If you want to buy a used standing desk, we have discussed important tips to make your purchase worthy. Follow these steps to get the right quality used desk for your work.

People can re-use or re-sell standing desks like any other product. Buyers must concentrate on the quality factors of the desks to ensure that the product is in good condition. Learn more about height-adjustable desks and how they work, and these details will help you get the best pre-owned sit-stand desks for your home office or workplace. Sellers can make up any stories regarding their desks to prove their best quality. But your knowledge can differentiate between good and poor qualities.

Buying a used height-adjustable desk has some difficulties apart from the quality checking options. Shipping is the main issue because anything wrong with transporting your desk will cause functional damages. So, you can always opt for the new sit-stand desks to avoid all these hassles. But, if you get a great, used desk within your budget, you do not want to let the option go.

We have explained a few important factors that help you a lot while buying an old standing desk. Read on to know more.

Disassembling and reassembling:

Transporting your desk seems to be the biggest challenge when it comes to buying a used desk. A local purchase can be profitable for you. If the seller’s location is near your locality, you may not face difficulties in getting your products.

For the local purchase, bring down the height of the desk at the lowest range and place your desk in a large vehicle to drive to your place. Wrap your desk with blankets or cardboard to protect it from any damage.  

If your desk has a hand controller, you should remove it because there is a higher possibility of breakage to the hand controller of the desk.

Disassembling your desk is the most difficult thing as manufacturers do not mention how to disassemble the desk part. You can read the assembling instructions and reverse the process for detaching the parts of your desk. If your seller has the original package, the shipping will be easier; otherwise, you can put the desk parts in a large box and wrap them with soft things to avoid any transit damage.

Once you get your desk, you have to go through the process of assembling it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for this. The most useful choice for you will be contacting a carrier service. But, this choice also does not come with damage-free terms. Their packed trucks do not pay attention to the delicate things of your sit-stand desk.

So, we suggest you buy a used desk from your local area because damages are very common when your desk travels a long distance.

Here are other things that you can pay attention to while buying a used standing desk:


The original warranty of your desk is non-transferable. So, you have to be sure that your desk is in good condition to make your purchase worthy. You must remember that out-of-warranty replacement parts can cost you higher, and your spending can bring you a new standing desk.

Testing the height range:

Test the height range to ensure the stability of the desk. Most desks wobble at the highest height point. So, checking the strength of the desk is a significant thing for you.

Check the key components:

The weight capacity of the desk matters a lot for your work. Although regular desks can carry the optimum weight, you cannot overlook the factor. If your job is extraordinary, you must gather knowledge about your sit-stand desks.

Lubrication of the lifting columns:

Lifting columns slide into one another for adjusting the desk height. The right lubrication helps you achieve the best height for your work without any hindrances.

When you buy a used product, checking performance is the must-to-do thing for you. But many times, it would not be possible to check everything. Your new desk may stop working after a few days. So, always buy a new desk that guarantees its equipment. You can cut down extra expenses with it.

Buy NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk has successfully made a unique demand in the market. From home office to modern workplaces, our smart standing desks fit every environment. Beyond the regular feature of a sit-stand desk, we offer you advanced features like posture-perfecting technology, standing goal, desk exercises, and more.

Posture is the center of employees’ health and wellness. A good posture improves your musculoskeletal structure, and you can avoid pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. You can even reduce the risk of wrist pain, which sometimes gets intense and causes carpal tunnel syndrome. With our posture-perfecting technology, you can implement the needed steps to achieve a good posture. With the twenty-five step-by-step instructions provided by us, you can organize your desk ergonomically that will correct your posture.

The AI-suggested health alerts, including desk exercises, yoga recommendations, and fitness reminders, will help you meet your health goals more smartly. No matter how much work pressure you have, you can take meals and breaks at the right time using these reminders.

Our smart standing desks have many smart features that complement your active working life. Buy the smart standing desk at a great discount. Pre-order our desk and get up to $700 off. Sign up with us and reserve your desk today. Hurry! The offer will expire soon. Please sign up.

if your standing desk does not have the built-in cable management option, you can try DIY things or use cable management kits for managing your cables.

The cables underneath your desk look like spaghetti that coils around the legs of your desk. It does not look beautiful and causes many obstacles when you are changing the desk height. Your desk may get stuck into the coils of wires, and you will not get the right desk height for your work. To make your desk use comfortable, we introduce DIY cable management choices for your standing desks.

