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Posture Correction Feature

Posture Correction

Standing Goal Feature

Standing Goal

Desk Exercises Feature

Desk Exercises

Presence Detection Feature

Presence Detection

Easy Control Feature

Easy Control

Artificial Intelligence Feature

Artificial Intelligence

Voice Control Feature

Voice Control

Usage Reports Feature

Usage Reports

Next Generation Standing Desks
Introducing NextErgo

Next Generation Standing Desks

Next-Generation Smart Standing Desks:

NextErgo is dedicated to helping you live longer and healthier by changing the way you work. Since 2018, our team of innovators, researchers, and developers have spent tens of thousands of hours designing, developing, and testing the next generation of smart office products to help reduce the negative effects of the sedentary lifestyle that comes with working in an office.

                        Our executive team has years of experience launching multiple products under different brands and solving the unique challenges that come with manufacturing, global supply chains, and logistics.

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The NextErgo Desk Vision

Bettering the work lifestyle with healthier habits at your desk. The nature of work is changing, and we believe our health rituals should change as well, to be in sync with the working lifestyle

About NextErgo

NextErgo is our next generation of Ergonomic Standing Desks, which incorporates Artificial Intelligence to help you keep track of your fitness goals.

About NextErgo Next Generation Standing Desks

How can NextErgo help you?

NextErgo was designed to keep human nature in mind. While we are busy at work, we tend to forget to take a break or even change our posture. NextErgo Smart Standing Desks can keep track of these simple things for you not to have to worry about it.

What is Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science that helps improve products, processes and tools to help people work and live better while helping prevent injury.


The Risk of Sitting Too Long

Newton’s first law of motion states that a body at rest tends to stay at rest. This law also holds true for the human body. If a person wants to be able to keep moving as they age, they must move more now! And not just as a daily exercise, but ALL DAY!

NextErgo fix your ergonomics posture corrections
Introducing NextErgo

Our Features

The NextErgo Smart Standing Desk guides the user to set up their perfect ergonomic posture with twenty-five step-by-step instructions.

The system calculates Body Mass Index (BMI) based on the user’s height, weight, and gender; and suggests daily standing goals.

NextErgo Smart Desk offers desk exercises for the back, eyes, hands, neck, shoulders, and yoga recommendations with step-by-step instructions.

The system uses presence detection sensors for accurate tracking of standing versus sitting times.

The desk features an 8-inch HD touchscreen for easy control.

The NextErgo Smart standing desk uses artificial intelligence (AI) to offer reminders to take a deep breath, drink water, eat healthy snacks, and desk exercises for a healthier lifestyle.

Voice control with built-in Google Assistant.

The system Usage Reports provide detail reporting on your fitness goal, standing and sitting time, tracking, and analytics.

Introducing NextErgo

The NextErgo Desk Experience

 The smart standing desk offers its users comfort while working. From setting the right desk height to correcting your posture, NextErgo makes everything easier for you. Release your stress with desk exercises and take care of your health with AI fitness alerts. NextErgo smart standing desk is more than a regular standing desk. 


Our hand-level detection helps you find the most ergonomic posture while standing up at your desk.

Hand level detection

Our reports keep track of your sitting and standing time and create awareness about your activity level, and help you toward a healthy fitness regimen.


Our AI desk can help you stay hydrated by reminding you to drink water, go for a walk or even assist you with desk exercises.

Stay hydrated

Our voice control feature integrated with Google Assistant can help you use voice commands to set alarms, call a friend, adjust the height of your desk, and more.

voice control

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Ergonomics in the Workplace

  • It Makes Working Easy
  • Reduced Back, Neck, And Wrist Pain
  • Improved Mood And Energy Levels
  • Increased Self-confidence
  • Reduced Stress
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Productivity
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Our Products

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk

Includes everything in the Basic Edition
NextErgo Solutions 8-Inch Touchscreen:

  • 8-Inch HD Touchscreen with 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • Posture Correction with Hand Level Detection
  • Ergonomics Tools – Desk Height Calculators
  • Voice Control with Built-in Google Assistant
  • News and Weather
  • Personalized Goals
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Desk Exercises & Yoga
  • Goal Tracking
  • Activity Reminders
  • Usage Reports
  • Holistic Approach
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Docking Station
    • Wireless Charging
    • Built-in Speakers

