced features like posture correction, standing goals, AI fitness alerts, voice control, and more.

Using the desk will improve your comfort of working. You can concentrate more on your work and your health.

The AI fitness alerts will promote your health by offering alerts on your water intake, desk exercise, healthy eating habits, and work intervals.

We have amazing features on our smart desk that will turn your work environment more dynamic. Pre-book our desk to get deals and discounts on your purchase. Please contact us for more details.

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