Although some manufacturers introduce cable management choice with the sit-stand desks, most desks do not have the option. Users need to invent different things for managing the cables. A standing desk is for helping you organize an ergonomic workstation where you can sit or stand at your desk.

Resolving the entangling wires is necessary because you may run with risks when you need to bend underneath your desk to plug-in electronic devices. Besides, a good arrangement for cables is also essential because it adds aesthetic value to your decoration.

We have shared some unique and quick choices for cable management that will offer you easy access to all the cables you need without disturbing other wires. While managing your cables, you must ensure that the cables go up and down quickly with your desk. Otherwise, it can cause wear and tear in your cables.

Off the shelf choice:

The easiest way to manage your cables is to buy specially-designed cable management kits. The kits come up with cable trays, cable sleeves, and cable chains. But if you have a great DIY idea for arranging your cables, you must go for it. You will get innovative ideas on the internet.

Bundle the cables:

You can bundle your cables together and coil them neatly to keep them on the underside of your desk. It will add a neat and clean look to your decoration. It is the first step to arrange your cable together perfectly. Smoother the springs in your cables and use a plastic zip tie to bundle them together. You must ensure that the cable allows smooth transition of the desk. If your sit-stand desk has perforations, arranging cables will be a lot easier.

You can also use a binder clip to bundle cables together. Another cheaper and most useful option is the empty toilet paper roll. You can re-use your empty toilet rolls to arrange your cables.

Get the cables off the ground:

After bundling up your cables, get them off from the ground by attaching the cables underneath your desk. It requires you to install screws underside of your desktop. Before this, measure the thickness of your desktop and use the screws that do not damage your desk. You can use a drill bit with a depth-setting collar to ensure that your desktop remains safe.

The co-axial staple can provide you a great option to arrange your cables. Flip your desk and attach this device underside of your desktop. This device will hold your desk perfectly.

If you use binder clips for cable management, you can also attach them to your desk with screws.

Hide everything:

For desk users, managing cables is a big thing. Snakes like wires are running here and there under your desk, and it spoils your mood to work with attention. The simplest way to get this job done is by using power strips to manage your cables. You can screw the power stripes underneath your desk. Before the use of cable management kits, this hack was very popular. You can even try to arrange your cables smartly.

You can use the binder clips to keep the often-used wires close to your desk. Attach them to the end of your desk to hold the cables. If you use headphones, then you can buy a headphone holder to keep it beneath your desk.

So, the best thing you have for managing your cables is to use cable management kits. They will offer the best option to keep your desk neat and clean without damaging your desk.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk is a built-in cable management choice:

NextErgo smart standing desks resolve every problem that you may experience while working. Our next-generation smart standing desk has a built-in cable management choice that allows you to run all cables through the device.  

Besides, NextErgo smart standing desk offers extraordinary features, including posture-perfecting technology, standing goals, AI-suggested health alerts, and more. Posture is the prime thing for your good health at work. The correct posture always protects you from pain and occupational injuries. The 8-inch HD NextErgo touchscreen will show you twenty-five step-by-step instructions to organize your desk ergonomically that will improve your posture.

The AI-suggested health alerts will help you stay maximum active at work.  You can perform desk exercises, and we also offer yoga recommendations to reduce your stress level. The standing goal feature will clear your doubts regarding the exact standing time for you. Based on your BMI, our desk will calculate how long you can stand at your desk.

Other smart features will make your work environment smarter and comfortable. We offer a great discount to our customers. Pre-order our desk and get up to $700 off. Reserve your desk today. Please sign up.

A sedentary lifestyle can cause many health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and more. Using a standing desk will help you beat the inactivity and enjoy a health-friendly working environment. Read on to know more.

Do you sit more and move less? If yes, you are living a sedentary lifestyle. Most office workers stay inactive during their work, and this inactivity costs heavily on their health. A sedentary lifestyle causes many severe diseases, and you will learn more about them here. The best solution for breaking the chain of inactive lifestyles is to move more. In offices, employers reshape the working environment with a standing desk. These desks let you stand and work. Since standing improves your activity level and muscles’ engagements, you can combat the health issues of sitting.

Musculoskeletal dysfunction:

Those who have just begun their office work find a great challenge regarding their health. They are new to the environment, and more than 8 hours of sitting make them age older. The new workforce experiences musculoskeletal disorder, which itself causes many health problems attached to bones, joints, and connective tissues.

