Anti-Collision Detection on Your Standing Desks

Anti-Collision Detection on Your Standing Desks

Standing desks have evolved a lot since their inception to meet the different requirements of users. Employees want more features than just height adjustability. So, some manufacturers have thought beyond the time and introduced some unique features that make your desk use safe. Anti-collision is one of the features that standing desks offer to ensure that your desk remains safe from any collision while adjusting the height.

What is anti-collision detection?

Anti-collision detection is an advanced feature that helps you stop your desk from moving and reverse its movement slightly when the desk touches something.

An essential feature of your standing desk:

When it comes to the essential feature of your desk, height-adjustability is the primary thing to consider. But, manufacturers also show interest in designing and developing anti-collision software for their desks. Proper software ensures that your desk remains safe, and you can also avoid common accidents related to the damage to your desk.

Your sit-stand desk stops moving when it collides with your knees, a chair, or anything to ensure that the things you place on your desk remain safe.

General standing desks do not have the anti-collision feature, and there is no way to stop your desk when moving. Some desks have memory settings that save your preferred desk height, and these desks come up with the one-touch setting option. In such cases, anti-collision is a must-have feature for your standing desks. By detecting a collision, the desk will stop its automatic movement.

Do you need the feature?

Some people thought that it would be a nice-to-have feature, not a necessary one. But, this is an important feature, especially when you need to change your workspace often. Cleaning everything around your desk every time you change your place is not possible. So, the feature helps you avoid any collision-related accidental damage.

If your desk changes height using a controller, you have an easier way to avoid any collision by stopping it without any detection. When the height adjustment is unattended, you need this feature for the safety of your desk.

One of the myths related to your anti-collision feature needs the correct explanation.  Many people think that the anti-collision feature can detect children and animals, but it is not true. 

Anti-collision is a great feature, but the height-adjustability of the desk is the most important one. If your budget is low, you can even skip the feature.

Hard and soft stops:

Obstructions are two types – hard stop and soft stop. The hard stop is when your sit-stand desk comes in contact with a hard object like a chair or a cabinet.

A soft stop happens when your desk hits a soft object. If you are using an electric desk with a height-adjustable button, you cannot stop your desk immediately after releasing the controller button. So, damages can occur.

Did you know that soft stops cause potentially more damage than hard stops because the motor of the desks does not well detect the hurdle?

Buy quality desks with advanced anti-collision technology, which detects obstacles very easily, protecting your desk from damages.

Buy NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

NextErgo designed the most upgraded standing desks with advanced features which will make your work environment relaxing. You will get the anti-collision feature, which will protect your desk from any collision while changing the desk height.

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The standing goal is another feature that will help you learn about your standing time at your desk. With this, you can quickly identify your sitting versus standing time. This technology will calculate your standing hours based on your BMI.

AI-suggested health alerts make the desk use more health-friendly. You will get desk exercises and yoga recommendations. Our smart standing desk even alerts you to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, and more.

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