Presence Sensor:  1-Year Limited Warranty

Price: $899 $1399

Customize your Smart Desk

Table top
Wooden tabletopo
Google Cloud

Dr. Amit Sharda, Chiropractor
ON, Canada

Frances S., Physiotherapist

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Comparison of Standing Desk

Standing desk vs Nextergo Standing desk

NextErgo is an AI-powered Smart Standing Desk with an ergonomic posture-perfecting technology and built-in presence detection sensors. It includes an 8-inch HD touchscreen control. With its voice control integration with Google Assistant, NextErgo can set reminders to take a break, drink water, eat a snack, or move certain parts of the body, including the back, eyes, hands, neck, or shoulders and the system also provides step-by-step Yoga exercises..


    Other Standing Desks
    NextErgo Smart Desk
  • Sit and Stand Desk
  • Remote Control
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Posture Corrections
  • Standing Goals
  • Google Assistant
  • Usage Reports
  • Presence Detection
  • Drinking Water Reminder
  • Desk Exercises
  • Outdoor Activities Reminders
  • Healthy Snacks Reminders
  • Excessive Sitting or Standing Reminder
  • Activities Tracking


Welcome the NextErgo Desk: the first of its kind. Order Now!

Sanjeev Bode

Customer Success Leader

Josh F.

Business Development Executive

Sean B.

Digital Content Creator

Felix M.


Back pain has become a regular health issue, and many people are suffering from it. The main reason I found is the long working hours. I treated the problem with the mechanical tools I knew about, but the smart Desk of NextErgo helped many people. It is designed with ergonomics and advances features that correct postures. I recommend the product to people who work long hours sitting or standing position.

Dr. Amit Sharda

Dr. Amit Sharda


I have a hectic work schedule. It kept me tied with my chair always. I used to sit for more than 8 hours a day. So, I was gaining weight. As a solution, I replaced my old desk with NextErgo Smart Desk. The result is visible. I feel more energy at work. I also start losing weight because I can stay more flexible at work now.

Christopher Brennan

Christopher Brennan

Weight loss Expert

IT job means too much sitting. So, I started using NextErgo smart desk to switch between sitting or standing during my work. It is more than this. It shows me health alerts, resting time, exercising time, and more. I am happy with the desk.

James Buzzco

James Buzzco

IT Professional, USA

Ergonomic workspaces are an important factor in a resilient and productive workforce. It is quite common to see companies integrating ergonomic elements into their workspace environments to ensure their staff are able to perform at optimal levels of good health and productivity.

Ryan Stinson

Ryan Stinson

Program Coordinator/Advisor

Finally, Ergonomics is here, and the experience is going to be seamless. It will optimize and gain momentum across all walks of life. The design is all set to create a stress-free experience whether it be work or education

How lucrative is this for the government, how does it benefit our corporate world , what’s the efficiency in terms of time and productivity, these are the simple questions we need to ask when it comes to Ergonomic importance.

NextErgo seems the perfect solution to help adapt to the best practices and save one from repetitive and serious health issues down the road. Last but not the least you can never go wrong on your investment in ergonomic product.

NextErgo complements all traditional ways with the optimum blend to healthy living.

Vasant Nair

Vasant Nair

Vice President- Ergonomic Solutions

I always believe that a working desk must be flexible as per the need of users. It should not be static. Users can change sitting or standing positions for their comfort. This NextErgo Smart Desk is my personal choice. I am using it because it allows me to change my body position when I am working. You can also give it a try.

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison

Fitness trainer, USA

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Welcome the NextErgo Desk: the first of its kind. Order now!


Frequently asked questions

We priced the NextErgo Desks very reasonably after conducting a detailed market study.

You need to compare features, quality, and value.

The NextErgo is not an ordinary desk. It is an AI-powered Smart Desk with several patents pending and comes with a Smart Tablet with 8-Inch HD Touchscreen, Charging Station Dock, Presence Sensor. So, with NextErgo, you are not getting just a Height Adjustable Electric Desk. You are getting a complete system that includes ergonomics, wellness, and fitness which will transform your lifestyle.

The columns of the NextErgo desk meet ANSI/BIFMA/UL furniture test standards. You need to ask the other desk manufacturers if their desks meet such standards.