Many office workers complain that they are suffering from chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain. Non-ergonomic working life can be one of the primary reasons for these health issues. A lack of movement in your working life gradually drives you towards an unhealthy lifestyle. So, use a height-adjustable standing desk to keep your muscles engaged. When we work while standing, we tend to move more.

Cardiovascular diseases:

Sitting is bad for our heart health. Even sitting as little as 23 hours a week can increase the risk of heart problems by 64% than those who sit for 11 hours a week. When you sit for long hours, it causes an inflammatory response in your heart, impacting vascular functions, circulation, and blood pressure.

Those who work in a traditional working environment can change their working habit with a sit-stand desk. If not, workers must develop the habit of taking more walking breaks. Cut down your extended sitting hours to keep your heart healthy and happy.

Type 2 Diabetes:

A sedentary lifestyle is also one of the contributing factors for increasing your blood sugar level. Keeping one single position for long hours is the reason for the spike in your blood sugar level. Your bloodstream also starts accumulating fat. When it combines with high blood pressure and bad cholesterol level, you may come in the pre-diabetes range.  

So, you can use a sit-stand desk to beat an inactive working culture. These desks allow you to sit or stand while working. Along with it, you may opt for a short walk to get a better health benefit.

Mental health disorder:

An active life is not only good for your physical health, but it also takes care of your psychological well-being. A sedentary lifestyle can cause psychological distress, which links to chronic depression and anxiety.

Prolonged sitting and a long screen time can increase mental health disorders. So, stay active as much as possible. If you have a desk job, make your office ergonomically correct. Use a standing desk and an ergonomic chair. Taking short breaks from your desk will help you relax.

Shorter life expectancy:

Health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle can cause premature mortality. Multiple studies have proved that an inactive life can be the reason for early death.  Stay active to have a healthier life. Using a sit-stand desk has become a must-to-have thing for home office and other working environments.

Buy quality desks for your work. NextErgo Smart Standing Desk is one of the best products available in the market. With advanced functions and strong manufacturing, these desks meet the interest of people.

Why Should You Buy NextErgo Smart Desk?

NextErgo is a renowned company for manufacturing smart standing desks. Incorporating AI in the mechanisms, NextErgo makes their desk unique from other regular standing desks. You will get posture-perfecting technology that will help you correct your posture by ergonomically optimizing your desk. The twenty-five step-by-step instructions on the 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you all details.

You will also get the standing goal feature to show you the exact standing time based on your BMI. The other amazing features are AI-powered desk exercises, health alerts, and more. You can even control all these features with your voice or touchscreen. With a wide height adjustment range and smooth lifting, you can quickly change the desk height as per your working comfort.

You can get up to $ 700 off on your pre-order. Reserve your desk today and get this amazing discount. These smart standing desks will make your working environment smarter and health-friendly. Please contact us for more details.

Anthropometry and ergonomics are the concepts that share a strong connection for offering better comfort to workers. Even standing desks follow both studies to enhance the health benefits of users.

We all are well aware of ergonomics that help us get the best and comfortable environment to work in. These days, many office furnishing items follow the principles of ergonomics, which complements the health-friendly working environment. But, anthropometry is a new term to many people. Here, you learn about anthropometry and how it is related to ergonomics. Even when you use a standing desk, anthropometry can make your standing work culture more healthy and happy. Let’s learn more about them.

What is anthropometry?

Every human being is different in terms of body structure, from torso to legs, forearms to upper arms, and more. Anthropometric data varies according to the regional population. For example, people living in Scandinavia tend to be taller than the people living in Asia and Italy.

How it relates to office ergonomics?

 Those who are ergonomic experts can identify the benefits of anthropometric details for designing ergonomic office furnishing items. It also helps manufacturers design desks and other things that meet individual requirements.

People can enjoy the best advantages of ergonomics when the field considers every difference stated in the anthropometry. The meaning of ergonomics gets very cleared when you understand its literary meaning. Ergonomics is the combination of two Greek words – ERGO and NOMOS. ERGO means work, and NOMOS means Law.

When the product does not offer the right comfort level to the user, it reduces productivity and causes muscle stress. A proper ergonomic design always includes the factors related to the concept of anthropometry, posture, repetitive motion, and workplace injury.

