A proper standing habit at your standing desk gives you many health and work benefits. It helps you use your desk properly to reap the benefits of standing while working.

A standing desk is a must for a comfortable working environment. If you have a height-adjustable standing desk, you have already taken a positive step towards making your working life comfortable. But, do you know how to stand at your standing desk? Your posture is crucial to get the benefits of standing. A wrong posture will waste your initiative to make your workplace comfortable and relaxed. Having an ergonomic standing desk is enough for your active working life. Learn how to use your standing desk properly.

You must follow a few posture rules while standing at your sit-stand desk. We have explained these in detail to help you correctly use your standing desk. 

Adjust your standing desk to your elbow height:

To get a correct desk height, you can bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle with keeping your neck at a neutral position and the wrist straight. Align your forearms parallel to your desk surface. Keep your wrist straight and relaxed while typing.

Improve your posture:

When you follow a good posture, you can maintain a neutral spine. The muscles close to the spine remain balanced and support your body. So, while standing at your standing desk, you should maintain a good posture to prevent all common work-related discomforts and pain.

Stand comfortably and upright with relaxed shoulders. Keep your hands at or below your elbow level with your upper arms close to your body and maintain the proper body alignment by keeping your head, neck, torso, and legs perfectly aligned.

You can buy an advanced standing desk with the smart feature, which will allow you to save your height setting for a quick transition from sitting to standing or vice versa. You will not get this option on your regular height-adjustable desk.

Some additional factors to keep in mind:

Standing for too long is bad for your health:

Prolonged standing can be bad for our health. It is a well-discussed topic. But, did you know that standing for too long is as bad as prolonged sitting? Physical therapists have identified that prolonged standing could cause knee pain, back pain, and hip pain. When you stand all day long, it put pressure on your legs that can cause some common adverse health issues like varicose veins and swelling.

Buy a height-adjustable standing desk to change your working positions. Find out the best sitting and standing ratio for your health.

Increase your standing time gradually:

Your body needs time to adjust to your new work culture. Initially, you may experience that standing is tiring. You can build up a comfortable tolerance gradually. Stand for 15 minutes, and increase your time slowly.

Use a timer to remind yourself to stand:

Sitting has become our habit. So, changing it will take time. You may forget to stand while working, even though you have a sit-stand desk. Use a timer so you can set the alarm to remind yourself to stand.

Enhance your body movements:

Remember that nothing can replace the benefits of walking, stretching, and other body movements. If you are aiming to stay physically fit, you can include more activities in your daily life.

Wear comfortable shoes:

Your footwear is important to consider while standing. Wear comfortable shoes that support your legs. Buy shoes with arch support for enjoying the best working environment.

Buy a standing desk mat:

You can buy an anti-fatigue mat that supports your legs while standing. They are comfortable and help you get a balancing movement during your standing time.  

NextErgo Smart Desk for your smart working culture:

NextErgo is a coveted standing desk manufacturer offering a smart solution to your workplace ergonomics. We have revolutionary features that will help you use our standing desk properly.

Setting up the correct posture on your own is indeed difficult. Our posture correction technology will correct your sitting and standing posture so that you can take care of your health.

Adjusting the right standing desk height is another important thing. With our smart standing desk, you can easily set your comfortable working position. We have the hand-level detection technology that will detect your hand for setting the right desk height.

Our standing goal feature is an innovative addition to our smart desk. It suggests your standing time based on your BMI.

The AI fitness alerts remind you to sit, stand, drink enough water, exercise, and more things to help you meet your health goals. We have many smart features that will improve your productivity.

Pre-book our desk to get deals and discounts on your purchase. Please contact us for more details.

Finding a coveted company for buying a standing desk is the first step for building your office ergonomically perfect. We will help you choose the right company for your standing desks.

A standing desk has numerous health benefits, such as alleviating your back pain or preventing unnecessary weight gain. If you live a sedentary life due to your inactive work culture, start using an adjustable desk to beat the monotony. These desks will let you sit or stand, cutting down your sitting hours at desks. But, buying the right quality height-adjustable desk is the most important thing for you. Choose a company that has a coveted presence in the office furniture field and research their products.

If you are wondering where to buy a standing desk, we have mentioned some crucial factors that may lead you to the right store.

Quality product:

The material defines the quality of a raising desk. If you concentrate on the material strength, you will get a satisfactory product. It is common to guess that desks with cheap, plastic material have a shorter lifespan than their metal counterparts. So, check the material of the desk to ensure a long-lasting product. Every reputed company pays attention to the quality of the material.

Smart features:

You will get many advanced features for your sit-stand desks. Besides the core functions, these desks introduced many extraordinary features to make your work easier and comfortable. Office furniture manufacturers researched ergonomics and combined it with technological advancements. These days, you will get a smart desk with a posture correction and many advanced options. A reputed company never confines itself to the core feature only, which is sitting and standing choices. The company flourished further and introduced features like posture correction, built-in speakers, and more.

Safety and security:

The demand for the height-adjustable, ergonomic desk goes higher every day. Many new names came into the market without any proper research of ergonomics and office furniture. So, cheap products cover the market that will lower your experience. Only a few reputed names invested their time and money in obtaining safety certificates. Manufacturers make this voluntary approach to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

If your desk is UL certified, you can ensure product safety and quality. UL certification ensures its safety and sustainability standards and checks fire and electrical shock risks. 

Customer feedback:

A coveted company always has a network of loyal buyers. Check the customer’s feedback of a company before buying your adjustable desk. A happy customer will always spread positive words. So, customer feedback is a crucial factor for you.

Years of experience:

A company that spent many years as a height-adjustable manufacturer can explore the field better than others. You will get a durable product with advanced features that will make your working life smoother.

A quick adjustment of the desk is what every user wants. A reputed buyer always stays true to the core features like optimal height choices, smooth lifting, quick adjustments, and more.


A satisfactory warranty term is a sign of a trusted store. Your sit-stand desk is an investment. So, check the warranty policies of a company. If you find that your chosen company does not give you the desired warranty coverage, you can seek other options.

NextErgo is your trusted company:

In the field of standing desks, NextErgo has made a unique place for introducing innovative features on your desks. Our smart standing desks will offer extraordinary solutions to the problems employees experience due to their inactive occupation.

Desk jobs and back pain go hand in hand. Prolonged sitting can build up stress on your muscles and joints, which causes pain. So, an adjustable desk can solve your problem. You can change your working position multiple times a day. But, NextErgo goes beyond the known boundary. You can take advantage of many extraordinary features, including posture correction, AI fitness alerts, standing goals, desk exercises, and many.

UL-Certified, smart desk will improve your productivity and boost your health goals. We also cover our products with a satisfactory warranty policy to keep you worry-free while using our products.

Every feature of NextErgo talks about the company’s tireless efforts to improve employees’ health at work. From AI fitness alerts to standing goals, you will get amazing features to meet your health requirements.   

Pre-book our desk and get exciting deals and discounts for your standing desks. Please contact us for more details.

If you want to style your standing desk, use simple ideas like color themes, a plant, artistic boxes, and more. Read on to explore more tips.

Office ergonomics have changed the traditional look of our working culture. Now, employees are concentrating more on a healthy workspace where they can work with ease. A standing desk seems to be a brilliant option to redesign your office environment. One simple change can give you an extraordinary benefit for your working comfort and relaxation, and you can implement these simple decoration ideas to style your sit-stand desk. It will make your working environment even more pleasing.

