All About NextErgo’s AI Standing Desks

All About NextErgo’s AI Standing Desks

NextErgo is popular for supplying quality ergonomic furniture. They have kept a record of top-rated AI standing desks mainly because of the qualified material they use in man

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NextErgo is popular for supplying quality ergonomic furniture. They have kept a record of top-rated AI standing desks mainly because of the qualified material they use in manufacturing standing desks and also because of the great features their smart desk’s present. NextErgo’s AI Standing Desks have the following top features: an embedded 5″ screen, a presence detector, an inbuilt AI assistant, Desk activities, goal tracking monitor,  a smart speaker as well as in integrated mobile App just to mention a few.

AI Standing Desks  Enhance Fitness& Health :

Most office workers often develop health issues as a result of prolonged sitting hours such as overweight & obesity, Diabetes, heart-Related diseases, physical injuries like chronic neck and back pains.e.t.c. NextErgo understands that the idea of ergonomic furniture is not too new. However, they want to make their AI Standing Desks better, more user friendly, interactive and with more healthy results.

NextErgos AI Standing Desks

NextErgos AI Standing Desks Advanced features :

NextErgo’s AI Standing desk has been carefully designed to suit office use, schools, home, and any other working environment. Here is a brief description of some of the advanced features that make their standing desks to be top-rated over the years.

Posture correction :

NextErgo understands the cumulative damage that comes when office workers adopt unhealthy postures for prolonged periods. They have therefore incorporated a technology to help in correcting the smart desk user’s posture the entire working day. This technology solely deli2d on thermal imaging technique to detect the level of the hand and the eyes.

Standing goals :

When the concept of standing desks was initially introduced, the idea was to increase the standing durations of workers as compared to their sitting durations. NextErgo’s AI Standing desk’s is designed in such a way that it sets personalized desk activities and standing goals depending on the personal metrics of the user such as the weight, height and the BMI.

User interactive :

NextErgo’s smart AI desks have an bedded 5″ touchscreen to the right side. Additionally they have a smart Speaker like Google , Alexa-Amazon. These features provide perfect input and output avenues for the desk user. This provides an easy interaction between the user and the AI standing desk.

Desk Activities

Desk Activities :

Most people find this feature incredible, but NextErgo’s AI Standing desk has been designed in such a way that it would actually remind the user when its time to carry out activities such as standing, sitting, exercising, eating and more. The main aim when incorporating this feature was to ensure that there’s no one time the desk occupant is inactive. By so doing, most office workers stay active and productive.

How does NextErgo’s Smart AI Desk Work?

How this smart desk works is simple. It has Thermo pile sensors which detect when you are near or far from your desk. The inbuilt Google Assistant serves as your coach in helping you attain your preset fitness goals. Using vocal controls, NextErgo’s Standing AI desk switches from sitting to standing and vice versa. Best of all is that this smart desk is voice activated. Therefore you can get  updates on weather , news , work reports all entirely handsfree. Additionally, NextErgo’s Smart AI desk is compatible to Bluetooth and can as well be controlled through the voice commands, touch screen or using the integrated mobile App. Irrespective of whether you are near or far away from your workspace, you can still achieve your fitness goals effortlessly. Through your mobile App, you can still login, get updates from your work desk and chart your goals both while in your workplace or outside.

The desk helps you with virtually everything from your daily activities to calculating your B.M.I thus giving you a well-informed advice on what to do to maximize your ergonomic benefits.  Basically, NextErgo’s Smart AI desk has been designed with the main aim being to educate the desk users while encouraging them to adopt healthy habits.

NextErgo have incorporated a great ergonomic design with the AI features to make the smart AI desk act like your typical coach towards health and fitness. If you want to switch from traditional office desks to modern sit-stand desks, it is important to look for a reliable ergonomic desks supplier such as NextErgo in order to enjoy maximum ergonomic benefits .