Sadly, many manufacturers do not have in-depth knowledge about ergonomics. Even though they claim their products ergonomic, they do not offer much-needed comfort to the users. The poorly designed products also have negative effects on your health.

The study of ergonomics is changing very fast. Earlier, people did not aware of the standing working cultures. So, the study was mainly limited to the sitting postures with a chair. But, employees become more concerned about their health, and they start using height-adjustable desks that allow them to sit or stand while working.

So, the fields of ergonomic get extended to offer the most comfortable working environment to those who work while standing.

Why should you care?

Our research helped us understand that workers using standing desks do not properly use their desks. Desk users are yet to get the ultimate comfort of ergonomics. For example, the keyboard placement must be different for sitting and standing positions for achieving the best health benefits.

So, buy a quality desk from a reputed manufacturer who spent many years studying ergonomics and employees’ health and wellness. Only these companies can justify the word ergonomics and anthropometrics, and the names are very few in the market.

You can check the standing desk collection from NextErgo. We have a wide range of products, and each defines the meaning of ergonomics through its functions. We developed smart standing desks with advanced features that offer an excellent level of comfort and luxury while working.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk is better than others:

NextErgo introduces the next-generation smart standing desk with advanced features. Our desks are built ergonomically, and we help you organize your workplace to get the best comfort. You will get the twenty-five step-by-step instructions to arrange your desk, which will improve your posture. When you maintain a correct posture at your desk, you can avoid many health complications related to back pain, sore neck, stiff shoulders, and more.

With the standing goal feature, you can get suggestions on how long you should stand at your desk. Our smart standing desk will calculate your BMI level and offer the best standing time that will meet your health needs.

You will also get AI-suggested health alerts to take care of your health at work. Our desk will show you desk exercises and yoga recommendations when you are busy at work. Besides, you will also get fitness alerts that will remind you to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, and more.

Use your voice to control the features of our smart standing desks. Besides, we have many extraordinary features that will make your working life comfortable. Get up to $700 off on your pre-order. Reserve your desk today and get the best discount on your purchase. Hurry! The offer will expire soon. Sign up.

an ergonomic office takes care of your comfort while working. A standing desk is a part of your ergonomic office because you can avoid prolonged sitting.

Your spine gets hurt when you sit for long hours in the wrong posture at your desk. Correcting posture in your traditional office environment is really difficult. You cannot keep your spine in a neutral position with too high or too low desks and an improperly designed chair. An ergonomic office will provide the right support to your spine to keep the three natural curves undisturbed. Here, we have discussed five reasons why you need an ergonomic office.

Alleviating pain:

Pay attention to the sitting posture if you sit for long hours at your desk. Hunching over the keyboard or keeping the shoulders forward is one of the posture mistakes that everyone commits at their desks. But, with an ergonomic office, you can avoid the problem easily. Start using an ergonomic chair that allows you to make a little adjustment to correct your sitting positions. This way, you can alleviate your pain.

Helping you sit less:

Chronic sitting is now compared to smoking because of having an equal health problem. If you sit for more than eight hours a day at your desk, you may suffer from health issues related to chronic sitting. So, it can be said that your workday can make you a chronic sitter. So, you can take a break from your work and go for a short walk to keep your muscles active. An ergonomic office offers you many choices to help you sit less. You can buy a standing desk that allows you to sit or stand at your work. So, you can avoid prolonged sitting hours, which will keep you protected from serious health issues.

Allowing you to exercise while working:

An ergonomic office has an aim to keep you productive. A Long office hour is really tiring. Fatigue is very common, especially after the lunch break. An ergonomic office allows you to perform desk exercises while working. You can search on the internet for desk exercises. These exercises are very simple to perform. Even some stretching at your desk will also prove beneficial.

Keeping you stay more productive:

When you have less pain, it boosts your energy level also. You can concentrate more on your work, improving your productivity level. Pain is the primary cause of work loss. So, an ergonomic office takes care of your health, which improves your working ability.

Lowering your disease risks:

An ergonomic office improves your posture and boosts your health. The health problems that desk job workers often experience get reduced in an ergonomic work environment.

You will experience less eye strain and fewer headaches. You will get an improved posture, less back pain, and more. It also lowers the risk of obesity. So, an ergonomic office helps you live better and happier. You have many reasons to shift from a traditional working environment to an ergonomic office.

How can you set an ergonomic office?