A height-adjustable desk will help you change your working positions often, thus giving you the best way to reduce your back pain, neck pain, and other problems. Many people, these days, work from their home, and this desk proves to be a great addition to their home office. The health benefits of a raising desk surprise everyone. But, those with an artistic soul find it hard to decorate their office environment with a height-adjustable sit-stand desk.

Storage can be a problem because you cannot store your files and documents underneath your height-adjustable desk. If you are looking for ideas to style your adjustable desk, we have some extraordinary options for you.

Opt for the simple wall décor:

If you want to add beauty to your home office, concentrate on wall decoration. Add some artistic images and quotes to your decoration, and it will instantly change your office’s look. You can play with contrasting colors to give it an aesthetic appeal. The quality of a standing desk is everything. A smooth transition is what you need to change your working position multiple times. But, it does not mean you have to compromise with the decoration.

These days, a height-adjustable desk comes in a different color range and themes. You can choose a color that goes perfectly with your home office.

Do not keep anything directly behind your desk; it can block your free movement. There is another point to consider. Online meetings have become very common, and there will be nothing distractive behind you when you turn on your webcam. So, with these simple considerations, you can enhance the look of your home office.

You can use artistically made baskets to keep your workout gear in them. So, you can easily get to those accessories for your workout whenever you want to do exercises.

Opt for minimal office storage:

Extra storage means unnecessary occupancy of space. Reduce your office storage by keeping minimal things. If you have a home office with a great storage area, start donating stuff to others who require them, including boxes, electronics, and more.

You can opt for a small bookcase that can hold your every necessary thing, from a printer to a tray with papers.  You can buy baskets matching your height-adjustable desk to decorate your office.

You will surely work better in a clutter-free space. There will be nothing that distracts your concentration.

Paint the tabletop:

If you are an artist by birth, use your creativity to decorate your adjustable desk. You can paint the tabletop to match it with your theme. It will be an awesome idea for you.

Place your desk close to a big window: 

Natural light will give your home office a refreshing look. It will also soothe your eyes when they get tired of seeing the screen for long hours.

A plant is a must: 

A plant will produce fresh oxygen that helps you think more clearly and innovatively. A green touch in your office will give your office a bright look.

Follow these ideas to decorate your height adjustable standing desk. Concentrate on the quality of your desk before anything. When you have the right desk, it will enhance your comfort level at work.

Decorate your home office with NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

NextEgro smart standing desk is a unique and more advanced desk available in the market. The innovation of the smart standing desk goes beyond the regular norms of technology and surprises everyone. Our smart standing desk introduces posture correction features to solve the common health issues caused by poor posture.

With a smooth transition and quick lifting, these desks will work as your health assistant by reminding you to take a break, eat a healthy snack, and exercise while working. The AI fitness alerts will help you take care of your health.

You will get features like standing goals, usage reports, desk exercise, voice control, and more. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will give you visual support to set your desk ergonomically perfect. Pre-book our desk and get deals and discounts on your purchase. Please contact us for more details.    

The lifting mechanism is essential for your standing desk. Learn the lifting process of an adjustable desk to choose the best option for your work.

A standing desk offers the most needed solution to the problem we faced due to the inactive working life. When a desk goes up and down to give you a healthy working culture, you can expect better performance and a healthier approach to your life. The lifting mechanism of the desk allows you to sit or stand while working. A height-adjustable desk has a wide variety of utility, depending on the lifting process. We have explored the topic to make you understand how an adjustable desk works.

The lifting mechanism is the heart of a raising desk. It is a deciding factor for the performance of your desk. It ensures a smooth transition and quick lifting process. You will get many options for height-adjustable sit-stand desks in the market. If you are well aware of the lifting mechanism, you can buy a better quality desk that meets your demands.

Lifts Types:


A standing desk converter is a popular choice for raising the working height of your regular sitting desk. You will get many types of converters, which you can place on your regular desk to lift the height to your standing position. Although converters help you use your regular desk to convert it into the standing desk, it offers a limited desk surface to work on. You will not get enough working area on the tabletop as you get from a height-adjustable desk.

Mechanical lifts:

A mechanical lift is time-consuming, and it needs your efforts to change the desk height. These desks come up with a crank that you can use manually to set the correct desk height for your work. The transition between your sitting and standing will not be very smooth because of the manual adjustment. It may delay your work while changing the height of the desk. So, a mechanical height-adjustable desk is inconvenient for people.

Electric lifts:

Electric lifts help you adjust the desk height using the electrical motor. You can expect smoother and quicker lifting when you have an electrically height-adjustable desk. It enhances your working comfort and increases your body movement by letting you change your working positions often. These days, manufacturers introduce more advanced choices of electrical lifting.

How to choose the best electric sit-stand desk:

While buying an adjustable desk for your work, check application-specific factors to get the right desk for you. We have pointed out some primary features here.

Height range:

Height range is a crucial factor in making your working life more comfortable. Check how low your desk can go to offer you a comfortable sitting position for your work. Ensure that your desk also has the best standing height to help you work with ease. Ergonomic is a concept of re-shaping your working environment according to your needs and comfort. So, the height range of your desk must allow you to work perfectly.

Weight capacity:

Weight capacity is another key factor for choosing the right electric sit-stand desk for your work. Every product has a specific weight lifting capacity, exceeding which can damage your desk. So, ensure that the weight lifting capacity of your desk meets your demands perfectly.

Base width:

The base width is the length between the two legs of your desk. Some manufacturers offer adjustable base widths with minimum and maximum length.

2-stage and 3-stage legs:

In the 2-stage lifting process, the desk height adjustment is divided into two sections. The 3-stage height adjustment divided the lifting process into three parts, and each column slides into the other for adjusting the height. A 3-stage height adjustment desk is comparably more strong and stable than the 2-stage option.

The number of legs and shapes:

A sit-stand desk comes in a wide variety to meet your requirement perfectly. You will get enough options for your desk. You can choose from a one-leg desk to a four-leg desk to enjoy working comfort. Remember that the wider the desk surface, the higher the number of the legs will be. Generally, a sit-stand desk has 2-leg, and you will get an array of options in this category.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

NextErgo has a smooth lifting mechanism that will ensure a quick height adjustment whenever you want without disturbing your workflow. The dual-motor works seamlessly to make the height adjustment faster and easier. You will get the 3-stage height adjustment, giving you an optimal height range for your sitting and standing positions.

When it comes to the features, NextErgo smart standing desks introduced innovative options for your work. You will get features like posture correction, AI fitness alerts, desk exercise, and other things. The height adjustment will be easier when you are using our smart standing desks. The hand-level detection technology will help you set the right height for your desk by detecting your hand.

The AI fitness alert is designed for taking care of your health while working. It will remind you to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, and more things. The desk also has an in-built speaker that will hear your voice commands, and you can also control the desk by your voice. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you visual instructions on ergonomics and desk exercises.

Pre-book your desk and get amazing discounts on your purchase. Please contact us for more details.

Standing helps you burn more calories than sitting. Learn how you can increase your standing time in your everyday life. A standing desk is a must for your office.

Standing comes as a solution to the health problems you may experience while sitting for long hours. If you do a desk job, prolonged sitting is an unavoidable part of your life. You can change your working position from sitting to standing with the help of a standing desk. People believe that standing helps you burn more calories, which aids in your weight loss. Here, we discover the truth behind the belief of standing burns more calories.

Standing helps to burns 100 to 200 calories an hour. While sitting helps you burn only 60 to 130 calories an hour. So, you can burn 120 to 210 more calories by swapping three hours of sitting to standing. Although it does not help you significantly, you can maintain your weight and reduce many health risks associated with prolonged sitting.

