10 Interesting Facts About Smart Standing Desks

10 Interesting Facts About Smart Standing Desks

Smart Standing desks are not only making a strong place in the offices, but they are also helping people who need a desk to work, including painters, writers, and readers. Health-friendly and performance booster, these desks surprised everyone with the benefits. Office workers can break the boredom of sitting for long hours at their desks. By changing your working positions at your desks, you can welcome a positive working culture caring for your overall health.

We have discussed here ten surprising facts of standing desks.

  1. Can make you smart:

Standing in the right posture will make your appearance smart. Besides, standing will keep you more attentive and alert since you use muscles to stand and maintain body balance. Maintain the proper ratio of sitting and standing at your desk to get the best benefit.

  1. Can relief your pain:

Standing can help you alleviate your pain. One common problem of a desk job is lower back pain. Sitting for long hours can be one of the prime causes of back pain. Besides lower back pain, prolonged sitting causes many complicated health issues. Using a sit-stand desk can help you avoid these problems.

  1. Help you burn more calories:

While standing, you can increase your body movement since you cannot be the robot-like still. These micro-movements prove to be very effective for your health. You can burn more calories while standing compared to sitting. But, losing weight needs a complete plan, including exercise, nutritious food, and more. So, if your aim is to shed weight, you can use a sit-stand desk and maintain a daily exercise routine for your health.

  1. Help you improve your metabolic system:

The logic is simple. The more you stand, the faster your body’s performance will be. All inner mechanisms also get a boost when you choose to stand. Standing also boosts your metabolism. Health enthusiasts always recommend standing after your meal as it improves your digestion process. Please do not sit down after your meal because it can cause unnecessary weight gain.

  1. Enhance your productivity:

Productivity has a strong connection with your attention power. When you stand, you stay more attentive. So, you can increase your productivity using a standing desk. Many studies have proven the fact that height-adjustable desks can boost work performance when people use them properly.

  1. Working at a standing desk equals running a marathon:

The University of Chester and the BBC conducted a study with volunteers who stand at their desks for three hours a day. Their glucose level, heart rate, and movement amounts are also calculated. While standing, participants have an increased heart rate by ten beats per minute. The glucose level also gets normalized faster when they stand after their meals. So, the study proved that standing for three hours a day equals running a marathon.

  1. Can reduce the risk of cancer:

Certain types of cancer, including breast cancer and colon cancer, have physical inactivity as one of the primary causes. So, standing can reduce the chance of cancer. Learn how long you can stand at your desk and incorporate standing in your life.

  1. Can improve blood circulation:

Standing can improve your blood circulation level. The more you stand, the faster the blood travels in your body. Standing also helps your muscles burn more fat. All these things will help your heart perform better when you stand.

  1. Can reduce the chance of getting sick:

The more you sit, the higher the chances of different health problems will be. Besides back pain and neck pain, your prolonged sitting can also contribute to other health issues, including obesity, cancer, thrombosis, and more. So, you can use a standing desk to keep yourself active, avoiding all health complications.

  1. Can improve your brain’s performance:

Physical activity also helps your brain work faster. Your movement increases cell numbers in the part of the brain that is responsible for critical thinking.

So, you have many reasons to buy a standing desk for your work. But, quality is always a contributing factor in making your experience satisfying. NextErgo smart standing desk surprises everyone with promising features and extraordinary technologies. We introduce a desk that not only moves silently and smoothly for your sitting and standing positions but also keeps you active with health alerts.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk – The Best Standing Desk for You:

NextErgo leaves no stone unturned to offer a desk that solves all common problems employees experience at their desks. With our posture-perfecting technology, you can improve your posture by adjusting your workstation ergonomically. You will get twenty-five step-by-step instructions to organize your desk correctly. The standing goal helps you learn more about how long you can stand at your desk. The feature calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI) for showing you accurate standing time.

The AI-suggested health alerts keep you healthy while working. You can perform desk exercises and yoga at your desk as we offer easy-to-do exercise instructions to you. The 8-inch HD touchscreen will show you every detail.

You will also get fitness alerts that remind you of your health goals. With these alerts, you can take a break, eat a healthy snack, drink enough water, and do a lot more.

We have many exciting features that make your working environment more comfortable and ergonomic. Get up to $700 off on your desk. Pre-order your desk and get this huge discount. Hurry! Only a few desks are left! Sign up.

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