Here, we have come up with some easy steps that help you quickly set up your ergonomic office. Concentrating on the core ideas, we have explained things in a better way.

Choose the right chair:

You must choose an ergonomic chair to sit comfortably. These chairs will help you keep your feet flat on the floor and your knees at a 90-degree angle. Use the backrest of the chair and sit as far back as you can. These chairs often come with lumbar support which protects the three natural curves of the spine. Check the sat depth, armrests, and the material of the chair.

Adjust the desk height:

The height of the desk plays a very important role in enhancing your posture. While sitting or standing, keep the desk height at your elbow’s height. It helps you avoid wrist pain or other issues.

Standing desk:

Buy a height-adjustable standing desk for your work. Converters will not be as effective as the desks. The sit-stand desks have a quick height adjustability option, which will improve your activity level at work.

Place your monitor properly:

Keep your monitor about an arms’ length away. The top of the screen should fall at your eye level, which reduces the chances of tilting your head.

There are many other things to concentrate on when it comes to optimizing your desk ergonomically. NextErgo Smart Standing Desk has some popular suggestions to make you aware of the ergonomics principles.  

Why is the NextErgo Smart Standing Desk a better option for you?

The NextErgo smart standing desk has features that you have never expected. We understood that following the rules for correcting the posture at work is impossible. The work pressure makes us forget everything. But, Nextergo introduces a unique approach to improve your posture. With posture-perfecting technology, you can correct your posture gradually. The twenty-five step-by-step instructions will help you organize your desk, which is the core of correcting your posture.

AI-suggested health alerts will remind you to take care of your health. The desk will show you alerts on when to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, and more. You can also perform desk exercises and yoga at your desk with the help of AI alerts.

The standing goal is another important feature we have. It will show you how long you can stand at your desk. Besides this, we have features like voice control, usage reports, and more.

Get up to $700 off on your pre-order. Reserve your desk today and get a chance to win the best discounts on your purchase. Hurry! The offer will expire soon.

Posture takes care of proper body alignment, reducing the chances of fatigue and muscle pain. Check posture corrector furniture that you can use for home and office.

Posture helps you hold your body correctly and reduce the chances of fatigue and other discomforts. When you maintain a good posture, your energy level remains high, and you stay very active. A good posture always gives you the best physical strength to maintain a proper body alignment against gravity without straining your muscles and ligaments.  Therefore, you can guess the importance of posture in your life. But, staying in good health at work is very difficult because the traditional office environment is more passive. Sitting for long hours would not be helpful to you for achieving a proper body alignment. So, we have brought you the posture-correcting furniture for the home and office that will help you maintain the right body balance.

A good posture takes care of your spine’s proper alignment, helping you move easily since your body can support your weight with less strain. A good posture means less wear and tear in your muscles.

Poor posture, especially slouching or hunching over at your desk, impacts your digestion process negatively. Wrong postures can cause acid reflux and digestion. For example, simply sitting up straight can help bring great relief in the case of heartburn.

The benefits of good posture:

On muscles and joint functions:

A good posture ensures that your muscles and joints function properly without any fear of wear and tear. The most common cause of osteoarthritis is the wrong posture, which causes stress on your joints, increasing your muscles’ chances for wear and tear. Maintain a proper body alignment that protects your musculoskeletal structure from fatigue and strain.

On your moods:

You may not think that posture would have an impact on your mood. But, it plays an important role in defining your mood perfectly. Posture and your mood share a strong connection. For example, when you feel sad, you tend to have wrong postures with dropped shoulders, your bend-down head, and more. But when you are happy, you can sit or stand more upright, spreading the positive vibes around you. So, if you feel sad, try to sit or stand upright comfortably to cheer up your mood. It works.

On your spine health:

Good posture always keeps your spine healthy, supporting the three natural curves. Maintaining good posture is not that easy because we tend to forget about body alignment over time. We gradually get used to the wrong posture. Through practices and mindfulness, you will surely achieve good posture.

A proper body alignment can improve your body’s blood flow, which provides healthier support to your nerves and blood vessels. Multiple studies have proved that people with good posture experience less pain in the back, neck, shoulders, and more.

Posture improving furniture for home and office:

So, we have learned why posture is important to our health. But, it is also equally true that our lifestyle does not help us maintain the right posture. For a prolonged time, sitting at our desk compels us to commit posture mistakes until we change our office environment with modern, ergonomically designed furniture items. Let’s take a look at the modern office furniture that can improve your posture also.