Males generally burn more calories because they have higher muscle mass. The higher muscle mass helps you burn extra calories.

Does standing burn more calories than sitting?

Your body burns more calories when you move. While sitting or lying, you burn the fewest number of calories. When you stand, your muscle mass gets activated, and you can burn more calories. Standing also increases your body movement that has contributed to the calorie-burning process.

How Does Height & Weight affect Calories Burn?

When it comes to the number of calories burned, your height and weight can play a vital role. Your metabolism and body’s demand for calories varies from person to person, depending on muscle mass, weight, height, and age.

Age is one of the deciding factors for your calorie-burning efficiency. With their age, people start losing their muscle mass and decrease their calorie-burning capacity.

The benefits of standing:

Standing has a huge health benefit. It can also reduce different health risks, including diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

Standing too much is harmful:

If you want to achieve the best health benefits, you can avoid standing too much. Researchers conducted a study where participants stood for two consecutive hours for their lab-tested computer work. The research revealed that participants experienced swelling in lower limbs and other body discomforts. The data also found that participants had improved their creative problem-solving ability.

How can you add more standing time to your everyday life?

Initially, stand and work may make you feel uncomfortable. Start with 10 to 15 minutes of standing, and depending on your comfort level, you can add more minutes to your standing time.

Stand at least 30 minutes for every 1 hour of sitting. After 30 minutes, you can extend your standing time or sit back again for another 1 hour.

At the office, you can use a standing desk to enhance your standing time. These desks prove to be very helpful to keep you active at work. A height-adjustable desk has many advantages for your health. You can sit or stand while working. It will help you cut down your sitting hour.

You can also arrange a stand-up style meeting to discuss some brain-storming ideas.

When you are home, you can walk while talking on a phone and even watch your TV-shows while standing.

NextErgo Smart Desk Will Help You:

NextErgo introduces an amazing product for your health and work. Our smart standing desk will offer you maximum benefits when you stand and work. Our height-adjustable smart desk has every feature from helping you maintain the right sitting and standing time to maintain your health.

Our desk is made ergonomically to make you feel more comfortable while working. With the posture correction feature, you can correct your sitting or standing posture. Posture plays a key role in keeping you fit and preventing pain and discomforts. Besides, our ergonomic standing desk will give you visual instructions on sitting or standing at your desk.

The AI fitness alerts will give a quick solution to your health perfectly even though you have a workload. This feature will remind you to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, and more.

The other surprising features that we have are – standing goal, usage report, voice control, and more. Pre-book our desk to get amazing discounts on your purchase. Please contact us for more details.

A standing desk is always a better option for your health to encourage a healthy working life. Learn how to choose the best sit-stand desk for your work.

Prolonged sitting is as harmful as smoking. These days, people mostly do desk jobs where they sit for long hours, which can cause severe health issues like obesity, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol level, and more. Reducing your sitting time can be the best solution to protect your health from these health problems. A standing desk can help you incorporate more standing time into your daily work schedule. It encourages you to sit less and stand more, which impacts your health positively. A sit-stand desk is a better choice than your traditional desk that compels you to sit for long hours.

A sit-stand desk or a desk converter?

Initially, choosing between a sit-stand desk and a desk converter seems very difficult. You may not want to replace your regular desk with a standing desk because of the financial factor or your attachment with the old furniture. So, you may want to use a desk converter that sits on top of your regular desk to increase its height. But, desk converters are not as stable as height-adjustable desks. Also, you will not get enough space on the desk surface to place your necessary stationery for the work.

An adjustable desk will offer you enough workspace, and you will get maximum flexibility with it. Changing the desk height will be faster, and you can also enhance your body movements.

Should the desk be height adjustable?

A height-adjustable desk will help you set the perfect desk height for your different types of work. As per the ergonomic rules, the height of your desk correlates to the height of your elbow. You may also want to set the desk height differently for different work purposes. The height-adjustment feature is a crucial factor when multiple users use one single desk. So, it is one of the important features that will make your desk more convenient for you.

What should be the depth of the desk?

The depth of the desk is the distance between the front edge to back edge of a tabletop. You can opt for the desk with the 30″ deep. It will help you to get enough space to work more freely. If your need is small, you can opt for the smaller depth desk. Choices are abundant in the market so that you can buy a desk according to your preference. A sit-stand desk is always a better option for you, but a few considerations will make your choice more perfect.

What is the best weight capacity of the desk?

It entirely depends on your job type. Generally, a raising desk can carry the weight of a computer, mouse, keyboard, phone, and other usual things very easily. If your task includes a heavier object, you can check the product description to ensure that your desk’s weight capacity matches your requirement.

What is the price of a standing desk?

The price of a standing desk varies depending on your requirements. You can purchase a desk with basic features that allow up and down movements only. There are sit-stand desks with advanced features that allow you to save data, connect the desk feature with an app, and more. Ensure that the fundamental functions are strong enough to deliver the basic purpose of a sit-stand desk.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a quality desk:

It has been proven that a standing desk is a better choice to enjoy an active working life. We have discussed the basic features which will lead you to a quality desk.

The noise level:

Choose a noise-free desk if you are working in a quiet environment. Quality desks help you offer a smooth transition.


Fast lifting is another necessary feature that you can check on your desk. It will help you change the desk height fast without interrupting your workflow.

Electric desk:

Manual desks are time-consuming, and it needs your efforts to set the desk height. So, instead of choosing a manual desk, you can opt for an electric desk that can effortlessly go up or down to offer you a better working experience.


Programming desks are also available, which will make your desk setup easier. You can save height preferences and other things to use your desk smartly.

So, an adjustable desk can boost your working performance and assist you in taking care of your health. NextErgo introduces smart standing desks for you to make your experience better:

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

NextErgo smart standing desks have made a holistic approach to improve the health of employees at work. The desk introduces features that will encourage users to stay more active and positive during work hours.

With smooth transition and faster lifting, the smart desk has already met the purpose. The other features will complement your health-friendly lifestyle.

The posture correction feature, as the name says, corrects your posture and prevents work-related pain and discomforts. You will get desk exercise which allows you to stretch muscles and stay flexible at work. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you visual instructions about how to do desk exercises easily.

AI fitness alert is also there on the smart desk, which will remind you to concentrate on some basic health needs while working at the office. It will alert you to take a break, eat a healthy snack, and more.

The other appreciating features are voice control, standing goals, usage reports, and more. Pre-book our desk to get discounted price on your purchase. Please call us to get more details about our products.

standing desks offer many benefits for students, from improving their focus to keeping them healthy and active. Read on to know why a student needs a height-adjustable desk.

Standing desks have changed the office environment completely. An employee gets an active working life where he/she can balance work and health equally. Though corporate wellness programs have welcomed the trend wholeheartedly, the classroom environment is slow to catch it. Here, we have discussed the benefits of an adjustable desk for students’ health and learning.

Sit still and pay attention – we have heard it many times in our classrooms. Many believed that this is the best way of learning. On the contrary, a sit-stand desk enhances the body movements that will change the traditional learning concept.

Excessive sitting is bad for the health, and students face different challenges from classroom inactivity. They tend to sit long hours at their desks, which can increase obesity and attention disorder chances.

Researchers have conducted a study to note the changes in students. The study included 374 elementary school students for this experiment. They were divided into two groups – one used standing desks, and the other one continued to use their traditional desks.

The research unveiled some crucial factors that could help students improve their classroom experience. Researchers tracked different measurements to establish the real benefits of sit-stand desks in the classroom environment. They checked heart rate, the intensity of movement, and the calories burned.