The NextErgo Desks are made with the finest components and in ISO-certified world-class factories. The weight of a NextErgo desk is over 70 pounds. The NextErgo desk supports a load of 120 kg (265 lb). The frame measures up to 1700 mm x 550 mm (66.9 in x 21.6 in). The Desk supports tabletops up to 1800 mm x 1000 mm (70.8 in x 39.4 in). Our recommended tabletops measure 1524 mm x 762 mm (60 in x 30 in).
Most economic desks support tabletops that measure 1220 mm x 610 mm (48 in x 24 in), which is 59% less desk space than the desk space you can get with NextErgo desks.

The weight of a NextErgo desk is over 70 pounds. The NextErgo desk supports a load of 120 kg (265 lb). The frame measures up to 1700 mm x 550 mm (66.9 in x 21.6 in). The Desk supports tabletops up to 1800 mm x 1000 mm (70.8 in x 39.4 in). Our recommended tabletops measure 1524 mm x 762 mm (60 in x 30 in). The depth of each foot is 750 mm (29.5 in). Most economic desks support tabletops that measure 1220 mm x 610 mm (48 in x 24 in), which is 59% less desk space than the desk space you can get with NextErgo desks

The NextErgo Desk supports a massive load of 120 kg (265 lb). Our standard tabletops weigh about 22.6 kg (50 lb), and premium ones weigh approximately 29.4 kg (65 lb). You can place almost 90.7 kg (200 lb) load on the tabletop surface.

Tabletops come in various sizes, materials, and finishes. They are expensive to ship and easy to get damaged. However, we offer tabletops as an optional add-on. Currently, we offer two editions for tabletops: Standard and Premium.

Yes, the control box of the NextErgo Smart Standing Desk is UL Certified.

NextErgo cares about workplace safety, so we have included an anti-collision sensor to help minimize the risk for damage to an electric sit-stand desk or the user if the Desk accidentally collides with obstacles during operation. This new sensor technology is an innovative hardware-based solution that can detect if a system has collided with an object, fallen out-of-sync with the other legs of the Desk, or shifted during operation. If one of these conditions is met, the sensor immediately sends the control box a command to stop and reverse the Desk’s operational direction. Compared to a software-based detection system, our solution is more sensitive, stable, and works independently of the load and temperature.

Yes, the control box of the NextErgo Smart Standing Desk is UL certified. So, it’s safe from any electrical shock, fire, etc.

The Standard Tabletops weigh about 22.7 kg (50 lb) and measure 60″x30″x1″ in dimensions; they are made of a particleboard core with Thermally Fused Laminates (TFL). They come in solid colors such as Gray, Black, and White.

In contrast, the Premium Tabletops weigh about 29.5 kg (65 lb) and measure 60″x30″x1-1/8″ in dimensions, and are made of MDF core with High-Pressure Laminates (HPL). They are available in the following woodgrains: Bamboo, Espresso, Mahogany, and Walnut.

Both tabletops come with predrilled holes for our NextErgo Desks.

Of course, you can buy other tabletops or create your own. We recommend using 60 in x 30 in x 1 in or 60 in x 30 in x 1-1/8 in tabletops with a load capacity of 120 kg (265 lb). If you purchase your own tabletops, you will need to drill holes, which is not very hard to do. You can place the frame over the Tabletop and mark the drilling holes with a pencil or marking pen. Using a power drill and 1/8 in (3 mm) drill bit, drill about ½ in holes (13 mm). Using a screwdriver, install the mounting screws to attach the frame to the Tabletop.

Safety Tip: Wear safety glasses and follow all necessary safety precautions.

The NextErgo Wireless Charger works with all Qi-compatible devices. The Charger can be installed on the tabletops. The Charger is not compatible with other standing desks because it uses a proprietary RJ10P connector that works with the control boxes of the NextErgo desks only.

Here are the specifications of the Charger:
Inside diameter: 66 mm (2.6 in).
Outside diameter: 72 mm (2.8 in).
Height (with the cable): 34.3 mm (1.4 in).
Height (without the cable): 21.1 mm (0.83 in).
Max. output current: 1A.
Output voltage: 4.7~5.3V.
Max. input current: 1.5A.
Input voltage: 4.7~5.3V.
Charger type: Qi.
Transmit distance: ≤ 5mm.

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Welcome the NextErgo Desk: the first of its kind. Order now!

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