Standing Desk:

Although standing desks themselves do not correct your posture, they make the process easier. Many studies concluded that long sitting hours at our desk causes posture mistakes. A standing desk can be the right solution to ignore the long sitting time. With this desk, you can stand and continue your work. Choose a quality desk that helps you change your working positions quickly.

An ergonomic chair:

You can buy an ergonomic chair that allows you to adjust your chair that supports your posture. Sit with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle while keeping your feet flat on the floor. Sit as far back as you can on your chair and use the backrest. Sit comfortably by maintaining the right posture.

Monitor stand:

If you cannot correctly adjust your screen on your desk, you may not achieve a good posture. Your monitor screen must be in front of you, with the top of the screen at your eye level. Keep your monitor about arm’s length away so that you can avoid looking down or craning your neck for getting better screen visibility.

A keyboard tray:

These days, you will get better options for improving your posture at work. A keyboard tray can also correct your posture, helping you avoid repetitive stress injury in your hands and wrists. With this keyboard tray, you can make some specific changes that allow you to get the best typing positions. Make sure that while typing, keep your wrist straight and relaxed.

These are some of the most common options that will correct your posture. You can use office furnishing items at your office and in your home also. But the benefits NextErgo Smart Standing Desks offer remain unique and unbeatable.

Nextergo Smart Standing Desk for correcting your posture:

NextErgo introduces posture-correcting technology that will guide you to correct your posture at your desk. Our next-generation smart standing desk will show you twenty-five step-by-step instructions to organize your desk that will improve your posture.

You will also get the standing goal feature, suggesting standing goals by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI). Besides, you will get AI-powered exercise and yoga recommendations that will keep you active at work.

We have many advanced features that will make your working environment comfortable and relaxing, including presence detection, easy control, artificial intelligence, and more.

Pre-order NextErgo smart standing desk and get up to $700 off. Reserve your desk today and claim this great discount. Hurry! Our offer will expire soon.

Posture plays a crucial role in alleviating your pain at work. Using a standing desk proves to be very effective for your health. Learn more about your posture and how you can improve it.

Your posture takes care of your health at work. Everyone concentrates more on different products and accessories for staying active and healthy. The gadgets and technologies in the health fields are growing in numbers, but we completely forget to work on our posture to eliminate pain and discomforts. Using a standing desk proves to be very helpful for improving posture. We have explained everything in detail here.

The adverse health effects of poor posture:

Did you know how we sit, stand, and work and have a great role in keeping our body structure perfect and balanced? Poor posture develops many health problems; some are even severe ones. Pain in your back and neck are very common. Your posture can also affect the abdominal organ. It can even cause breathing issues and can lower the oxygen intake in our body.

So, bad posture deteriorates our health and silently takes away the strength of our body. The National Institute of Health has cited that back pain is a common medical problem in the U.S. 

A healthy spine has three curves – a slight forward curve in the neck, a backward curve in the upper portion, and a forward curve in the lower part. If any of the curve lines get disturbed, it causes pain. Your posture can be responsible for damaging the curve lines of spines. So, if you are still not aware of your posture, it is not too late to learn about it. The more you have information, the better your efforts will be to correct your posture.

Do you experience neck pain often? Your posture can also cause strain in your neck. There are some signs of poor posture. Hunching over your keyboard, keeping your shoulders forward, crooking your neck while talking over your phone, and other posture mistakes cause many health issues. Due to the strain in your neck muscles, you will be unable to move your neck easily. Headaches are another sign of strain in your neck muscle.

How to improve your posture?

Standing desks are the most common choice for improving your posture at work. These desks have many health benefits as they reduce your sitting hours. The height-adjustability feature allows you to set your desk according to your comfortable height requirement.  

Pay attention to the ergonomics while using a standing desk. You need an ergonomic chair with your desk that helps you sit with your back resting on the chair’s backrest, your feet flat on the floor, your thighs parallel to the floor, and more. 

While standing, stand straight comfortably. Ensure that your desk height must match the height of your elbows. Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle while using the keyboard. The use of a standing desk needs ergonomic knowledge, which your regular desk does not. You must learn more about where to place your monitor, how high the desk must be, and more things. 

How to measure your posture:

You must know that your posture is correct or not. There are some ways to assess your posture. 