The researchers found that the use of the desk helped students stay more active, and it increased their calorie-burning process. In the study, students were not standing the whole time in their classroom, and they used a stool to sit.

The study also disclosed another significant truth, the obese and overweight students burnt more calories when using a standing desk than the students with normal weight. Movement is the key to stay active and healthy. In the modern classroom, a height-adjustable sit-stand desk can enhance the body movement of students.

Standing desks for learning:

The use of the desks improved the calorie-burning process. It has already been proven. But does the desk help students in learning too? In the same study, psychologists observed the change in students’ behavior. They observed students’ attentiveness and engagement. They observed how often students engaged with the teachers, how often they wrote notes on papers, and how often they were distracted. They had some measuring units to come to a certain conclusion.

A sit-stand desk improves the body movement of students, keeping them more active in their learning. But, it is a part of the solution, not a whole solution of the problems. Movement is the key factor. These days, children rarely play. To stay active, they must move their bodies in all directions. Spinning in circles is one of the fun-loving sports of students, which keeps them more active.

Height-adjustable desks prove to be beneficial for a classroom environment. It concentrates on some major factors, including better health benefits, increased focus, students’ engagements, better class management, and more.

When students stand at their desks, they become more alert and focus. Since standing improves the blood flow, students can think even more clearly. Schools can welcome standing desks in the learning environment to change the age-old belief that sitting still in the classroom helps students be more attentive.

Use NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

The NextErgo smart standing desk has some advanced features that you cannot find on any other desk. This smart desk has the posture correction feature, which will help users correct their sitting and standing posture at desks. A good posture helps students avoid pain and discomfort in the body. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you important details about posture correction.

The cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship ensure that the smart desk has a smooth transition and easy lifting technology. Remember that the more you move, the better you stay. You will get our smart desks in basic, standard, and premium versions.

The NextErgo Smart Standing Desks’ other exciting features are AI fitness alerts, standing goals, usage reports, voice control, and more. Pre-book our desk to get a great discounted price on your purchase. Please contact us to know more.

If you are confused about whether a standing desk really benefits your health or not, we have discussed the topic clearly for you. Learn about the advantages of having a sit-stand desk.

Our working culture is getting digitized. We have better technologies to take care of our work and health simultaneously. The innovation of standing desks is a sign that our work environment is evolving. Health enthusiasts have discussed that prolonged sitting is harmful to our health. It can cause back pain, neck pain, and other problems. Excessive sitting can also lead us to major health problems like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Can standing be the right solution to it? Let’s discuss the topic with more arguments and discussions, which can help you make a better health decision. 

The introduction of a standing desk:

These desks are not new in the world. Creative personalities like Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, and Charles Darwin, used these desks to improve posture and concentration while working. During that time, the desks were not as flexible as we have today.  

The theory that supported the use of a raising desk is associated with your health and wellness. When the researchers did a meta-analysis of their studies, they found that prolonged sitting could increase the mortality rate. So, many people concluded that standing could solve this problem. But, making a concrete solution needs further research on this topic.

Is standing better than sitting?

Standing can solve many health issues that you may experience while sitting for long hours at your desk. But, learning the standing limit is another crucial factor that you cannot ignore. Standing too much is sometimes more harmful than sitting. Instead of buying a fixed-height standing desk, you can buy a height-adjustable desk that allows you to sit or stand while working. 

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that the use of a raising desk improved upper back and neck pain and enhanced mood. However, there was an argument associated with the study that researchers overlooked the drawbacks of standing desks.

How does standing help you?

Standing has vast health benefits, and we have covered some critical areas to clear your thoughts.

Orthopedic health benefits:

If you consider orthopedic health benefits, standing improves your posture and proves to be a better option for your back and neck. However, prolonged standing is bad for your health and causes knee pain. Consider a height-adjustable desk, not a fixed-height raising desk, for getting the right orthopedic health benefits. These desks increase your body movements and keep your joints and muscles flexible. 

While working in a standing position, you can use an anti-fatigue mat to give your legs the right support. This simple change offers you many benefits. You can also avoid common health issues associated with standing, including knee pain. 

Obesity and standing:

Standing can help you burn fewer more calories than sitting. You cannot expect weight loss in a week after using a sit-stand desk. Movement is essential to keeps you active more. While using a sit-stand desk, you tend to move more. Standing at your desk can encourage your movement since you feel more active to walk to your colleague’s desk for a discussion. It is not the same case when you are sitting at your desk. 

Is the standing desk worth it?

Standing helps your health in many ways and helps you avoid health issues you may experience with prolonged sitting. Invest in a hybrid setup, which means buy a sit-stand desk to get the best benefits. With this workstation, you can improve your energy level and productivity. An electric height-adjustable desk will change your working environment completely.

These desks will go up and down smoothly, letting you change your working position whenever you want. 

You will get as many choices as you want when it comes to your sit-stand desk. Choosing the most advanced options will give you better working comfort. You can buy a basic electric height-adjustable desk with the minimalistic feature if you are looking for a budget desk. 

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk for you:

NextErgo is a trusted manufacturer of a smart standing desk with features you haven’t seen before on any other adjustable desk. We have designed a desk that can solve most work-related health problems, including back pain, neck pain, headache, and other issues.

Our smart standing desk’s posture correction feature will help you sit and stand correctly at your desk, maintaining the right body alignment. 

The desk exercise will help you learn simple stretching steps that you can perform at your desk. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will give you visual instructions on how to exercise.

The AI-fitness alerts are the most appreciating feature we have for you. These alerts will remind you to maintain your health goals while working. You can take the break time, introduce healthy food habits, and maintain the right water intake with this alert. Pre-book our smart desk to get a great discount on your purchase. We keep this offer valid only for the early backers of our product. Please contact us to know more.

A standing desk will benefit your health in different ways. Here, we have discussed why you should get a sit-stand desk.

Health enthusiasts are now attentive to the adverse effects of prolonged sitting. Too much sitting is now making people worried because they tend to sit more and move less. Their inactive lifestyle has glued them to their desk for more than eight hours a day. Many studies have been conducted on prolonged sitting, and they uncovered some shocking facts. Employees working on their desks find relief with standing desk. You can follow a few things to get the best benefits of a sit-stand desk. If you ask whether you need this desk or not, the answer is definitely yes. Let’s explore the topic more.

When the first sit-stand desk came into the market, people thought they would aid in weight loss. Thinking of this desk as just a cure to obesity is incorrect, although it helps you manage your weight. A height-adjustable desk has many benefits for your health, especially when you want to cut down on your sitting hours. 

A research carried out by Chambers and colleagues from Tufts University explored the benefits of a height-adjustable desk that can clear your thoughts completely.

The health benefits of a raising desk:

The Standing Desks work more as a relief from discomforts rather than the cure itself. Several studies have reflected that a height-adjustable desk relieves the discomfort people commonly experience with their desk job. People suffering from back pain or obesity issues get an improved health condition by using the desk.

A height-adjustable desk can be an alternative to the traditional desk. It does not lower your productivity, and you will get no negative impacts on your work performance. 

The research also found that using a height-adjustable desk can slightly improve the heart rate. But, the study didn’t pay further attention to its clinical benefits.

The proper use of these desks will help you get better benefits. These days, people also get training on how to use their adjustable desk. Remember that a sit-stand desk is not for standing only. Switch your position as often as you can. The work of getting and up and down will enhance your body movement, and you will get the right benefits for your health.