Stand up against the wall:

Stand keeping your back to the wall and your heels three inches from the wall. Place one hand against the back of your neck, keeping the back of the hand to the wall. Keep your other hand against your lower back, keeping the palm to the wall. When you easily move your hands forward and backward for an inch or two, you can adjust your posture.

Look in your mirror:

Stand in front of a full-length mirror with your hands straight and ears level. If your shoulders, hips, and spaces between your arms and sides are even, you have a good posture. 

Improve your posture with NextErgo Smart standing desk:

NextErgo Smart standing desks introduce a posture-perfecting technology that will correct your posture at the desk. By improving your desk ergonomics with the twenty-five step-by-step instructions, you can improve your posture. The instructions will guide you through setting your desk at the right height and your monitor at the right place. 

The standing goal feature will also help you know how long you can stand at your desk. It calculates your BMI and suggests the best standing time for your health.

The AI suggested desk exercises and yoga recommendations will keep you active and healthy at work. Moreover, the AI health alerts will remind you of your health goals. 

Our smart standing desks have many impressive features that will add refreshment and energy to your working life. Pre-order our smart desk and get up to $700 off. We bring this unbelievable discount for our early backers only. Reserve your desk and get this amazing deal. Hurry! The offer will expire soon.

Standing desks help you achieve your health goals, but you must know the facts of the desks, avoiding all the myths. Read on to know more.

Standing desks are a beneficial product for those who spend many hours at their desks. Earlier, people had no choice to stand and work. Prolonged sitting hours cause many damages to health silently. It has become very clear that chronic sitting is as dangerous as smoking. So, a height-adjustable desk proves to be very helpful for breaking the traditional working habit.

Since requirements are different, these height-adjustable desks come up with a wide range of adjusting options.  This desk will help you get the right desk height for your sitting and standing positions. Sit-stand desks are an effective choice to improve your posture. But, try to avoid the false and tempting marketing strategies of manufacturers. These advertisements sometimes distract people from the real benefits of a standing desk as they talk about unnecessary things.

 We try to keep things as simple and easy as possible to help you understand the desks, avoiding all myths related to the desks.

What should people know?

People think that using a sit-stand desk would help them lose weight. But, it is not entirely true. When you sit or stand while working, it improves your activity level. Losing weight needs different plans for your health.

Movements and activity are the best things for your health. So, standing alone will not help you achieve your expected weight loss plan. However, standing for an hour helps people burn more calories than sitting. But, standing for an hour-long is not good for your health.

Some facts you may concentrate on. Standing too long causes extra strain on the heart. It also decreases the mental state. When you stand extreme, blood starts pulling in lower limbs. The other health issues that you may experience are hip pain, knee pain, back pain, and more.

So, health enthusiasts often recommend that you keep your standing time short, about 5 minutes an hour at starting. Increase the time gradually. The height-adjustable desk proves to be very helpful because you can easily change the desk height at your sitting position whenever you want.

How you can make it a difference:

Proper guidance on using a standing desk will help you maximize the health benefits. Many people who receive a sit-stand desk are not aware of ergonomics. So, the training is a must thing, which allows users to set your desk correctly.

Users must know the things that are good for their health. Without proper training, they stand for too long, thinking that it would benefit their health. The right height adjustment of the desk is another crucial factor. A too low or too high desk will cause more harm than good.

When you change the desk height, you must also change the monitor setting in terms of eye-level adjustment. Using an adjustable monitor mount will help you get the right angle for your screen. It will reduce the risk of eye strain and headaches.

The surface area of the desk is another essential consideration. Often, desk employees need their phones, writing pads, and other things on their desks. So, choose a wider surface if you want the extra stuff on your desk.

You must be aware of ergonomics if you want to use these desks. Otherwise, these desks will not give you enough health benefits.

Why should you choose NextErgo smart standing desk?

NextErgo helps you understand the core principles of ergonomics. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you the twenty-five step-by-step instructions on setting your desk ergonomically, including monitor adjustment and the desk height adjustment. So, you do not require any external training on ergonomics before using our smart standing desks. We have included the instructions in the posture-perfecting technology, which will improve your posture.

Besides, you will get the standing goal which lets you know how long you can stand at your desk without any risk of pain and strain. This calculation is based on your BMI so that you can expect accuracy in it.

The AI-suggested health alerts will help you understand your health needs. You can perform desk exercises and yoga with our guidance. The AI health alerts will help you know when to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, and more.

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