The negative facts of sitting too long:

If you are confused about whether you want a standing desk or not, we will make things better for you. Prolonged sitting is bad for your health, and we all know this very well. Prior studies even proved that sitting for more than 8 hours a day could increase the risk of death as much as obesity and smoking could. 

Excessive sitting also has an impact on your brain. The study also mentioned that sitting too long has a link to Alzheimer’s disease. 

Don’t be scared! You can avoid all these negative effects by following daily exercise. A study mentioned that people who did 60 to 75-minute regular exercise did not have the risk of early death. 

A standing desk is a better solution for your health when you want to reduce your sitting hours significantly. But, having a desk is not everything you can only concentrate on. Learn the ways to use your desk properly.

How to use a sit-stand desk?

Here is the best solution for you if you want to get the most benefits from your desk. 

Switch your position frequently:

The more you go up and down, the better result you will get for your health. The recommended one is to change your position every 30 minutes. You can use a timer to remind you of your changing position. 

Improve your posture:

Correct your posture while sitting and standing. You can stand upright comfortably as if a string attached to your head is pulling you towards the ceiling. While sitting, rest your back on the backrest of the chair. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle to improve your posture.

Use anti-fatigue mat:

While standing, an anti-fatigue mat gives your legs the best support. It encourages your body movement also. 

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk offers the best solution:

The NextErgo Smart Standing Desk offers you an easy and the best solution to reduce your sitting hours at the desk. The smart features of the desk will help you stay maximum active. 

Every feature will solve your common desk job-related problem. We start with the posture correction feature, which will correct your sitting and standing posture. You will get visual instructions on how to sit or stand correctly at your desk. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you important details. 

The standing goal is another must-needed feature for your work. You can set standing time, depending on your body needs. It will help you know how long you can sit or stand at your desk.

The AI fitness alerts are there to make you a better caretaker for your health. You will get timely health alerts to take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, exercise, and more.

We have many advanced choices for you. If you have decided to buy a standing desk for your work, we will support your health the most with our cutting-edge features. Pre-book our desk to get early discounts on your purchase. Please contact us to learn more.

Standing desks have many health benefits, but some misconceptions about using these desks can ruin your experience. We have discussed the topic further here.

The market for standing desk is getting bigger day by day. Corporate wellness programs loudly promote the need for sit-stand desks in every office for the health of employees. But, are standing desks really beneficial for health? Here, we have unveiled some unbiased facts of using a height-adjustable desk for your health. If you think that this desk is beneficial, we will help you learn how beneficial it is for you. 

Working on an adjustable desk will help you sit or stand while working. These desks can be custom-made for complimenting your work. You can also be in a standing position while working by placing your laptop or a computer in a higher position. Some people, driven by a sit-stand desk concept, use a pile of books to set their computers or laptops on it. But, these temporary solutions will not be effective for you. And soon, you will get tired of the extra efforts you apply to achieve the position. So, using height-adjustable is the best and easiest idea to work in a standing position.

Standing instead of sitting at your desk seems to be the best idea for your work productivity. But, we have studied some of the assumptions that surround the sit-stand desk. Eliminating misconceptions will keep you away from high expectations.

People believed that standing would help them burn more calories which will lead to faster weight loss benefits. The truth is that you cannot get a significant change in your weight after using your desk for just a week.

The Journal of Physical Activity and Health tried to give the right answer to your assumption with a study. It was conducted on the 74 healthy people who were given a mask to measure the oxygen consumption to know how many calories participants burn while working with the computer, watching TV, standing, and walking on the treadmill.

  • While sitting, participants burned 80 calories/ hour – the calorie-burning capacity was the same for typing or watching TV.
  • While standing, participants burned slightly higher calories than sitting – about 88 calories/hour.
  • They burned 210 calories/hour while walking.

From the study, it can be concluded that you can burn extra 24 calories if you stand for three hours compared to sitting. A carrot has the same amount of calories. Whereas walking for half an hour after your lunch break can help you burn an extra 100 calories/day.

The benefits of a standing desk:

While it gets clear that a sit-stand desk does not help you lose weight faster, you can turn to the other benefits of the desk. Standing helps you get your blood sugar level back to normal after a meal. You can also get relief from your back and neck pain when you stand and work.

Keep a few factors in mind:

You cannot completely replace your sitting time with standing time. Standing all day long also has side effects, including back, leg, or foot pain. For a start, you can gradually increase your standing time from 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Many people suggest using a timer to remind you of your sitting or standing time. But, it also has some negative effects. It will distract your focus and reduce your productivity. Instead of using a timer, you can use different time intervals to switch your position.

The adverse effects of sitting:

Sitting for long hours is so dangerous that it is often linked to the new age of smoking. The potential health risks of prolonged sitting are:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Premature death

A sit-stand desk has many health benefits. But further studies can clear your assumptions. The use of a height-adjustable desk can improve your energy level at work. With less pain and discomfort, you can better concentrate on your work.

So, using a standing desk can improve your health, maybe not as much as you think. These days, you can get advanced desks with many features, giving you the best benefit. Some core issues can impact your professional goals positively, regardless of your desk type.

Posture plays a crucial role here. Switching a working position will keep you more active. To provide you with maximum help, we have a smart standing desk for you.

The solution with the NextErgo smart standing desk:

NextErgo smart standing desk will help you take care of your health. The smart desk is built with advanced features like posture correction, standing goals, AI fitness alerts, voice control, and more.

Using the desk will improve your comfort of working. You can concentrate more on your work and your health.

The AI fitness alerts will promote your health by offering alerts on your water intake, desk exercise, healthy eating habits, and work intervals.

We have amazing features on our smart desk that will turn your work environment more dynamic. Pre-book our desk to get deals and discounts on your purchase. Please contact us for more details.

if your desk is too high, you will find discomforts in your shoulders and neck. We have discussed everything in detail to help you identify your right desk height. Read on to know more.

The height of the desk matters a lot when it comes to the best of the comforts. The office environment is getting reshaped with ergonomically designed furniture items. You will get a sit-stand desk and an ergonomic chair to enhance your work’s comfort level at the office. Whether you use a regular desk or a standing desk, its height remains the prime factor. If your desk is too high, you will feel many discomforts and health problems. Learn how to identify whether your desk is too high for you or not. We have kept the discussion simple for you to get the ideas easily and implement them for setting up the correct desk height.

When your desk is too high, it puts pressure on your shoulders and arm muscles. Your shoulder blades get contracted, and they have a tendency to ride up. It is a common posture mistake that we are not commonly aware of. It takes a toll on the health of your neck, shoulders, and upper back gradually.

You can easily identify this posture mistake by checking your shoulders on the mirrors. If you find that they are raised, you can try to bring them down. Doing this may make you feel stretched in the area.

You can even check the raised shoulder issue without looking at a mirror. If your trapezius muscles seem painful, you may be suffering from this posture issue. Your levator scapula muscles also remain painful when you set your desk too high. This muscle is located bottom of your skull to the shoulder blade.

A too high desk compels you to extend your neck for a better view of your monitor screen. This posture problem also causes discomforts on your neck. You may be suffering from issues with neck cricks.

Solution for your too high desk:

If you are using a regular desk with no height-adjustment option, you can use a high chair to minimize the desk height. Using a high chair may help you maintain a comfortable desk height, but your feet may not rest flat on the floor. In such a case, you can use a footrest to achieve the best working position.

If you are using a sit-stand desk, setting the desk height will be easier for you. These desks have height adjustment choices that allow you to fix the desk height at any point within the available height range. An ideal desk height always matches the height of your elbow. Bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle and set the best desk height for the best height adjustment option.

Some common tips to make your environment comfortable:

Working on a too-high desk height is really painful, but some desk users ignore this. If you identify any of the symptoms mentioned above, consider re-adjusting the desk height. Here are some common tips to help you know the right desk height for you.

  • Keep your monitor at your eye-level, which will help you keep your neck in a neutral position. It also helps you avoid neck pain.
  • Set your workstation in a way that you get a space above your knees, which means your keyboard tray will remain a little higher from your knees. This posture will keep your shoulders relaxed.
  • To get the best desk height, bend your elbows at a 90-degree position with straight wrists. Now, set the desk height to your elbow height.
  • If you want a specific number for adjusting the desk height, you can use an ergonomic height calculator. It is the simplest way to adjust the desk height according to your working comfort.

You can use a sit-stand desk to make your office environment more ergonomically perfect. These desks follow the ergonomic rules and help you improve your posture and body movements. Getting up and down several times keeps your muscles active, and you can also avoid discomforts and pain.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

With the  NextErgo Smart Standing Desk, the height adjustment will be easier. The desk introduces the hand level detection technology to set your desk at the right height. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you all the important instructions on the height adjustments.

Besides, you will get a standing goal feature, which will alert you on your sitting and standing time. Staying in a single position for long hours will not be good for your health. It is an essential feature that will play a significant role in taking care of your health.

The other features that will surprise you are AI fitness alert, desk exercise, usage report, and more. All advanced features make your desk use more smooth and useful. When you pre-book our desk, you will get early discounts that bring down the price even more affordable than you expect. Don’t miss the offer! Pre-book now! For more details, please contact us.  

The benefits of a height-adjustable desk in your life are so many. But proper use of your desk is a key factor for your active working life. Learn why and how you can use your sit-stand desk.

A sedentary lifestyle leads us slowly and silently to complex health conditions. Inactive working life is one of the significant factors that deteriorate our health day by day. In such a situation, increasing body movement can protect us from some devastating health issues, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and premature death. But, incorporating movements in our traditional working culture is next to impossible. You cannot expect an active working life if you stay seated for long hours. Break the traditional working culture with a height-adjustable desk

Why do you need an adjustable desk:

The adverse health effects of prolonged sitting make people worried about their health and wellbeing. They look for a solution and get a standing desk to improve their health situation. Raising desks, contrary to the sit-only desks, allow people to sit or stand while working. These desks become the game-changer in the corporate wellness programs. The positive responses of using these desks encourage people to replace their regular workstation with a sit-stand working environment.

Staying in a static position for long hours is not what our body loves. We love to stay in motion, and we also feel positive energy when we are physically active. Even multiple studies mentioned that movement is the key to reduce muscle fatigue and improve blood circulation.

Muscle fatigue is one of the common health concerns that desk workers often experience while working. It happens because of an inactive working environment where you sit for long hours, gazing continuously at the computer screen. The more you move, the better your muscles stay. You can even avoid the muscle fatigue issue by standing and walking as they increase the blood flow in these muscles. Researchers have suggested that 5-minute walking or standing in an hour will give you a positive result.

Remember that prolonged standing will not be good for your health. Standing for long hours causes pain in your leg, and you will get tired soon because standing eats your energy. The combination of sitting and standing works well for your health. Learn how long you can sit or stand at your desk, depending on your BMI. It is a crucial factor to consider, which will help you avoid staying in a single position for long hours.

A height-adjustable desk has a complete solution to break your static body position while working. These desks go up and down effortlessly, allowing you to find the comfortable desk height for your sitting and standing positions.

An adjustable desk makes your working environment ideal for your health. Changing your body positions multiple times a day will give your health the best advantages.

A sit-stand desk is a necessary thing for your working culture. Since it improves your body movement, you will feel better energy, less fatigue, and reduced injury risks.

Choosing a reputed company for your adjustable desk is the primary concern. The height adjustment is the core feature, and you need to ensure that the adjustment is smooth and fast.

How can you use the adjustable height desk?

Buying a sit-stand desk from reputed manufacture is just the initial step you take for a healthier working environment. You will start getting benefits when you use these desks properly. We have pointed out a few factors which can maximize the benefits of your sit-stand desks.

Change your working position often:

Sitting is bad for your health, but you should not stand all day long. The act of getting up and down multiple times a day will help you increase your body movement.

Set your desk height and screen perfectly:

Follow ergonomic rules and set your desk height accordingly. The desk’s proper height must correlate to the height of your elbows while bending them at a 90-degree position with the straight wrist. Keep the screen at arm’s length away, ensuring that the top of the screen matches your eye level.

Purchase an anti-fatigue mat:

Anti-fatigue mat encourages subtle movements in your leg muscles, helping you avoid leg and foot pain. It is an important accessory for your work.

The position of the keyboard and mouse:

While standing, you need to position your keyboard and mouse perfectly to avoid wrist strain. Keep your mouse and keyboard close to each other. While typing, keep your wrist straight.

Take breaks often:

Your mind needs the resting time from continuous work. Leaving your desk during your break time will help your eyes as they get a break too. Stretch yourself or go for a walk to get the maximum benefits.

Get A Smart Solution with NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

With the finest craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies, NextErgo Smart office desks are leading the competition. In the past, no one would have thought a desk could listen to your voice commands, show you posture rules and desk exercises, and alert you to meet the health goals. The untiring efforts of NextErgo made these impossible things possible. We designed a sit-stand desk with all amazingly smart features like AI fitness alerts, the standing goal, usage report, voice control, and more. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you visual instructions regarding your posture, desk exercise, and weather updates.

Depending on your requirements, we categorized our smart desks into three primary sections – basic, standard, and premium.

We have planned a special discount for our early backers. You will get up to $300 off on our basic edition smart desk and $700 off on our premium edition smart desk on your pre-order. This offer is valid for a limited period only. Please contact us for more details.

Introducing a standing desk to your office environment will help you boost your energy, reduce pain and discomforts, maintain your health, and improve your productivity.

People are talking more about ergonomics and standing desks these days. It has become undeniable to set an ergonomically perfect office to avoid issues like prolonged sitting. People have begun to actively use the standing desk ever since they realized that sitting for too long is as harmful as smoking. While office environments have readily accepted this new trend and changed their working environment, some health enthusiasts tried to answer how effective these adjustable desks are for health.

What is a standing desk?

As the name suggests, these desks allow people to stand while working. These desks have evolved a lot within a short period and are available in many variations. Instead of stand-only desks, you can get a height-adjustable desk for your health. These desks offer the benefits of either sit or stand as per the user’s comfort.

The benefits of standing desks:

If sitting is the root cause of many occupational health issues, a sit-stand desk has many benefits to protect your health and keep it active.

Studies have proven that standing helps you burn more calories than sitting. So, you can expect proper weight management when you choose standing over sitting.

Health enthusiasts believe that you should stand after your meal because it helps manage the blood sugar level better.

A study also mentioned that standing could lower the risk of heart disease. Standing can be a better choice for healing the chronic pain issue.

In the workplace environment, a height-adjustable desk proves to be a must-to-have office furniture item. With so many benefits, employees can make their working environment comfortable.

Doing a desk job is not at all a relaxing position. So, low energy is another common thing people experience. Standing can help you boost your energy and stay more focused on your work.

So a sit-stand desk is a good choice for your health and work. But, it is not everything when you want an active working life. Some other factors can boost your energy level for your work.

Concentrate on your posture:

While standing helps you stay active, a good posture will help you avoid pain and discomforts in your back, shoulders, neck, and other areas. Posture and movement are the two key areas that will protect your health from any damages. While sitting, follow the sitting posture. The best thing you can is to use an ergonomic chair with lumbar support for your health. This chair will keep your back resting on the backrest of the chair, keeping your musculoskeletal structure in a neutral position.

While standing, you can use an anti-fatigue mat that can boost your body movement. Stand straight comfortably, as if a string is pulling you toward the ceiling. While using a keyboard, bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle and keep your arms close to your body. Straight wrists while typing can reduce the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Go for a walk:

Walking is beneficial for your health. When it comes to the calorie-burning process, walking helps you burn more calories than standing. Even half an hour of walking will benefit your health in the long run. Several studies proved that walking helps you burn 210 calories per hour while sitting burns 80 and standing burns 88 calories per hour. So, if you want the maximum benefit, incorporate walking into your regular lifestyle.

Some ergonomic tips to help you maintain good health at work:

Ergonomics redesign your working environment to make it comfortable for you. Try to maintain the below points to take care of your health at work.

Vulture neck posture is a very common posture mistake that we commit. It happens when we crane our neck to the monitor to get a better view of the screen. So, avoiding this will help you reduce your neck pain.

  • Use a headset to avoid the bending of your neck.
  • Keep the top of the screen at your eye level to avoid tilting your neck.
  • Start your standing time with 10-15 minutes and gradually increase it until you get a comfortable time.

NextErgo Smart Standing Solution:

Things are changing very fast in the world. Innovation happens every second. The technology that seems new a few days ago becomes old today. Standing desks have been in the market for long years, and they have seen many changes in features, shapes, and designs. But, NextErgo brings the most advanced option for you. The features and the advanced technologies make smart standing desks that can listen to your voice commands, show you fitness alerts, help you with desk exercises, and more.

We have posture correction, AI fitness alerts, voice control, desk exercise, and more features. You can make our smart standing desk yours and that too at an unbelievably discounted price. This is only for our early backers who show interest in our products. You can get up to $700 off on our premium edition smart standing desk when you place a pre-order. We will be happy to share more details with you. Please feel free to contact us.

Standing desks can never replace your desk chair because it promotes sitting and standing both. Having a height-adjustable desk makes the combination of sitting and standing will be beneficial for your health.

Companies have now started adopting standing desks for their employee’s health benefit. Many studies support the standing work culture since it improves your health and keeps you active. Driven by this thought, a portion of the population started believing that a standing desk could replace the desk chair. But, the researchers proved them wrong. Movement is the key, and an act of getting up and down will keep your muscles and joints flexible. Just like with sitting, standing for long hours is bad for your health too. A sit-stand desk complements your sitting but does not replace your desk chair.

You will find that many reputed companies have welcomed sit-stand desks in their work environment. If you search the market demand for these desks, the graph will always point upward. If you are nurturing a misconception about the desk, you will not get the real benefits. You may feel pain in your legs due to prolonged standing, and an ergonomic chair will help you release the pressure and tension from your muscles. So, the combination of sitting and standing works well for employees’ health.

Prolonged standing is bad for your health:

Misconceptions may cause damage to your health. Doctors and physiotherapists never recommend standing for too long. You need a desk chair to stay relaxed while working.

Excessive standing causes pressure in your legs, and it may lead to some complex health issues, including swelling, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids.

Many physical therapists also mention that prolonged standing can even cause collapsed veins in your lower extremities. Prolonged standing can also be the reason for your Knee pain, back pain, and hip pain.

So, you cannot stand at your desk all day long. Give yourself a periodic break from standing and get the best benefits of a height-adjustable desk.

Increase your standing time gradually:

In the beginning, things will not be as easy as you expect with your adjustable desk. You may believe that 1-hour of continuous standing would be effortless. But, when you start using your desk, you get real knowledge. Standing even for a straight one hour is difficult because your body develops the habit of standing. So, break your habit by introducing short standing time with 10 to 15 minutes. You can increase the time gradually until you find your comfortable limit.

Perform desk exercises and stretches to make yourself ready for standing without any problem. Include more body movements in your regular life.

Move more:

A sit-stand desk is good for your health, but it cannot replace the benefits of walking, stretching, and other movements. You can perform exercises like heel raises, knee bend squats, and more.  Some companies go further and organize yoga sessions for employees to keep them active and healthy for their work.

So, the importance of yoga and exercises will always be there even after you use a height-adjustable desk.

Posture is crucial:

Posture can be the prime factor for an employees’ health and fitness. A bad posture will make your working life painful and uncomfortable. Maintain a good posture and work more efficiently.

So, we can conclude that a sit-stand desk needs a chair to offer an ergonomically perfect workstation. Although a regular chair will work well, an ergonomic chair is the preferred option. You can change the chair’s height and keep your spinal structure in a neutral posture to improve the core strength.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk for your perfect work environment:

NextErgo smart standing desk adds more features and technologies to the already existing options. After years of research in ergonomics and employees’ health and wellness, we pointed out some common problems and searched for their solutions through technological innovations. Our talented engineering team worked hard to introduce the best solutions using posture correction, hand level detection technology, AI fitness alerts, desk exercises, and more.

For health and wellness, you must search for an ergonomic chair to make your working life more comfortable.

We have an 8-inch HD touchscreen that will show you visual instructions on your desk exercise, posture correction, and an ergonomic workstation setup. The AI fitness alerts will keep you always on track when it comes to your health needs. You will get alerts to drink water, exercise, eat healthy snacks, and more.

If you want to make this smart standing desk yours, place a pre-order and get exciting deals and discounts on your purchase. We want to make our early backers happy by offering discounted prices to bring down the cost within your budget. On your pre-order, you will get up to $ 700 off. Please contact us for more details.

When you follow the best practices of using a standing desk, you will get better health benefits and concentrate more on your work.

Do you think that buying a standing desk will make you physically fit and active at work? The benefits of these desks lie in their proper use. When you know the best practices for using a height-adjustable desk, you can expect additional benefits for your health and work. Many employees are not aware of these practices and hence, find themselves disappointed by the results. If you are not satisfied with the way your desk helps you, we have some best ideas to enhance its benefits.

The proper desk height:

When you use a sit-stand desk, a proper desk height will make your working environment comfortable. When you set your desk successfully at the right height, it prevents your body from hunching forward. Getting the proper desk height is very simple. Match the height of your elbows while bending them at a 90-degree angle. It also keeps your wrist at the right position over your keyboard.

If the desk height compels you to keep your wrist higher than your elbow position, it will affect your posture, and you can experience pain and discomforts.

If the process seems difficult to you, use an ergonomics height calculator to tell you the correct desk height, depending on your height and weight.

Monitor position:

Placing the monitor at the appropriate position will help you keep your neck and shoulders aligned. Your monitor height will be high enough, which helps you keep your chin at a 90-degree angle with your neck. The height also allows you to keep the top of the screen at your eye level. Added to this, you can also maintain a proper distance between you and your monitor. Keep it an arm’s length away for better results.

Keyboard and mouse:

The ideal keyboard and mouse position will allow you to bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle. If you cannot achieve the position, you can re-adjust the desk height.

A proper desk height will protect from tear and wear on your wrists, hands, and fingers.

Standing desk posture:

With all the hustle and bustle of using your desk, you should not forget the perfect desk culture’s primary element is your posture. Good posture benefits you with or without your height-adjustable desks.

Sometimes, users have misconceptions that a standing desk is made only for standing. Although you will get non-height adjustable standing desks, they never encourage stand-only positions. Even without the height adjustability feature, you can use a high stool for sitting. But, the market has many choices for your sit-stand desks. You will get the best height-adjustability feature for your health. Let’s concentrate on your posture while using a sit-stand desk.

Maintain the S-curve of your back consciously while standing. You can achieve this position when you can stand up straight comfortably. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. This way, you can keep your thigh muscles more active, and it also releases pressure from your lower back.

An optimal sitting arrangement is also a necessary factor with your raising desk. You can use an ergonomic office chair that can help you correct your sitting posture. The combination of sitting and standing will benefit your health a lot.

You can include stretches and desk exercises to enhance your body movement. Sitting alone will not give you as many benefits as you get when you exercise.

Sitting and standing schedule:

Many people get confused here. In the beginning, users think that they would stand 1 hour at a stretch. But, it is not possible. Our body developed a habit of sitting for more than 8 hours at a desk. A sudden change will not be possible.

Many studies revealed that people could alternate sitting and standing positions every 15 to 30 minutes. Users come up with another question: how long they can stand at their standing desk. Our body’s metabolism slows down to 90% after 30 minutes of sitting.

So, change your position every 15 to 30 minutes, which will increase body movement.  

With your height-adjustable desk, you can also use some accessories that keep you more flexible and active. Here are the best solutions for you. An anti-fatigue mat will give your feet the proper support. Use this mat while standing as it helps you avoid the discomfort of standing on the hard surface.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk:

NextErgo introduced smart standing desks to people who work on their desks for many hours. Our desks are smart because of the technologies we used and the features we offered. You will get an ergonomic posture correction feature to correct your posture while sitting and standing at your desk. You will also learn more about setting up your workstation ergonomically perfect, which positively impacts your posture.

AI suggested standing goals is another popular feature we have for you. Excessive standing makes you feel tired. Our standing goal feature will encourage you to maintain a proper balance between your sitting and standing hours, depending on your BMI.

The other amazing features that get huge appreciations are desk exercises, presence detections, and easy control.

Want to get a discount on our offered price? You can make this smart standing desk yours at the lowest price with up to $700 off. This offer is valid on your pre-order only. Reserve your position and get your desk at the best-discounted price. Hurry! The vacant places are flying away fast. Signup Now! 

Learn to use your standing desk ergonomically perfect for getting better health benefits and more satisfying professional results. The content will make you aware of the ergonomic rules while using a sit-stand desk.

Standing desks are gradually becoming a common office furniture item. Many offices have adopted these desks to support employees’ health. Even people who want to set up their home office also search for the best sit-stand desks to avoid prolonged sitting hours. But, the use of these desks holds primary importance here. Having a height-adjustable desk is not everything. You must know how to use your desk ergonomically.

When you follow ergonomic rules, you can expect to get more and better benefits from your height adjustable desk. Your sit-stand desk breaks the monotony of working in a traditional office setup. With this, you can stay more flexible by changing your working position multiple times a day. But by following a few ergonomic rules, you can enhance the benefits of using a height-adjustable desk. When we do not know ergonomics, we tend to make mistakes regarding the positions of monitors, keyboards, and other things. We are also not aware of our posture. Therefore, we have discussed here some ergonomic rules that will help you use your desk perfectly.

How to ergonomically use your desk:


While standing, align your head, neck, torso, and legs in line and stand vertically straight. Use an anti-fatigue mat that gives your leg comfortable support to avoid the painful experience of sitting on a hard surface. You can wear comfortable shoes for standing at your desk.

Since these desks are not just for the standing-only, you must concentrate on your sitting posture too. Sit as far back as you can on your chair, using the backrest. Ensure that the normal curves should be there when you are sitting. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle while keeping your feet flat on the floor.

These posture rules will make you more active while working. They have a miraculous effect on your health and helps you reduce your back pain, neck pain, and other problems.


Your desk must complement your work culture. Some manufacturers only offer desk frames so that you can buy the tabletop according to your needs. Make sure that it is deep enough to place your monitor in an ergonomically correct position. If you go by the rule, keep your monitor at least 20 inches (51 centimeters) away from you. The ideal deck height allows you to keep your wrist straight and your hands slightly below your elbow level.


We have already mentioned the position of your monitor on the desk. Now, the monitor’s height should be such that the top of the screen is at your eye level. This position will reduce the tendency of tilting your head to get a better view of the screen.

Keyboard and mouse:

Place your keyboard and mouse on the same surface, and their ideal position always helps you keep your elbows close to your body. Keep your wrist straight while typing. Using a keyboard shortcut will reduce your extended mouse use.

Avoid excessive stretching:

Keep the things that you always use close to your body to avoid excessive stretching. Telephones, staplers, printed materials are some of the items that you can keep at the right place on your desk.

If you are one of those who use the telephone for long hours while writing or taking notes, use a headset or a headphone instead of holding your phone with your neck and head.

This way, you can use your standing desk to get better benefits for your health. We have mentioned the best ergonomic rules which you can easily follow while working at your desk. In the beginning, you will find it difficult to maintain all the ergonomic instructions. But, as time goes, you will get used to it. Or, you can buy NextErgo Smart Standing Desk, which couches you to follow office ergonomics easily. Let’s discuss it more.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk offers an ergonomic solution:

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Standing all day is bad for your health, so change your working position often with your standing desks and avoid the health risks of prolonged standing.

You may be well aware of the adverse health effects associated with prolonged sitting. Everyone discusses that sitting is harmful, and using a standing desk at work can benefit our health. So, you have decided to buy a desk that allows you to stand at work to avoid all the health problems caused by excessive sitting. But, is standing all day good for your health? Try it once, and you will get the answer. It will be a painful experience to stand continuously at your desk.

Standing for long hours may cause many serious health issues, and different studies prove that you must switch your working position to get better health benefits. Here, we have discussed how prolonged standing affects your health, mentioning the studies on them. Please read if you plan to buy a standing desk. The content will give you a better idea about how to use your desk correctly.

Not only does excessive sitting deteriorate your health, but too much standing also causes hazardous health problems. Studies reveal the links between standing and serious health outcomes, including lower back and leg pain, cardiovascular issues, fatigue, and other discomforts.

Studies on prolonged standing:

McCulloch concluded from 17 studies that prolonged sitting for more than 8 hours could cause venous insufficiency, musculoskeletal pain in your lower back and feet, and more.

There was another study conducted on 204 hairdressers who stood long hours at their desks experienced chronic back pain, neck pain, and shoulder discomforts.

To solve this problem, health enthusiasts introduced the much-needed solution that could protect the health of employees. They shared that people should not stand at their desks continuously for two hours without the fatigue-reducing interventions, including anti-fatigue mat, sit-stand workstations, and more.

Multiple studies showed enough evidence to prove that standing all day is bad for your health. Some common problems you may experience while standing for long hours are sore feet, swelling on the legs, varicose veins, low back pain, stiffness in the neck, and other discomforts.  

If you want to know how prolonged standing affects your health, here is a brief explanation. When you stand excessively at your desk, it reduces the blood flow to your muscles. So, you will experience muscle fatigue that causes pain in the legs, backs, and necks. Sometimes, blood pools in your legs and feet, causing varicose veins. By maintaining precautions, you can avoid these problems easily. Change your working positions often by using a sit-stand desk, avoid extreme bending and stretching, and take small breaks to give your body the needed rest-time.

Here are some general solutions to avoid prolonged standing:

  • Start using a height-adjustable desk for your work.
  • Use a chair or stool if your job requires you to stand all day.
  • Use an anti-fatigue mat or comfort footwear that supports your legs.
  • Change the height of the work surface so that you can feel the comfort.

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